Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

October 2016 – Another Annual Update

Hello everyone!

Once again, I apologize for the late update.

I’m starting to feel the necessity of maintaining this blog slipping away, though it has nothing to do with my faith in Heilkunst to heal an individual.  It has more to do with Heilkunst unveiling one’s true self – and thus my sense of purpose is gradually surfacing and it doesn’t necessarily resonate with my past endeavours.  Still, I think it’s beneficial to give you all an update of Adam’s healing and how he is progressing.

Adam is currently on his 5th or 6th round of miasms.  I don’t even know.  I’ve lost count.  That’s a good thing right?

He is eight years old and in the third grade.  He still attends an autism program at a local public school.  I can remember the days when I thought my goal was to have him transition to a mainstream classroom, but these days, I no longer buy into the stigma of the autism “label” and I could care less if the world sees him as autistic as long as he gets the opportunity to learn in classroom that values him as an individual.  His classroom has six kids, one teacher and two educational assistants.  That’s a kid:adult ratio of 2:1.  That’s pretty freaking amazing!!  Age wise, he is technically in the third grade, but his program doesn’t limit him to the third grade curriculum.  They always bring in higher material if he has already met the goals for his age.  Honestly, I think he’d be bored in a mainstream classroom, so swapping the autistic label for a “normal” one doesn’t benefit him in the slightest.  I’m over it.  I’ve matured.  🙂

Adam is a force of nature.  There is something special about him.

He is always DOING.  There is no lost opportunity to build, create, learn, or try.  I am in awe of his ability to come up with an idea and act on it.  In that respect, I feel like he is here to teach me how to get better at “doing.”  I am pretty good at coming up with ideas but I seem to lack the “forces of will” to follow through.  I am getting better though.  This past summer, I started learning how to paint and sketch.  By learning, I literally mean picking up a pencil or brush and putting it on paper.  I’m clearly an amateur but we all have to start somewhere right?

Adam loves our “craft time” in the spare room upstairs.  While I carefully plan each project in my head, sometimes even for DAYS, Adam sits down and thinks for 20 or 30 seconds and then comes up with his project and gets to work immediately. His last project involved painting all the planets.  He already knows their colours and relative sizes (not to mention their position from the sun and their climates).  If you want to know the dwarf planets, you are free to ask him.  He is a walking encyclopedia of facts.

Adam also knows all the countries and world flags.  He was even the flag of Turkmenistan for Halloween last year.  As a mother, I cringed at his costume suggestion – I mean, can’t he just pick something I can buy at the store?  Then again, my creative side welcomed the challenge and I think I did a pretty good job at making his dream come true.

Here is a picture of my adorable “flag of Turkmenistan.”


Adam is my yang to my yin.  We all have a male/female duality to our nature.  Hence the male (left side) brain and female (right side) brain.  There is just something special about him that connects us.  When he speaks to me, there is something just honest and authentic about him.  No pretences.  No act.  He is Adam.  And he is me.  He teaches me to live in the moment and follow my desires.  There is no second guessing, no voice in his head telling him his ideas are stupid or fruitless – he just DOES.  He teaches me to trust my inner instincts to follow my heart’s calling.  There is beautiful purpose in all that he endeavours – even in the things I may not understand.

Academically, Adam is on par with kids his age.  He follows the regular third grade curriculum even though his IEP (Individualized Education Plan – for “special needs students”) continually reports that he doesn’t sit in his chair or walk in a straight line “appropriately.”  While I may not entirely agree with the public education system, I am not feeling called to homeschool my children, at least, not right now.  So instead, I choose to put little weight on these “reports” and put little emphasis on grades as long as they still enjoy learning and attending school.

Adam is a fountain of knowledge – mostly self-learned of course.  His latest interests involve Hollywood and movie studios.  If you need to learn the history of Universal Studios or Paramount Pictures – he’s your man!  He gets home from school and wastes no time following his calling to learn, draw, create or build.  I always feel that his REAL education starts when he gets home.  Watching him, I remember my own childhood and how I would flex my own creativity in ways that other children couldn’t relate to.  I often tell my husband stories of my childhood and he calls me a weirdo.  I take it as a compliment.  Especially if the alternative means boring.

Adam rarely has healing reactions these days.  He rarely has meltdowns.  The only thing that generates a reaction out of him these days are “Exit” signs.  For some reason, he continues to be paranoid about entrances and exits that he’s not familiar with.  It seems that he doesn’t cope well with the “unpredictability” of exit signs – sometimes they’re lit and sometimes they’re not.  He doesn’t like their inability to pick a side and stick with it.  Those bastards.  🙂

Having been committed to Heilkunst for six years, people probably want to know if I think Adam’s recovered.

My answer is this:

If this isn’t recovery, then I don’t want him recovered.

Adam can communicate and converse, play, interact, love and appreciate his family, be independent,  make sandwiches, do science experiments, play with friends, learn, generate ideas, be creative and be excited about living life – Every. Single. Day.

If that’s not considered a life worth living then we all need a serious wake-up-call.

If “being recovered’ is more about fitting inside a box, having countless “friends,” watching TV, and being bored all day then he’s not recovered.  His imagination is rich and he doesn’t waste a single day.  Not one.

Here are some of his projects from the past year:

(In the bottom left picture, he created his OWN countries and flags – because he has already learned all the ones that currently exist.)

These pictures show some of his creative play at designing logos on the computer and creating his own movie studio and poster for an original film. 🙂


Everyone who is blessed to know Adam, falls in love with him.

He’s got that “je ne said quoi.”

He is my son.  My teacher.  My yang to my yin.

He is Adam.

I’ll see you all again at the next update. xox











Spring 2015 – A Progress Report

Happy Spring Everyone!

Tonight I checked my blog for the first time in many moons and I was surprised to see a number of comments awaiting for me!  I’ll admit that it warms my heart and makes me feel a bit fuzzy inside to know that more people are researching alternative approaches to healing; a sign that universally things are shifting.  It was just the sort of encouragement I needed today.  I’ve been a bit discouraged lately by the recent media attacks on homeopathy and what seems like a voracious smear campaign to undermine it’s healing power.  But I digress…

On with the healing!

Adam is now seven years old and we’re about 4.5 years into our Heilkunst journey.  We’re still clearing miasms (we’re on the fourth round – supposedly there’s a total of seven) and he continues to make great progress.  The healing reactions continue to be MUCH milder than the ones we observed in the second round of miasms between the ages of four and five.  Now that I’m chasing a toddler around, I haven’t been keeping detailed notes of healing reactions but from memory nothing stands out as particularly severe EXCEPT for his last Tuberculinum clear and his face swelled up like he had the mumps (but only for a day – puzzling indeed).  Other than that it’s been pretty mild – some congestion, mild coughs, some spotty rashes and more behaviours (grumpy, angry, passive aggressive, etc.).

