Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Seven – Syphilinum

Adam’s next miasm clearing was Syphilinum.  When I was first educating myself about miasms and their link to autism I remember reading that the syphilis miasm was suspected to be a major contributer to autism.  I braced myself for a difficult healing reaction but turned out to be pleasantly surprised.  Once again, it shows how unique the originating factors of disease are for each child.

As per usual, Adam’s diaper rash immediately disappeared while clearing his last miam (carcinosin) and then returned around three weeks later; a sign which I’ve been interpreting as his body is ready to start clearing the next round.  After going through weeks of irritability and head-bangings following the carcinosin clear, I admit that I was expecting more of the same.  However, this time his healing reaction was much more subdued.  However, Adam did start making mischief again; opening bottles of nail polish, hand creams or whatever he could get his hands on when he was not being closely supervised. One day, he painted our room with Halloween make-up.  Another time, he drew on the furniture with marker.  I consulted our homeopath once I detected a pattern and we decided to wait it out and see if the behaviour disappeared after the healing reaction.  She told me that syphilinum has a dark, destructive energy behind it so this could possibly be the source of Adam’s vandalizations.

In the beginning, I also noted an apparent sadness from Adam. Several times, I noticed him fighting off tears, seemingly out of the blue and I could not determine the cause.  He also wanted the curtains closed all the time.  I didn’t notice any reaction to the sunlight while outdoors, but inside the house he was constantly yanking at the curtains and desperately calling for us to help if he couldn’t completely close them to his satisfaction.

Two weeks after taking his last powder, Adam started to get congested.  The day before he complained that his head hurt (a first in terms of his ability to communicate) and then the following day complained about a tummyache (he ended up having a diarrhea which might explain the tummyache).  At the same time his congestion started, Adam started to get very fussy and irritable.  We also saw parasites in his poop (only once).  He developed a pock mark on his face and I wondered if he was coming down with chicken pox which had been going around in our social circles.  He never developed any more and the pock mark only lasted a day or two.  One night, he complained that his pee-pee hurt.  He was also irritable, cranky but only mildly so (compared to carcinosin).  Six days after the onset of his runny nose, Adam complained again that his head hurt.

Eventually, Adam complained of pains in his mouth.  Upon closer inspection I observed canker sores in his cheeks.  Interestingly enough, I discovered that cankers are one of the first symptoms of syphillis.  At the same time I learned that the bacteria responsible for syphilis, Treponema pallidum, is extremely sensitive to light.  Exposure to light will kill it so it must live inside the human body.  As soon as I read this I thought of Adam pulling the curtains closed to darken the living room.  Hmmmmm….VERY curious indeed.

Once again, I feel the need to remind people that Adam does NOT have syphilis.  Homeopathic miasmic theory suggests that the “energetic footprints” of diseases infecting past generations are genetically passed on.  While they don’t necessarily re-present themselves as the originating disease (in this case, syphilis) they are the root of all chronic diseases.  In Adam’s case, we’re curing any possible contribution of the syphilis miasm towards his autistic state.  You can read more about the syphilis miasm and its chronic manifestations (including headaches, OCD, constipation, ulcers, and miscarriage) here.

Here are some of the notable gains for this phase:

  • Increase in spontaneous conversation.  “Do you want to go to Walmart Adam?”  “Yeeeeaaahhh!  I LOVE Walmart” Then later after bath, “Thanks for taking me to Walmart Dad.”  We were suprised by his memory of a previous event and then bringing it up again later.
  • Social gains.  Adam is inviting me to stay and watch TV with him or stay in bed with him to read books.  We’ve also noted that while playing with his sister there is increased back and forth conversation.  One Sunday afternoon he played with his cousin Rowan outside in the sprinkler (we could see through the window that he was also talking to him).
  • Verbal – gains are hard to put into words but when you catch yourself looking at the husband with your jaw open after something Adam said, gains are most definitely being made.  I hear him saying new words constantly.  And I often hear him repeating a word I had just said; pronouncing it slowly but perfectly, almost as if he’s now mastered the art of HOW to make the proper phonetic sounds and now he wants to expand his vocabulary.
  • Saying sorry, thanks and please.
  • Asking for help more.  Before, Adam would just get frustrated and upset if he was having a difficult time with something and we had to prompt Adam by asking “Do you need help?”  Now, he skips the frustration and spontaneously asks for help.  He’ll even come inside to find me if he needs help with something in the yard. 🙂

All in all, things were pretty much tickety-boo (as Janice, a fellow Heilkunst-lover would say).  Adam’s healing reaction seemed short, mild and we ended up lasting the full five weeks without needing to dive into the next miasm.  We’re supposed to start the next round of miasms, 3 – 5 weeks after finishing the prior set but Adam has never lasted longer than 3 or 3.5 tops.  His body usually shows signs of healing early (i.e. the bum rash) so we’re always starting the next phase earlier rather than later.  This time, we went the full 5 weeks enjoying our happy, cuddly little boy; each day bringing us closer and closer to forgetting the carcinosin nightmare.   I’ll admit that I hesitated at starting lyme.  Begrudgingly, I finally looked at the calendar and wrestled my selfish agenda to the ground.  After all, there is plenty of healing that still needs to be done.  Let’s git r done.

Goodnight everyone.