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Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Phase Eight – Adam’s Birth (Part II)

So we meet again my beloved stalkers (hee, hee).  This next phase of Adam’s treatment involved addressing the trauma of Adam’s physical birth which I’m assuming includes all the physical trauma he endured plus all the medical interventions I gladly accepted.  You know, all the nitrous oxide and demerol and the epidural – that wonderfully AMAZING epidural.  Ignorance truly IS bliss because if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have begged and pleaded for one.

This phase produced remarkable gains.  Probably the hugest we’ve seen to date.  Adam has changed so quickly and dramatically that I don’t know if I’ll be able to remember all the changes but I’ll try my best.  The biggest change has been his speech development.  Adam’s list of spoken words has grown from four or five to probably 20 or 30.  It all started with “Go Ho” for “go home.”  He had been saying “go” for awhile but it was new to hear him start to say home.  Then, I noticed that everytime he wanted to watch a new video on Youtube he was hee-hawing like a donkey and pointing to the video he wanted.  I would always acknowledge his request by saying “this one” or “that one”  Then it finally dawned on me that the hee-hawing was actually copying the inflections on my voice when I say “this/that one.”  Within a week, the hee-hawing developed into “dis whaaan” or “dat whaaan.”  Amazing!  The most reassuring thing is that he is not appearing to lose his words (i.e say them a couple of times and then never say them again).  He’s using these words daily and his pronounciation is improving with time.  The most incredible thing we heard was Adam protest to brushing his teeth by saying “No buh tee.  Go beh!”  and he proceeded to march right past the bathroom and go straight to bed.  Jon and I were literally staring at each other in disbelief and then we immediately burst into laughter when we looked down and noticed Emersyn was quietly mooning us.  That girl always knows how to steal the show.  🙂

Just to give you a general idea, here’s all the words I have heard Adam say or “attempt to say” in the last couple of weeks:  this, that, one, go, bed, home, big, girl, dadda, car, two, three, four, five, six, who, you’re, all, my, favourites (a word in one of his books), poop, up, again, there, yeah/yes and out.  This is in no way a comprehensive list because Adam has also started attempting to say words when you ask him to try.  Two weeks ago this would have been met with anger or frustration but now he actually seems to enjoy trying!!  If he struggles with the actual sounds he’ll at least mimic the inflections of your voice.  My boy is TALKING!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!

Other changes include an emerging desire to express his opinion.  Before I could dress him in whatever I wanted but now he’s picking out certain jammies or shirts that he wants to wear.  His ritualistic play behaviours are also diminishing.  He used to play with the same toys, often in the same order and now he’s much more random and spontaneous.  I haven’t detected any patterns in weeks!  The TV is OFF all day long, he hasn’t shown any desire in his DVDs and the only videos he watches are from youtube which he watches briefly on the computer.  Like I said people, the changes are HUGE.  I remember Adam’s homeopath saying the traumas have to be treated in the reverse order working back towards birth because the body desires to go back to its healthiest state (the way it was at the time of birth).  Now, it might just be a strange coincidence but we’re currently treating his birth traumas and now all of a sudden he’s talking.  Could it be that Adam’s autism is being healed?  I guess I’ll never know the answer to that question but I’m also smart enough to trust my gut and stay the course.  I’m always thinking of this poem that was attached to a flower pot Adam made me for mother’s day at daycare “I’m still small, like a seed in the ground, but with the help of your love, I soon will be found.”  Adam, you have NO idea how true these words are.  Even though I spilled the pot and lost the seed, I keep it on my windowsill as a reminder to never stop trying to find you.

In terms of healing reaction, Adam experienced a week of diarrhea which produced a horrible diaper rash.  It was so bad it bled at one point.  Then, a week after taking his last powder he developed a runny nose which produced some thick, yellow snot trails.  It was pretty gross but all par for the course of healing.  Every time I see these foul things coming out of his body (diarrhea, runny nose) I think of Shrek’s philosophy on farting or burping – “Better out than in!”

Saving the best for last, I’m happy to announce that for the first time ever I got my first unsolicited kiss from Adam.  Last week I picked him up from daycare and his face lit up when he saw me and he ran to me and kissed my waist (which was as high as he could reach).  Adam will always give kisses when asked but I’ve always wondered if he understood the purpose of kissing to show affection.  Well, it was pretty clear he meant it that day.  And people, it was worth the wait.  😉

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