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Phase Eight – Adam’s Birth (Part III)

So once again I apologize to the faithful readers of this blog as this post is coming very late compared to the others.  Adam started this last set of remedies for his birthing traumas several weeks ago but life took over and a week-long cottage rental added unforeseen interruption to the blog.  Thank you for your patience and continued interest in Adam’s healing progress.

Let’s just dive into it shall we?  Further chit chat will just delay this further.  🙂

This phase of powders aimed to heal the emotional traumas of Adam’s birth.  I can only imagine that the journey from womb to world is more than a little overwhelming to an itty bitty baby, yet we rarely pause to consider if this is especially traumatic to sensitive children.  Immediately after starting his powders, Adam developed his typical runny nose and a mild cough. Within a couple of days he was starting to exhibit spells of fussiness and impatience much like the behavioural episodes we saw back in the fall. He had also reverted back to laughing hysterically at us, anytime we tried to reprimand him.  At bedtime, he was having a hard time winding down at night and would stay up past 10:00PM.  He seems to cycle in and out of these episodes of nightime hyperactivity.

About a week after finishing his powders, Adam got really irritable during a field trip outing with his Community Living group and I knew SOMETHING was up when he refused to eat a Timbit. Usually he’ll eat a minimum of ten. 🙂 That afternoon, he skipped lunch and slept for 4 hours. Adam gave up his naps AGES ago so I always feel like it’s an indicator that something’s not quite right.

A couple of days later, on our trip down to the cottage, Adam continued to be fussy and exhibited loss of apetite.  Again, he refused the Timbits that were offered to him for a take-out breakfast on the road (don’t judge us people, we were on vacation).  While at the cottage, we noticed that for the first two or three days he seemed a little more withdrawn and anti-social with the other kids at the cottage (namely his sister and cousins) and it was hard to determine if this was “healing reaction” behaviour or if he was simply reacting to the new surroundings and different faces (we were vacationing with two other families).  About halfway through the week, Adam started to complain and fuss while eating and I had noticed that he was sticking his fingers in his mouth (a behaviour I had noticed for awhile now).  We later discovered that he had a sore on the inside of his bottom lip and we’re not sure if he bit it or if it appeared by some other means (i.e. healing reaction?).  The weird thing about this sore is that it took several days to heal when you should expect sores in the mouth to heal quickly.  He complained of pain in his mouth almost every time we tried to feed him something but thankfully, he didn’t abandon eating altogether.  About a week after returning home I noticed Adam complaining about something in his mouth again and I found a sore on his tongue.  This one seemed to heal quickly though and he never complained of further pain.

At the cottage, Adam had a hard time sharing control of the TV programs with the other children but this is not a new development.  Adam contines to have some type of fear associated with certain shows (this time it was Barney) but I don’t know if he’s actually scared of certain characters or if he can’t handle watching something new because it’s too unpredictable or it doesn’t fit into of his usual routine.  All I know is that he gets extrememly irritable and anxious when he sees other children selecting a new DVD to play.

Adam’s hesitation around doors or entrances seems to have worsened as well.  He’s always had some type of fascination/fixation on doors (outside of our home of course) and he slows down to a snail’s pace while walking through them.  Before, it appeared that he was studying how they worked (especially the automatic ones at stores) but now he actually fusses or cries and often needs to be picked up and carried through them.  I don’t know if it’s the door that upsets him so much as the fear of being in a new place but even doors to familiar places seem to trip him up.  Luckily he only needs a minute or so to recup and then we can continue on our way.

In terms of positive developments, Adam’s language continues to develop at a rapid pace; so much so, that I can no longer keep a detailed list of his vocabulary.  Although he’s made huge language gains in the past month, we’ve started implementing a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in the home which is helping him form “I want <blank>” sentences.  Almost daily, he comes out with a new word or has perfected his pronounciation of a word spoken prior and we are erupting with a chorus of cheers and praise.  Impressively, this week he has added “Netflix” to his vocabulary.

Adam’s solitary play has grown more elaborate and he’s even verbalizing “car sounds” as he drives his toy cars around the furniture in what appears to be a pre-mediated course.  His social play with Emersyn continues to fluorish especially now that they can communicate verbally with each other.  It is really adorable to watch.  I haven’t noticed any gains in terms of socialization with other children but then again, I don’t get to observe him at daycare (though I am repeatably told that he’s had a “good day.”)

So I think that’s a pretty good summary of this phase of healing.  I’m going to go ahead and post this now without further edits and scrutiny.  No need to delay this post any longer.  🙂

Goodnight my loves.  Keep praying for Adam.

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