Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Adam’s Sequential Treatment (Phase Three – Varicella and Pneumo Conjugate Vaccinations)

It’s been a week since I sat down to reflect on Adam’s progress so give me a minute to collect my thoughts.  (Enter Jeopardy theme music here).  OK, thoughts officially collected 🙂 . 

Adam had another great week.  His gesturing is continuing fantastically and he is vocalising ALL THE TIME.  Still no words but he’s starting to catch on that we’ve raised the bar and if he really wants that cookie/game/DVD/etc. that’s out of reach then mom and dad want to hear a sound.  Nodding yes, simply won’t cut it anymore ;).  Adam is also playing with Emersyn a lot.  The two of them load up his crib with stuffed toys then hop in and play or they steal our car keys and use them to “start up” their play Firetruck.  Adam also loves it when his sister chases him around the coffee table and he’ll invite her to play this game by holding both her hands and saying “oooooh?”  It’s pretty adorable actually.  In terms of playing with other kids, I watched Adam play with a group of three boys at our chuch Christmas dinner.  All the boys (around the same age) had piled into the trolleys that the chairs get stacked in and they were climbing around, swinging on the cart handles having a good time.  The mere fact that Adam stuck around amidst the chaos of “boys being boys” was remarkable but I actually saw him watching the other boys and smiling at their silliness.  Bit by bit, his playful nature is emerging.

The one thing I really want to document is how Adam is becoming more of a person and less of a robot.  It’s a little hard to describe but I’ll try my best.  When Adam was younger, friends and family could make every given attempt to make him laugh and usually they were unsuccessful.  To spare their feelings I would say something like “Oh don’t worry, he’s Mr. Grumpypants today.”  It’s not like he never laughed but it was usually over the same things, and usually physical in nature (i.e. rough and tumble games, chase games, etc.).  He was also never really interested in looking at himself in the mirror.  Whenever he woke up in the morning I would go down and get him and pause at the mirror on the landing to see if “today was the day” he’d be interested in his own reflection.  He would typically “look” in the mirror but usually at me, and with zero response.  It’s like he had no interest in himself as a person.  This was also evident when he finally learned to point at people on request, he could point to me, Jon, Emersyn, grandma, auntie Sharon but pointing to himself came last.  I remember when he finally started pointing to himself and I was elated that he finally “found himself” and recognized that he is indeed a PERSON.

During my research of ASD (autism spectrum disorder), I remember one doctor writing that she is often asked if autistic kids are more beautiful than other kids.  She wrote that while there are no distinct physical markers of autism, she thinks that these children possess serene faces, devoid of expression (much like a sleeping child).  This is her theory why they are regarded as physically beautiful.  I mean who isn’t captivated by the beauty of a sleeping child?    

Anyhow, hopefully all that digressing will help you understand that Adam’s true personality is emerging.  It started when Emersyn was drawing stick figures (Adam’s favourite!) on the Magnadoodle while her brother watched.  She completed the head, body, arms and legs and then kept going with a circle drawn around the body.  “This is his diaper!” Emersyn proclaimed jokingly and Adam started giggling like it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen or heard.  The next day, Adam drew his own stick figure boy complete with diaper and he even grinned and grunted a “yarrrrrr” sound (= yucky in Adam speak).  To us, it’s an obvious breakthrough that he can recognize something silly and laugh at it!

Later in the week, Adam burst into a sad cry while watching Disney Cars.  I immediately ran to the living room to see what was making him sad and noticed it was the sad scene where Sally is telling Lightning McQueen how her town (Radiator Springs) is suffering because the new interstate bypasses the town and nobody drives through there anymore.  The whole scene is accompanied by a sad song and there are lots of sad faces on the town members.  I wondered if this is what made him sad but I couldn’t say for sure.  A couple days later the same thing happend.  Adam bawled his little eyes out and he even tried to fight it while the corners of his mouth turned downwards.  I would have never thought it would be a good thing to see him cry!  Most definitely I would think empathy is a social response.

So those were the developmental highlights from the week.  Now, let’s discuss the healing reaction.  Normally we see Adam start his healing reaction almost a week after taking his powders but this time, after only the second dose (he takes four on consecutive days), he got a stuffy nose and mild cough.  He’s also been sporting bright red cheeks and he’s been feeling hot to touch.  If he actually has a fever I’d say it’s low grade but he’s definitely warmer than usual.