Adam’s conversational language is blooming.  He communicates well and he keeps trying to express himself as best he can.  Tonight, he showed me a model car (one of the Disney Cars characters) and he asked me what language the red, blue and white was.  I was confused by his question until I realized he was asking about the picture of the red, blue and white flag.  He meant to ask what COUNTRY the red blue and white flag was.  Kudos to him for asking such a grown up question. 🙂  He’ll make similar small mistakes – like when he asked one lady “how many pounds tall” she was.   This is all positive to me though because this language is clearly NOT echolalia.  He’s actually communicating his own thoughts and isn’t scared to make a few mistakes if he’s unsure of how to properly word something.  He also shares stories about his day at school without us having to ask; usually preceded by an enthusiastic “Guess what?!?”  And my favourite development?  Spontaneously telling us he loves us.  For a long time, he would only say it in response to us saying it to him, but it melts you just a little bit more when he snuggles up beside you on the couch, sighs deeply and says “Mom, I love you.”  Melt. ❤

At school, Adam has graduated into a higher class and he’s been placed in the “academic stream.” This means he has been assessed as higher functioning and is able to be taught using same curriculum as neuro-typical grade one children.  Academically, he is thriving – reading and doing math at higher grade levels.  This is one of the main reasons why we keep him in the Autism program at a special school.  The class size is smaller and the work is more tailored to the individual child’s needs.  So far, it’s a great fit for Adam and he seems to be very comfortable there.  And well liked too!  Apparently, he is everybody’s “best friend” but we’re still waiting for Adam to talk about his “friends” with us at home.  If you ask him who his best friend is, he still answers “Emersyn” (his sister).  Of course, this is sweet and all, but we’d like to see him take a greater interest in other kids.  His social skills are continually improving and he will definitely play with other children but he still has no vested interest in having close friends that he gets together with regularly.  He’s happy just to see them at school and keep that social circle separate from his home life (which includes his siblings and cousins).   When and if he’s ready, he’ll bridge that gap but for now we’re happy that the kids at school are no longer causing him such extreme anxiety that he doesn’t want to go to school.

Socially at home, he waves and talks with all kinds of strangers.  We recently stayed in a hotel and we shared an elevator with a group of young twenty-something boys.  Adam asked one of them a million questions ranging from “What’s your name?” to “How old are you?” to “Do you have a little brother?”  I love watching how people react to this because people aren’t used to this type of personal conversation any more.  It’s usually well received though and in this instance, one of the boys in the elevator remarked “What a curious little guy!  I dig that.  He’s gonna go far in life.”  I would say that’s a pretty accurate assessment. 🙂

In terms of behaviours, Adam is much calmer these days.  We haven’t had any head bangings in over a year which is fantastic!!!  He still finds comfort in some controlling behaviours (like being the only one that can close doors or turn the TV off when we leave the house) so on those days where we’re in a rush to leave and we forget to let him do these things he’ll get angry and proceed to do these things anyway.  I don’t know how many times we’ve had to turn on the TV or re-open the door so we can let Adam do his thing.  But this is what they call “small potatoes” my friends.  We used to encounter full on rages lasting 20 minutes where he would slam doors or bang his head on the walls so we count our blessings that he’s got a few behavioural quirks.  Any time he gets angry, he’s usually able to calm himself down within 5 minutes and he apologizes for any wrong-doing.  I remember the days when he used to say “Nope!  NOT sorry!” so this is a great development.

Sensory wise, Adam is no longer wearing headphones and he doesn’t have nearly as much anxiety over crying kids as he used to.  He used to have so much anxiety that he didn’t want to go to school or ride the school bus if there was a chance someone would cry.  We recently got a dog though and Adam has some mild anxiety over the dog whining or barking.  It works in our favour though because he’s the first to hear the dog barking at the door to go out.

In the process of writing this update, I realize it’s getting tougher for me to identify the new developments.  Earlier in this journey it was easier to spot changes because they were so monumental.  At the time we started he was non-verbal and very withdrawn so every gain was noticeable.  Now that he’s flourishing and getting older it’s harder to spot improvements because he’s already come so far!  Now the changes are more subtle and harder to describe.  He asked me what Heaven was the other day which was one of those rarer moments where I knew something was shifting for him in terms of how he perceives his world.  We talked about it for awhile and somehow he thinks that angels come to suck out your blood when you die.   Ummmmmm…..I don’t THINK that happens but do I really know have all the answers when it comes to the next life?   LOL

So there you have it.  We’re well into the journey and I still only have amazing things to say about Heilkunst.  It’s a slow process but I believe that healing can’t be rushed.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Cheers, my friends.

Until the next update…





A Long Awaited Update Part Two…. (Miasms Round Two)

Hello everyone!

So where was I?  Oh yes, Carcinosin.

After a tumultuous winter of healing (think literally – “The winter of my discontent”) we seemed to turn a corner after Adam’s CoRE treatment in April 2013.  We started his second round Carcinosin clear in the beginning of May.  I was braced for the worst because his first Carcinosin clear witnessed some of the worst tantum behaviour we had ever seen.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad.  In fact it was much easier than the Ring Worm and Medorrhinum clears we had just completed. 


  • Dry patchy rash on upper bum cheeks (just below small of back).  Two circles on each side.
  • A few days after his last remedy he fell asleep on the couch with Jon around 5:30PM.  Jon put him to bed at 7:30PM and he slept the whole night through.
  • Started peeing outside (I don’t know if this behaviour is necessarily related to his healing reaction but I thought I’d put it down anyway).
  • About a week after finishing his remedies, Adam developed the sniffles, a mild cough and his itchy bum at bedtime returned (after disappeared for a few weeks).  These symptoms continued for a week or so.
  • Expressing lots of sadness. 
  • Meltdowns.  Adam was having a hard time coping with his sister’s sniffles and the ticking sound coming from the oven.  He also had a pretty major meltdown at a hotel when he accompanied his dad out-of-town one weekend.  When he returned home he was very sad, crying and wanted momma cuddles.  I cuddled him and he kept repeating “I’m sorry” over and over.  ???  
  • Pimple like bump on penis.
  • Hyperactive body spasms (like shivers).
  • Talking jibberish (increased echolalia)
  • Tripping/falling a lot.  At one point he was wearing 5 bandaids.
  • Started relying on headphones to drown out noises (i.e. ticking in the oven, ticking in his room, etc.).  He was even sleeping in them.


  • Language bloomed again.  Speaking in multiple sentences with proper use of me, my, I, you, your.
  • Very social with his cousins.  Made his cousin laugh by pretend sneezing.  During one get together, he even tattled on his cousin for something he was doing.  Funny how I would count that as a gain but it seemed like such a regular kid thing to do!  🙂
  • Potty trained himself!!!!  Yes you read that CORRECTLY.  His teachers realized that his pull-ups were staying dry at school so they asked us to start sending him to school in underpants.   There were a few accidents along the way and he’s still wearing pull-ups at night but this was a HUGE milestone for us.  🙂
  • Much calmer and even-tempered than the prior Medorrhinum clear.
  • School IPRC (Individual Placement and Review Committee) Meeting went exceedingly well.  There were a lot of positive comments from Adam’s teacher.  She told us that Adam was reading at a grade one level (he was pre-K at the time).  She also remarked on his amazing sense of humour and ability to detect sarcasm.  These traits are not very common amongst kids with ASD (who tend to interpret things literally).