December 14:

This morning I took Adam to the Early Year’s Centre and he was in such a good mood that I thought I’d attempt taking him to the grocery store.  On the way there, Adam started getting upset in his carseat and I finally realized that he was having an OCD epidsode over his new mittens falling off.  The night before, I had bought him a pair with the string attached so they would dangle from his sleeves if they fell off.  I don’t know if he was upset that they kept falling off or maybe he didn’t like them dangling from his sleeves but I tried to walk him into the store and as soon as he walked in, he threw himself down on the dirty slushy floor in a crying fit.  Back to the car we went and he SCREAMED the whole way home.  When we got inside I said “I know bud, your mitts are bothering you” and he reached up to be held.  A minute later his crying ceased and the tantrum was over.  I’m pretty certain the mitts set him off.  *Sigh*  These things are impossible to predict.   

Today I also saw fluorescent yellow snot dripping out of Adam’s nose.  No joke.  I actually called Jon to come see it before I wiped it away.  He also had an odd cheek rash.  Usually, both cheeks will be bright red but today only the left one was red and it was only about the size of a quarter instead of the whole cheek.  He’s in bed now; has been since 5:00PM and it’s now past 11:00PM.  Maybe he’s feeling a little under the weather?

December 15:

Adam slept all night.  From 5:00 PM to 8:30AM.  His pants are looking a little shorter this morning 😉 .

December 16:

Adam was a little demanding today.  Nothing too bad but he was definitely making his point when he was upset.  During one moment of frustration he threw everything off the vanity counter in the bathroom.  *Sigh*  He also seems to know EXACTLY what we wouldn’t want him to do and then proceeds to do it.  Afterwards, he even comes to get you to show you what he’s done.  He shows ZERO remorse.  Even when he’s doing something that can physically hurt him, you give him a stern “noooooo!” and he laughs in your face.  Not a nervous laughter either.  This is his common response to discipline but it doesn’t seem normal to have such a total lack of remorse. 

He was also spinning a lot today but he laughs while he’s getting dizzier and dizzier.  He could be doing it for fun?  Another new behaviour is that he’s dropping backwards from standing to sitting flat on his bum.  He looks at me when he does it and I usually comment “Uh oh!” or “Adam fell down!”  Maybe he’s just doing it to be silly.  Or maybe he’s succussing himself (that’s a little homeopathic humour since you’re supposed the succuss, i.e. bang, the vials against your hands prior to dosing).  Rimshot?  Where’s my rimshot?

December 21:

So with the Christmas season upon us, I don’t have the time to update as much as I’d like.  However, here’s a quick synopsis of the past few days:

Adam is still spinning quite a bit, but he still seems to be doing it for the thrills.  He’s also still dropping to his bum from standing.  Saturday, Adam had FIVE diarrheas though I should mention that his sister is suffering from some type of stomach bug at the same time.  On Sunday, Adam sat in the church nursery stacking blocks in the same pattern for a good half and hour.  When it was time to leave, he LOST it.  I had to bribe him to leave the blocks with the promise of candy waiting for him at home.  Out in the crowded lobby, he interchanged periods of crying with kissing his aunty Sharon (who was holding him).  “Wah!”  Kiss.  “Wah!”  Kiss.  Totally bizarre.  He’s also very hyperactive; bouncing off the couch cushions, jumping between the coffee table and the couch, jumping off the couch arms onto the cushions, etc.  It is very exhausting to  watch, though he goes to bed well.  Lies awake in his crib for almost an hour though.

I just heard him on the monitor.  He sounds like he has developed a croupy cough 😦

December 22:

So I really want to post this before we get into the full swing of Christmas.  Adam’s couch persisted through the night (not so bad that he couldn’t sleep though) and he’s still a little barky this morning.  I’m not sure if he’s feeling well.  He’s downstairs lying in his crib and doesn’t really feel like coming upstairs just yet.

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Adam’s Sequential Treatment (Phase Two – Antibiotics)

There was a week delay after Adam’s first healing reaction and starting the next course of powders.  During this week we saw Adam start to use head nodding and hand waving gestures though it was awkward for him to get the hang of.  The funny little man would put his hand on top of his head to push it down to start the nodding process just like Jon and I would do while teaching him.  As we had anticipated, all of his head banging and OCD behaviours from the week before had disappeared.  He’s also spending a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror trying on some different facial expressions.