In the beginning of June, Adam started his next clear – Syphilinum.  Again, we were pleasantly pleased by the milder healing reaction.


  • Pimply rash on bum
  • Started waking up early (between 5:30 – 6:30AM).  He would get angry and tantrum when I eventually woke up and met him downstairs.  He was probably upset because it wasn’t following the regular morning routine.
  • A week after starting his clear he fell asleep on the couch at 7:30PM and slept through the night.
  • Many mild tantrums.  He is able to turn his mood around more quickly though.  During one 2 minute time-out, he even counted backwards from 60 twice!  Mr. Smarty Pants.
  • Still upset over oven “ticking” sounds.
  • Itchy bum returned after being gone for a month or so. 
  • Still relying heavily on headphones to drown out noise.


  • Increased ability to reason.  One day I caught Adam outside building an “Angry Bird tower” out of bricks against the wall of back shed.  He picked up a small boulder (aka his “Angry bird”) and hurled it at the bricks to try and topple it over.  I ran out of the house to stop him and he started getting upset with me.  I explained to him how the brick could break the siding and showed him a spot where the siding was already damaged.  Something clicked with him and he calmed down right away.  “How about I throw my angry bird toys instead?”  I told him that was a GREAT idea so I followed him inside the house and he picked out a few plastic birds.  On his way back outside he turned to me and said “OK, I will try it.  Here goes!”  🙂
  • Increased social behaviour.  Adam went to the park with his sister and dad.  When the neighbour girl showed up Adam said “Hi!  My name’s Adam and this is my friend Emersyn.”  Then he pointed to Jon and said “This is my boy lady friend – Daddy!”
  • During one family outing to a restaurant, Adam opted NOT to play with the iPad (say WHAT?) and instead practiced math addition equations with a crayon on the brown paper table-cloth.  1+1= 2, 2+2=4, etc.  
  • Learned to ride a bike!!  Adam never showed any interest in pedalling a bike but Jon bought him one and was able to talk him into trying (didn’t I mention that you could reason with him now?!?)  He wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea but he went along with it “OK dad, I will try it.”  He ended up doing great and can now pedal and steer all by himself!  He enjoys it too!

At the end of June (and the end of Adam’s Syphilinum clear), I gave birth to Jack.  I knew it would be difficult for Adam to adjust to having a baby in the house and THIS time, my mommy hunches proved correct.  For the first couple weeks, Adam would get very upset every time the baby cried.  I felt pressure to keep the peace as much as possible so I would race to pick up the baby and nurse him the second he got fussy.  Whenever Jack cried for longer than a few seconds, Adam would come and watch him from safe distance even though we tried to direct him to the quiet of his room.  You could visibly see the anxiety rise on his face and he would eventually make an explosion sound “Kapooooowwwwww!!!” as if he was describing what was happening in his brain at that exact moment.  At this point he would lose control and either storm off to his bedroom and repeatedly slam his door (he eventually broke the door stop) or he would laugh maniacally at the baby.  Eventually it escalated into him picking up a toy and throwing it at the baby (luckily he had POOR aim).  I’m not going to lie.  It was worrisome.  Some days I was on my own with all three kids and Adam was upstairs slamming doors over and over while I was stuck on a couch nursing a new-born.  In my heart I was torn over which child needed me most and I agonized over the thought that Adam no longer felt safe and happy in his home. 

The first month the baby was home, Jon took Adam and sister out as much as possible.  I was glad that they were able to get out of the house and enjoy the summer but eventually, Adam started to alienate me and the baby from EVERY outing – “Just me, dad and Emersyn!  Not mom and Jack.”  As the weeks went by though, Adam started to tolerate small periods of crying.  At first, he tried to make sense of the crying “Is Jack hungry?  Did he poop in his pants?”  Once he understood that there was a purpose to it, his anxiety started to dissolve.  By the end of summer, Adam was comfortable at home again.

But I digress…

Let’s get back to the miasms. 

Adam started his last clear for Lyme near the end of July.


  • Exagerated blinking
  • Sore ear at bedtime (put a bandaid over his ear)
  • Circular rash on upper right bum cheek.
  • Started walking into our neighbour’s house/garage.  *Sigh*  We now have a fence gate.  And lock.
  • About a week after starting the clear, Adam had three days of exploding bowel movements.  The stools were soft, dark brown and so big they were exploding out the sides of his pull-ups.  Prior to each BM, Adam complained of a sore tummy.
  • Mild tantrums
  • Some mild itchy bum


  • Remorsefulness.  This is the first time that I really noticed Adam being consistently remorseful after every meltdown.  A year ago, he used to very spiteful to the point of even saying “Nope! Not sorry!” at the mere mention of apologizing.  Then during the epic tantrums we were experiencing back in January and February, we could get Adam to say sorry but it was always prompted by us as a means of ending a timeout.  The first apology that really stands out in memory was delivered over the phone.  Adam was spending a few nights at grandma’s house with his sister (to give Jack and I a break at home).  Earlier in the day, I had stopped by the visit the kids and Adam was very angry that Jack and I were there (this was during the period where Adam was segregating Jack and I from the rest of the family).  He stormed off to a bedroom and wouldn’t visit with me the whole time I was there and then he wouldn’t let me give him a kiss when I left.  Later that night, the kids called me before bedtime.  After speaking with Emersyn first Adam took the phone and said “Sorry for being rude, mom.”  Totally unprompted.  His OWN words.  I was literally stunned!!  At first I thought his grandma told him to say it but when I spoke with her the next day she said she just as surprised as I was!  Especially his choice of the word “rude” since neither her nor I used that word to describe his behaviour from the following day.  To this day, Adam consistently apologizes for his angry outbursts.
  • No longer relies on his headphones to drown out sound.  I actually think the headphones were making him even MORE sensitive to sound.  It’s a bit like taking off sunglasses in the sunlight.

So that takes us to the end of Adam’s second round of miasms.  He started a third round of miasms in September but I don’t think I will format my posts the same way going further.  I’ll just give general updates on how he’s doing, which – spoiler alert- is FANTASTIC by the way!!!  We’re seeing a lot of social gains this past month which I’ll save for the next post.

Ahhhh….feels good to get this done.  OK, got a hungry baby to feed.

Goodnight my loves.



A Loooooooong Awaited Update


It’s been awhile.  I really suck at this whole blogging thing.  But this time I have a really good excuse.  Nay, I should say I have a super CUTE excuse!!!

INTRODUCING….Jack Oliver James!!

Whoooo's cute?

Whoooo’s cute?

He’s already 5 months old and we think that he’s pretty gosh darn cute.  He was born at the end of June (on the last day of school) so we spent a quiet summer at home adapting to having a baby in the house once again.  Adam had the hardest time adjusting of course.  He is extremely sensitive to people crying so we knew it would be hard on him.  There were some pretty significant meltdowns during those first few weeks.  One time, the baby was crying in the backyard and Adam smashed his noise-blocking headphones on our cement pad.  He just kept picking them up and whipping them at the ground until they were literally in pieces.  I warned him that if he smashed his headphones he wouldn’t be able to use them the next time the baby cried.  “Mommy is not buying you new ones if you break them.”  Lesson learned.  The headphones were destroyed, Adam lost his crutch and had to suffer the consequences.  It turned out for the best.  By the end of summer, Adam became less sensitive to Jack’s crying and noises in general (including the clicking in the oven).

I abandoned the blog just after Adam finished his second clearing of the Ring Worm miasm.  That was back in January/February and we went through an intense period of healing where a lot of behaviours were coming out.  I’m happy to say that the rest of the year has been easy peasey lemon squeezey compared to those days.  Adam went on to clear Medorrhinum and had a CoRe treatment before clearing Carcinosin, Syphilinum and Lyme.  Adam then started a THIRD round of miasms in September.  In this third round, he’s already cleared Psorinum and Malaria and we’re waiting for the Tuberculinum remedies to arrive in the mail any day now.  So, needless to say A LOT has been happening.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to document each healing cycle as accurately as I have been but like Sports Centre, I can give you the highlights. 😉


  • A couple days into starting his remedies, Adam got a pimply rash on his bum.
  • A couple days AFTER his last remedy, Adam woke up a few hours after going to bed with a tummy ache.  He ended up vomiting three times and then went back to bed and woke up the following morning good as new.  He started covering his ears in his room, complaining of a “ticking” sound.
  • Something was going on with his left ear. He complained about something being wrong with his ear but he didn’t use the words “hurt” or “pain.” I offered to put a bandaid on his ear which he proceeded to keep on for 5 days in a row.  When I finally insisted he remove it, he would go through periods of covering his ear with his hand.  He was also covering his ears with both hands while going to bed.  He complained there was a ticking sound in his room.  He also complained of ticking in the oven.  It was impossible for me to use the oven without a major meltdown and necessary intervention (usually playing with the i-Phone in an upstairs bedroom).
  • Started taking off his pants and diapers and peeing on the floors.  Wouldn’t have complete BMs.  He would start one and then stop almost immediately and take off his diaper to be wiped. I don’t know if it’s that he didn’t like feeling dirty in his pants?  After a few days of not having a complete BM, he had a HUGE one.  At this point we decided to do some Hyos powders and it seemed to halt the peeing on the floor but not the BM problem.
  • Increased stimming (jumping all over the furniture, running while shaking his head side-to-side, rocking) and increased echolalia.  Obsessively closing doors.  At this point, we decided it was time for another CoRe.   Adam was starting to get upset with his sister’s sniffling and we were still traumatized by the events of the previous fall when Emersyn’s coughing would make Adam hysterical.
  • After the CoRe, Adam woke up with a croupy sounding cough though it only lasted one day.  For the next couple of weeks, he was going to bed early and had a few episodes of anal itching/cramping at bedtime.  He also developed a circular, red raised rash (about a inch and quarter in diameter) on his upper bum cheek.


  • Had a sleepover with his aunt and actually slept in a tent with two of his boy cousins.  In the past, Adam would have opted to sleep alone or with his sister.
  • Started watching TV shows that used to terrify him in the past (i.e. Thomas) – say whaaaa???
  • Started answering the phone.  Mind you, he did it a little robotically always saying the same thing “Hello? What’s your name?” (even when he knew it was his dad on the other end).
  • Very playful – asking me to play with him.  Complimenting my tower-buiding skills when we played Angry Birds.  Bringing me “presents” to open (including a booger clutched inside his clamped hands aka – the wrapping paper).
  • Increased language.  Stringing multiple sentences together.
  • Play wrestling with his sister

OK.   So now it’s almost midnight.  Where does the time go??

I’m going to post this blog as is and continue with Part Deux tomorrow.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…yadda, yadda, yadda.


Second Round of Miasms – Ring Worm


This morning, I sat down with my coffee and read some of my prior miasm posts. I was wondering if Adam’s recent behaviours were mirroring some of his earlier clears and I’ll admit that I MAY have been seeking some reassurance of that “light at the end of the tunnel”. To say the last couple months have been “trying” would be an understatement. Towards the end of January/early February everything seemed to fall apart at the seams. Hah! Saying that makes me think of my sweet little Adam zipping off his skin and emerging as a raging Tasmanian devil “BLAH-BLEH-BLAH-BLEH-BLUH-BLEE-BLUE!!!” tearing through the house in tornado-like-form leaving a path of destruction in its place. Oh, if ONLY this was a real Looney Tunes cartoon and I could be as calm and cunning as Bugs.  If only…

Around the third week after finishing his Tuberculinum powders, Adam started to have some pretty major tantrum episodes, probably the worst we’ve ever seen. Last spring, his self-destructive behaviour of choice was the headbang but this time around he started throwing things (literally destroying the house at times) with the occasional headbang thrown in for good measure. After one tantrum, Jon was able to have a heart to heart with Adam and asked him why he threw things or headbanged. After saying “I don’t know…” he paused thoughtfully and said “It makes me better.” Of course, I already know that these behaviours serve some specific purpose to Adam, whether it’s to drown out his sensory overload or to self-medicate himself, but it’s still reaffirming to hear Adam verbalize it himself. Not to mention his words serve as a good reminder to us that he really can’t control himself during these meltdowns.

We proceeded with his Ring Worm clear and instead of things getting better all hell broke loose: raging tantrums, head bangings, throwing things, passive aggressive behaviours, you name it. The mere mention of the word “no” would set him off. It became IMPOSSIBLE to get him to school as he would fight us tooth and nail for every step of the morning routine we tried to complete. His moods would fluctuate between angry (over not having his way) and fearful (being scared of children on the bus and in his class). When he was angry he was having a lot of difficulty transitioning OUT of that emotion and his rages would escalate until he got a reaction out of us. Tears were the only thing that would break the cycle of anger and after some trial and error we learned to accelerate the process by putting him in mom/dad jail (aka – restraining him with our arms and legs wrapped around him). Adam is not a huge fan of personal touch so it seemed to work.

*Sigh* I WISH I could say that these episodes lasted a week or two (at most) but Adam ended up missing over a month of school. We were just too exhausted to engage with the daily battle. Having him at home proved to have its challenges too as he was “too scared” to go anywhere and I was becoming “too pregnant” to carry him out the store during his tantrums. I had to learn this lesson the hard way, getting boot-kicked in the eye one time at the Dollar Store and having him bolt from me while I was in the checkout line at the grocery sore (he almost made it out to the parking lot). These were long, exhausting days and we became “prisoners of Adam” – giving in to most of his demands and tip-toeing around him to ward off as many tantrums as possible. I can hear the resounding chorus of “tsk tsks” for letting him rule the roost but trust me, we were pretty much in survival mode at that point. Our faces could no longer hide our exhaustion and discouragement and before we knew it we were getting phone calls from ALL the intervening agencies (Adam’s physiotherapist, his ABA therapist, his teacher, a social worker, a behavioural consultant, etc). I’m pretty sure they were all tipped off by Adam’s teacher who was the first to bear witness to our battle-weary facades. Of course they were all calling with the sincerest intentions and trying to offer us coping strategies but at that point I was like “Didn’t you hear me say I was exhausted? I don’t need more picture schedules or reward tokens or social stories! What I really need is a vacation from life!!” Of course I only said this to myself. I tried my best to disguise my sour attitude and graciously accept every offer of help that was extended to us.

We were in constant communication with our Heilkunstler and she reminded us that we had it pretty easy in the beginning and that she had continually warned us things would likely get much worse. I nodded my head in agreement and decided to reapproach the battle with a fresh attitude that there is “no gain without pain.” After all, I am 100% committed to seeing these miasms cleared for better or worse!!

In addition to his tantrums, fears and anxieties Adam had a number of physical symptoms during this healing reaction. By the end of his remedies he developed a runny nose, red cheeks, glassy eyes and croupy sounding cough (mild but a definite barking sound). His croupy-ness disappeared in a day but he had the occasional cough (I could hear him at night). His congestion and mild cough continued for a week and at times, his snot was thick and yellow. He also had a classic ring worm spot develop on his upper bum cheek which lasted for weeks (until we started his next set of miasm remedies). At one point I noticed a blister on the end of his thumb (which I had also observed during another healing reaction) but I can’t say for certain whether this is attributed to his healing. He also had an itchy bum which progressed to a couple episodes of anal cramping around midnight.

During this clear, Adam also had increased sensory issues. Back in January, we noticed his sensitivity to beeps in the kitchen at McDonald’s but this sensitivity got worse, to the point where any beeping sound seemed almost painful to him. One time, we were out at a donut shop and Adam could hear some type of beeping timer behind the counter and he panicked and begged for his earphones. We couldn’t calm him down so he ended up eating his donut out in the truck. If you recall the grocery store incident I mentioned earlier, it was the beeps from the check-out that sent him flying out of the store. It was obvious the poor boy was in pain because he was begging me to leave; begging for the solace and safety of his bedroom. 😦 Other sounds he couldn’t tolerate was the sound of Jon yawning in the morning or the sound of laughter/applause from TV shows. Even our oven was off-limits for a while because the ticking sound of the heating unit kicking on and off would send him into a frenzy. Anytime I was even NEAR the oven, Adam’s anxieties would kick in “Don’t make the tick tock go! Don’t make it tick tock!”

At one point, I observed Adam continually throwing himself down the stairs. Like, over and over. He wasn’t doing it hard enough to hurt himself, but it was definitely a strange behaviour.

Conversation and play time language increased. Like HUGE. And this was during the time that we had pulled him from school and his tantrums and anxieties were at their peak. In a way, it served as a reassuring reminder that underneath all the rage and fear, there is healing taking place.

There were no other significant gains noted this period as Adam’s healing reaction continued right up until we started the next clear.

UPDATE: Since this post has been a “work in progress” for weeks and is being published extremely late, I am able to confirm that there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel.  Adam returned to school in the middle of March and the last couple weeks have been the best in months! I’ll save the details for my next miasm post (Medorrhinum) but I just wanted to let you all know that things have greatly improved and we have turned another corner in Adam’s healing process. Yay for healing!!!


Second Round of Miasms – Tuberculinum

And so it continues…

It’s been less than a month since my last post so this is progress my friends! After a wonderful Christmas at the new house and a nice long break from the raging “Tantrums of the Fall” (think “Legends of the Fall” with less romance and more killer bear), Adam once again started to show signs of heading into the next miasm. His night-time itchy bum returned and he was getting a lot of tummy aches. The tummy aches had started in the fall but then disappeared for awhile. Now they were returning and becoming almost a daily complaint. It finally escalated to a couple severe episodes where he was actually doubled over in pain. They would last about a half hour and then disappear for no apparent reason.

Within a few days of starting the powders the nightly itchy bum episodes disappeared.

Two days after finishing powders, Adam vomitted all morning (each vomit was preceded by a stomach ache). He couldn’t even keep liquids down but thankfully his vomitting stopped by noon (THANKFULLY I say because the little rascal perfers to vomit on my floors rather than the toilet). It’s hard to attribute this to healing reaction though because the course of the next few days, the entire family took turns vomiting (surprisingly, none at the same time). I get the impression that our homeopath doesn’t really believe in “contagion” the way most people do. I think it’s along the idea that “only sick people get sick” and it’s your energetic footprint that determines whether you “catch” the flus or viruses that seem to be going around. My own beliefs are shifting as well but when something like this happens I can’t help but fall back on the trusty old germ theory. We found out the following week that Adam’s teacher was the first to fall ill with this stomach virus and then she wiped out almost all the kids in her class (not to mention their families). Again, sounds like germ theory.

(All I can say is that I’ve been blessed with ZERO morning sickness for this current pregnancy but I made up for it over the course of 8 hours on one Saturday in January – bleh)

A week after finishing his powder Adam developed mild symptoms of what I should start referring to as his “classic healing reaction” : mild cough, red cheeks, crankiness, tantrums, itchy bum, etc. Besides the vomiting episode I would say that this was a pretty classic response and overall it wasn’t too bad. We DID have some difficulty getting him to school though. He missed the bus several mornings and we ended up having to drive him. Then, he started resisting us driving him to school and I just kept him home because I was too exhausted to fight with him. I’m starting to wonder if the benefits of moving to the new house and changing buses are starting to wear off. When we were living with my sister-in-law, Adam started to protest getting on the bus after he developed a fear of one of the kids on bus (unfortunately, this kid is also in his class). Then we moved and for awhile Adam was happy with his new bus. However, now he seems to be developing some fear and anxiety over another child on his NEW bus. These kids can’t help it and aren’t doing ANYTHING wrong, but Adam can’t handle “people sounds” (crying, coughing, shrieking, involuntary sounds, etc.).

Adam’s also developed an anxiety over beeps. Anything that beeps (i.e oven timer, microwave, etc.) sends him into a frenzy. He’s learned that our new microwave will give reminder beeps every minute if you haven’t opened the door so now he’ll panic if you don’t open the microwave door fast enough.


Well…the tummy aches disappeared.

Unfortunately I didn’t really didn’t see any other gains during this period. In fact, his anxieties and fears are still pretty bad. In addtion to his fears over certain kids at school, he’ll isolate himself in his bedroom if his younger cousins are over visiting. He’ll just stay up there rocking on his bed with his hands pressed over his ears. My heart aches to see him like that.

Actually, Adam celebated his 5th birthday at the end of January and compared to last year, Adam was much more present and aware that all the fuss was over his birthday. In fact, he started counting down the days to his birthday about a week in advance. During the party, Adam was quite involved in decorating his Angry Bird cake and he even took it upon himself to find the candles and put them on his cake all by himself!

I wish there were more gains to report but honestly, I’m not bummed. Such is the nature of this healing journey. Sometimes the valleys are wider and deeper than others but it’s all a necessary part of this journey.

One day we’ll be twirling on hilltops singing “The Hills are Alive.”


Happy New Year!!

Hello again.  Seriously, two posts in ONE DAY?  I must be on some kind of a roll!

Just wanted to share some pictures of our growing family.

This year’s Christmas card pic:


And our Christmas morning pic (I LOVE my little Adam’s smile in this one.  It’s totally heart melting):



And when I say growing, I truly mean GROWING:


SURPRISED?  We certainly were!  Apparently God had a plan when he moved us into a 4 bedroom house.  I guess we won’t be having a guest bedroom after all.  🙂

I can honestly say that I am embracing this pregnancy completely fearlessly having accepted that everything happens for good reason and I am destined to become a mother again.  Am I worried about Autism striking our family twice?  Absolutely not.  I escaped that prison of fear awhile ago.

Goodnight my lovelies.  xox


Second Round of Miasms – Psorinum and Malaria

You:  Cowering in fear behind closed door.

Me:  (Maniacally chopping door down with axe)  “I’mmmmmmm back!!!”  Did you miss me?  🙂

*Sigh*  It’s good to be back, peeps.  It’s been an extremely hectic three months in our household (or “lack thereof” I should say) but we officially moved in to the new house at the beginning of December and now that the Christmas hubbub is over, things are settling down a bit.  I’m not gonna lie.  I feel a little battered and bruised from the experience.  Shacking up with relatives and renovating a house is stressful enough for anyone but when you toss a 4 year old with autism in the mix?  Craziness.  Actually, that’s a “four year old with autism who was uprooted from his house, started attending junior kindergarten full-time and had his bussing change THREE times in three months.”  Trust me, there’s a difference.

I was telling my sister a few weeks ago that I hope one day I can look back upon this time in my life and recall what a crazy time of healing it was.  By then, I’ll be harvesting the blessings that come out of this trial and realize how truly necessary it was.  I am reminded of the verse “In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  That’s “IN EVERYTHING” give thanks, not just the “rainbow-covered-in-sunshine-and-sprinkles” things.  One day, I know I’ll be shouting “Hallelujah!” from the rooftops but in the meantime, it’s kind of hard to see the blessings when you keep getting mud slung in your face.  Still, it gives me peace knowing that day is coming. 😉

So given my tardiness at posting I think I’ll combine the two draft posts I have created regarding Adam’s clearing of the first two miasms in his second round of miasmic treatment:  Psorinum and Malaria.  You can read about his initial clearings of Psorinum and Malaria if you grab that mouse of yours and click HERE and HERE.

So…let’s just dive into it shall we?

In the weeks leading up to his Psorinum clearing, Adam was GRUMPY.   He was completely bossy, passive aggressive (tries to hurt with words), didn’t trust anyone’s reassurance (“The baby is OK, Adam.  He’s not crying.”  Adam “No!!! The baby IS crying!!”) and he was totally non-compliant with any instruction coming from Jon or I (i.e. going limp biscuit on the floor in Walmart, running away from me in the grocery store, etc.).  He also started habitually clearing his throat in a way that seemed like he was developing a tick.

For simplicity sake, I’m going to bullet-form details of the healing reaction that emerged after starting his Psorinum powders:


  • Within a couple of days of starting his Psorinum powders, Adam developed a slight croupy sounding cough during the night and mornings.
  • He asked for a bandaid for his ear and another time he complained of a sore eye (no redness though) and he put a bandaid over his eye.  In fact, we EASILY went through a entire box of bandaids, because every bump, nick or scratch would require medical attention.  If we tried to convince him he was fine and didn’t need one, he would proceed to the bathroom and find them himself.
  • About a week after starting his powders Adam woke up at 5AM one morning and presented himself on the outside of our bedroom door yelling “I have a tummy ache mom!”  He didn’t come IN the bedroom until I called his name because he has a fear or dislike about watching people sleep.  Just add it to his list of MANY fears. 
  • The week before starting his powders, Adam would fall asleep no problem.  However, after starting his powders he had nighttime hyperactive spells making it harder for him to fall asleep.  Waking him up for school was a nightmare.
  • Adam’s itchy bum at bedtime returned.  Every night, someone had to lie with him and scratch his bum until he fell asleep.
  • Adam was EXTRA sensitive to crying kids.
  • Adam was EXTRA sensitive to Emersyn coughing.
  • His sensory sensitivities increased.  Adam was frequently covering his ears or squinting.
  • About a week and a half after finishing his powders, Adam couldn’t bear the sound of Emersyn’s coughing.  He would run away from her, slam the bedroom door and lay on the bed in fetal position with his ears covered with his hands (he also felt warm).  He even called her “the new Emersyn” which is weird since he had called me “not mom” earlier in the week when trying to wake him up for school.  This behaviour worsened and eventually spiralled out of control.  Even when Emersyn’s cough improved he couldn’t get past the memory of it.  I couldn’t get him ready for school while Emersyn was still in the house.  He wouldn’t even come DOWNSTAIRS until she had left for school so I was constantly driving him to school an hour late.  I couldn’t get them both in the car at the same time which was a nightmare for attempting to go ANYWHERE.  At the mere suggestion of going out, Adam would have a complete meltdown.  Interestingly enough, with every severe meltdown (always over Emersyn’s coughing) he would always complain of a stomach ache.
  • Some days, he flat out refused to go to school and I ended up giving in and letting him stay from for several days simply because I didn’t have any fight left in me.  I was flat-out exhausted and defeated.  Let’s just say that Adam wasn’t the ONLY one crying those days. 😉
  • While the behaviours alone indicated that Adam was discharging a lot of fear, he actually started using the word “scared” almost daily.  “I’m scared of Emersyn’s cough.”  “I’m scared of (so-and-so) on the bus.”  “I’m scared of (so-and-so) at school.” 

After several weeks of teetering back-and-forth between a sprinkling of good days and mostly bad ones, it was evident the behaviour was not clearing up and the homeopath started to think Adam was “stuck” in a healing cycle.  She suggested we do a CoRe treatment which she suspected would get to root of his fears that were fueling his obsessive anxiety and angry outbursts.  I don’t know MUCH about CoRe bioresonance analysis but I had heard a lot of positive things about it so I decided to invest in one.  

Adam’s CoRe was scheduled the following week and it provided some fascinating insight into the route of his behaviours.  It basically revealed that Adam’s development was paralyzed by his fears.  It was suggested that Adam KNEW he was reaching a point where he would have to walk through the “threshold” so to speak, and allow himself to join and connect with the world in which he lives, but that he was fighting or resisting the responsibility of doing so (hence all the angry outburst and tantrums).  We received some CoRe remedies (powders and droppers) to help him resolve these issues and he started taking them shortly after he finished his Malaria powders.

Since it’s difficult to distinguish Adam’s resulting healing reaction as a result of either the Malaria or CoRe powders I’ll have to lump ’em together.  Again in point form for simplicity sake…


  • Almost immediately, Adam’s itchy bum/anal crampings ceased. 
  • He developed a mild “phlegmy” cough (especially at night) and he was tired in the early evenings, wanting to nap around 5 PM. 
  • Sensory overload.  He started verbally complaining about his eyes that they were bothering him and that he wanted to put tape over them.
  • While taking his powders, he continued to isolate himself from Emersyn when she was home and avoided going anywhere outside of the house with her.
  • Towards the end of his powders Adam developed several pimply pock marks on his thighs and bum.
  • Adam’s dog-like behaviour continued while taking the Malaria powders.  Still peeing by lifting his leg (while in the bath).  The dog vomited on the floor and Adam did the same in our room (and laughed about it).  He also carried the dog’s ball in his mouth.
  • Adam developed a runny nose and his slight but persistent cough became worse (especially at night). 
  • He developed a patchy red rash on his bum cheeks and his cheeks were red. 
  • He was initiating his own bedtime after starting to rock himself on the couch.


  • Just prior to starting school, Adam had another speech assessment done.  The results were nothing short of amazing!!  Only 15 short months after uttering his first words, Adam scored in the average range for most of the criteria.  The only area where he scored below average was for his sentence structure (stringing multiple words together with all the proper sentence components – subject, verb, etc.).  His speech pathologist was amazed by his ability to identify pictures of various items by their proper category.  For example, she showed him a picture with multiple animals on it and asked him what it was a picture of.  She was expecting him to point out the individual animals and say “zebra” or “elephant” but Adam said “Animals.”  He did this for “food” and “instruments” as well.   🙂
  • Singing ALL the time.  Like ALLLLLLL the time.  Songs from school, songs from Emersyn’s Barbie movies, the Canadian national anthem, you name it.
  • Asked a little boy at church “What’s your name?”  Then Adam turned to me asked how many “numbers old” that boy was.
  • Adam’s throat clearing tick disappeared.
  • Throughout the fall, Adam continued to make verbal gains.  He now finishes his sentences even though he’s sometimes not sure how to correctly sequence the words.  For examples “Where we eating supper…at the?”  “Where did you buy the crackers…at the?”  His verbal gains never cease to amaze me.
  • Spontaneous sharing of information.  Adam will come home from school and now tell me about things that happened throughout the day without me having to ask or prompt him.  Usually I have to ask him “Did you do phonics?”  “Did you play on the Smart Board?”
  • Adam continues to play extremely well with his sister and he even greets her at the door with a hug when she gets home from school “Oh hi Emersyn!  You’re back!”
  • Adam gives positive reinforcement to others “Good thinking!  That’s a great idea!” 
  • He’s able to communicate his feelings and emotions now.  Before, we pretty much had a good idea of what was bothering him but now he can actually verbalize “I’m scared of (so-and-so)” or “I don’t want to go to the Sportsplex.  I’m scared of the exit signs.” etc.   For a child with autism this is HUGE because most of the tantrum behaviours are related to anxieties or fears that they are unable to communicate.  It’s still difficult to assure Adam that everything’s OK but I think it’s a wonderful step that he’s able to voice his emotions.
  • Right around Christmas time, I could sense that Adam was more calm and relaxed.  It was like he dropped a million pounds from his shoulders.  He went skating over the holidays and for the first time EVER he actually allowed Jon to put skates on him and he motored around the rink like a champ.  He didn’t even get discouraged one bit if he fell!  He also conquered his fear of the ski-doo and Jon took him out on the trails.  When he got back from his first ride, Jon lifted his helmet visor and saw the saddest little frown.  He was sad that his ride was over so Jon took him out right away for a second ride!
  • Adam has started “faking” emotions – being sad (usually) – for attention.  You know when kids put on the “fake pout” for a little parental attention?  Adam’s got it mastered!!  It’s especially funny to watch him try to put his fake frown back on after you’ve made him laugh.

So…that’s a pretty good summation of the past three months, or rather I should say “That’s about as good as it’s gonna get!”  Hopefully, I’ll be back in the swing of things and updating the blog more regularly.  At least I keep notes!  I like to keep track of everything.  Hopefully some people are finding this information useful. 🙂

As an interesting side-note, we discovered that Emersyn’s persistent cough was actually related to grief over moving out of the old house.  The homeopath clued into that once we finally moved into the new house and within a DAY, Emersyn’s cough got worse again.  I could recall that about a week prior, Emersyn had shed some tears and expressed that she missed the old house.  We received a set of grief remedies and Emersyn proceeded to have a HUGE healing reaction to them (fever, coughing, ear aches, jaw pain, etc.).  When it was all said and done, Emersyn’s cough was gone.


A House Becomes a Home

So I can pretty much feel your eyes boring into the computer screen as though I have just shlunk into the house after curfew.  The lights flick on and I nervously apologize for my untimely response and brazen lack of courtesty to all my faithful blog readers.  But this time, I have a good excuse.  I promise.


That’s right!  The family has packed up and moved out of our tiny, cramped bungalow into a much more spacious split-level with room to grow.

It’s great.  Fantastic even.  Dare I say super awesome?

And I’m not even upset one bit about leaving that crummy little house.  The house where my sweet little Adam was born.  The house where both my precious babies grew into such amazing kids.  The house beside the corner stop sign where Emersyn got picked up on her first day of school.  The house across from the most beautiful tree where many a picnic was held in the summer and in the fall Jon would bury the kids in leaves. 

*Sigh*  That house used to be my home.

It’s OK. I’m not THAT choked up about it.



Whaaaaaaaaaaat?  There’s just something in my eye. 

Well…on second thought, maybe I am mourning the change of address a wee, tiny, little bit in a sappy sentimental-mom-kind-of-way. Don’t tease me about it though. I’m a mom teetering on the edge of sanity.  🙂

It’s OK though. The new house is great and I’m well aware that it will soon become a HOME full of its own memories.   It has much more room for the family to grow and it’s pretty much the only house we looked at in 8 months that satisfied all our original “must haves” when we first started looking to upsize. Well, I should clarify that it WILL satisfy our checklist of “must-haves” once we tear it apart and put it back together again.  The process of which started a few weeks ago.

So, hence the reason I’ve been such a deadbeat blogger.  The upside is that Adam is still on a break fro his miasms so it’s not like I have all these juicy tales of healing that I’m dangling over your heads conveniently just out of reach.  Insert maniacal laughter her.  Muah, ha, ha, ha!!!  🙂

I should let you all know though Adam has started juniour kindergarten in an Autism classroom at a local school.  How’s it going you ask?  Pretty good, I suppose.  I would say PERFECT if it wasn’t for the other crying children that are now the source of his school-related anxieties.  But I’ll divulge more school related tales when I’m NOT living at my sister-in-laws and NOT using a prehistoric laptop that belongs in some computer museum somewhere.  Sorry Share.  I love ya but your computer needs to be put-down.

So this is not goodbye but so long. 

Til we meet in cyberspace again. 

(Hopefully within the next month lest this momma gets tired of teetering on the edge and falls hard and fast into Crazyville.)


Miasm Round Eight – Lyme

So I’ve been a super procrastinator at getting this final miasm post published.  Apparently, summer vacation translates as “blog hiatus” in my mind. 🙂

Lyme is the last of the eight maisms we’ve tackled during this first round of miasmic treatment.  Most people are familiar with “lyme disease” with its characteristic bull’s-eye rash and transmission by infected ticks.  In the miasmic sense, Lyme historically started out with an infectious origin but then evolved (morphed?) into a genetic predisposition so it is possible to have lyme without ever coming in contact with an infected tick.  It’s important to note that the miasmic form of lyme doesn’t always present with the text-book rash and flu-like symptoms.  It can manifest itself through a host of other chronic diseases including fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, Chrohn’s and IBS (as well as a host of other problems)

If you follow the mainstream media outlets, it is easy to see that there is growing concern over the number of people infected with Lyme.  It seems that every time I turn on the TV or surf the net I find myself inundated with various guides for preventing tick bites or how to properly conduct a self “tick check” or how to properly remove the parasite in order to minimize lyme infection.  Personally, I can’t help but wonder if this “outbreak” is actually a growing emergence of Lyme in the miasmic sense.  The population as a whole is becoming weaker and sicker due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to vaccinations, poor diet, toxins, medications, etc..  It seems very plausible to me that the declining health of our generation is what’s springing the genetic lyme miasm into action.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about tick bites, or rather insect bites in general.  Why do some people get “attacked” by bugs whenever they venture outdoors while others seem unaffected.  I’ve come across some theories that people can attract certain bugs to themselves and that it’s not always a bad thing.  These bugs may be trying to “help” sick people by injecting them with “nature’s medicine.”  Anyhow, it’s an interesting theory and one that I’m paying close attention to.  One of my husband’s relatives has recently been spending a lot of time outdoors landscaping his property.  His girlfriend, who happens to have Lyme disease, has been conducting thorough “tick checks” on him to make sure he’s clean.  During one of these tick checks she found zero of him but one on herself.  And while he had been outdoors for hours, she had only come outside to check him for ticks.  Coincidence?  Hmmmmmm….

Anyhow, I digress.  Let’s get back to Adam shall we?

Once again, right before Adam was due for his Lyme clears his diaper rash started up again.  This time, it was soo bad it look like a scabby road burn on his bum.  And just like the rashes before, it starting clearing up once we started the powders.  Interestingly enough, now that we’ve completed the miasms, his diaper rash has not returned (except for a short duration during his healing reaction) .  I’m wondering if the same cycle will start when he start the second round of miasm treatments.

Four days into the powders and Adam got very cranky and moody.  He was emotional and upset over everything.  He also complained of a sore tummy (below his belly button).  Behaviourally, he started acting out by writing on our walls with pencil (thankfully it was ONLY pencil).  My homeopath told me that the last two miasms had a “destructive energy” associated with them so this mischievous behaviour could likely be the result of that.

A week after his last powder, Adam developed a stuffy/runny nose and he napped for four hours that afternoon.  The night before, Adam spent the night at his aunt’s house and he had woken up in the middle of the night upset (which never happens) and asked for his mom (which never happens times a million).  He also developed a mild cough with strider.  Emotionally, he was all over the map.  The slightest upsets were inconsolable tragedies to him.  One day, he injured himself while visiting a friend’s pool and took at least a half hour to get over it.  He demanded bandaids on every scratch no matter how slight.  At one point there were four bandaids on one knee.  We’ve seen this type of behaviour before and just like the past, he develops a fear of the bath when he has “ouchies.”  We also saw him become very bossy and demand to “Stay home!” at the mere suggestion of venturing out of the house.  This moodiness led to increased head banging (this time, I know for sure because I’m recording each occurence for ABA).  Eventually his bum rash started coming back along with the notorious bum itch from six months ago.  During these episodes, his bum itches like crazy driving him out of his mind until he starts crying and his nose starts running.  He also complained of a sore tummy and we saw the return of diarrhea.

Towards the end of his healing reaction, Adam dumped a half carton of Almond milk on the floor (didn’t see so I don’t know if it was an accident or intentional).  I came upstairs and found him driving his trucks and cars through the mess.  The next day, he ripped open his sister’s homemade tambourine and drove cars through the pile of rice.  He also dumped out his toy bins every day for a period.  I wonder if that’s related to the same compulsion he had to dump the milk on the floor.  About a week after his healing reaction started (the sleepover) he had four poops in one day.  They started solid and then became increasingly softer with the last one being very sour-smelling and almost appeared to be mucous-like.


  • Increasing ability to compromise.  One day, Adam’s aunt had taken his sister and him for a walk and Adam said “I wanna go this way” and Auntie Sharon said “No, we need to go this way” (pointing to the opposite side of the field).  Adam said “Let’s go down the middle.”  He’s also started negotiating.  “I want a cookie mom.”  “No Adam, you haven’t had breakfast yet.” “How about……a juicy popsicle?”  “No.”  “How about….some gummies?”
  • Increased “social” conversation (I don’t know what else to call it?).  Adam seems to picking up on various cues and responding to people with socially appropriate phrases.  Here’s a small selection of his verbal victories:  “OK Emersyn!”, “Great job Emersyn!”, and “Look what I can do mom!”  He also went to visit some baby birds living in a nest on the windowsill of his grandma’s office and he waved to them saying ” “Oh hi baby birds.  My names is Adam.  This is babes.” while pointing to Emersyn (a nickname we often use for her).
  • Increased pretend play.  I absolutely love to hear Emersyn and Adam playing together because the two of theme will come up with extremely imaginative play scenarios (i.e. sailing in laundry basket “boats,” surfing on laundry baskets, making “soup” in sand pails, etc.)  Adam laughs hysterically the whole time and participates with imaginative comments.
  • Increased ability to communicate his feelings.  We’ve noticed that Adam’s verbal skills have developed to the point where he can communicate his fears and concerns.  The other night, my husband wanted to bring the kids to Future Shop and Adam’s anxiety meter was clearly on the rise.  Instead of pitching a fit and banging his head Adam said “I scared of the Exit signs.”  A couple months back, Adam LOVED exit signs but now the switch has flipped the other way.  Anyhow, my point is that Adam is able to TELL us what’s the matter and we can console him appropriately without him resorting to “behaviours” (as the Autism experts like to call ’em).
  • Increased social behaviour.  Waves and says “Hi!” to cashiers.  Says “Want daddy to stay in the front yard with Adam.  Daddy be Adam’s FRIIIEEENND.”  Melt.
  • Answers questions more appropriately.  Like most kids with speech delays, it is hard for Adam to understand the verbal concepts of questions (who, what, where, when, why).  However, today he returned home from a field trip to the lake with his respite worker and I asked “Did you see any lizards?”  I was expecting him to answer “yes” which is his usual response when he doesn’t understand the question I am asking (for the concept of time for that matter).  Also, I knew he had seen lizards the last time he went to the lake.  However, today he answered “No.  No lizards.”  I was floored for a minute then I asked, “What about frogs?”  “No either.”  Success!!  🙂

Well that’s about it, I guess.  Since these “developments” have evolved over the course of the couple of months, it’s difficult to attribute them all the Lyme clears.  About a month ago he gashed his head open on our entertainment unit and I needed to give him another set of powders to address that trauma.  The poor little guy required a trip to the “hops-i-ble” but thankfully they were able to glue the wound shut with no freezing required.

I should also note that after the first full moon this month, Adam had parasites in his morning diaper.  Once again, none were moving and they were short and fat like grains of rice.  There is DEFINITELY a link between parasitic activity and the moon cycle (though I wouldn’t say that we see them EVERY time the moon is full).

Alrighty, without further delay let’s get this bad boy posted before my brain goes on hiatus again. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great summer!