We started the powders the week after and observed the following improvements.  Adam’s use of head nodding and waving was almost perfected.  He can also discriminate between nodding yes and shaking no and he seems to enjoy his newfound ability to communicate with his parents.  He also wanted to be around me and play with me ALL THE TIME whether it’s to look at Christmas toys on the Internet or draw pictures for him on his Magnadoodle.  I actually said to Jon “I know this is a GOOD thing but the kid never gives me any peace!!”      

November 22

So this catches us up to real time.  I’ll try to speak in the present tense from now on and make sure to record my updates as timely as possible.  It’s presently the seventh day after starting his powders and “they say” to expect a healing reaction anywhere between 7 – 10 days.  Watching and waiting…

So today, besides sporting some flaming red cheeks I caught Adam spinning in circles a couple of times.  Only about 5 – 10 rotations each time so it could have been for the mere fun of it or part of the onset of his healing reaction.  His gesturing and social communication was good and he even cried when we left him with grandma to attend the parenting speech pathology class.  A little detachment crisis is a good thing since we’ve never really experienced that with him before.  Ever since he started this set of powders, he’s been having way more loose stools (sometimes multiple times a day and today he had TWO) which could be related to the treatment or just a symptom of a stomach virus that’s tearing its way through the community (both Jon and I were sick last week).

November 23

Today Adam seemed pretty normal.  We brought him to Em’s gymnastics class and then took both kids out to supper afterwards.  Both Jon and I commented on his behaviour being really good;  there was no running away, no tantrum over not getting his own way and he actually watched some of the other kids playing around him (he did not get anxious or nervous around the other kids at all).  In the evening, he made SEVERAL vocalisation attempts “cuh, cuh, cuh” for cookies and Candyland and “guh, guh, guh” for girl.  He woke up around 5:30AM a little congested though.  He fell back asleep after being cozied up in a blanket wrap.

November 25

The day started off with two failed attempts to feed Adam breakfast and lunch.  Huh??  Then, it was a little bizarre when Adam put himself to bed in his crib around 11:30AM.  He used to do this in the past but he hasn’t done it in a looooong time.  I went to check on him almost half an hour later and he was just lying there peacefully with his head on the pillow – AWAKE!  You have to know Adam to realize how bizarre this is.  Adam is a “can’t sit still” kind of kid and even when he’s trying to fall asleep he’s rocking himself back and forth.  Anyhow, the poor kid must not have been feeling well because he vomited around supper time (just juice thankfully) and then resumed the couch potato position for an hour or so.  He even passed out and napped for awhile.  Poor little guy. 

November 26

Adam slept in until 11:00 today (definitely not his usual routine but given that he vomited the day before maybe he’s just feeling under the weather).  Even though he slept in late he still went down for a nap around 2:00PM.  The rest of the day seemed pretty uneventful but after one failed attempt to put him to bed around 10:30 PM, he flew into tantrum mode and persisted until about 1:30AM!!  His emotions seemed a little “all over the map” – mad, sad, scared, etc.  He even broke a dining room chair by pulling it down to the floor.  *Sigh* this is third one he’s damaged and they were only purchased a couple of months ago.  Jon was NOT a happy camper .

November 29

Got a lot of good vocalizations from Adam today.  Still only one sound at a time but I heard a good variety of sounds today “Buh, Guh, Duh, Tuh, Cuh.”  Most if these were upon request (i.e. when he wanted a cookie, “Say Cookie!”  “CUH.”)  All progress in the right direction.

November 30

Today was a pretty normal morning.  I took Adam to the Early Year’s centre with Chantal and Rowan and he had a great time playing with all the toys and ignoring all the kids (hah!).  While he didn’t participate in the music, he seemed to stay close to the group during circle time and he even picked up a cotton ball and held it to the song leader’s nose during a song about snow.  Apparently, she thought he could speak French because she sang “le nez” in the song around the same time he held the cotton ball to her nose.  Maybe that’s our problem!  Maybe Adam speaks French and all our English is just confusing him  🙂  . 

I’ve been getting frustrated and exhausted by Adam’s late nights (he’s been going to bed after 10PM lately) so I decided to skip his naptime and hope for an early bedtime.  However, this doesn’t mean that mamma (aka ME) doesn’t need to have a rest after lunch so I lay down with a book, desperate for a few stolen moments of peace.  *Sigh* Adam decided he didn’t particularly LIKE this idea so he proceeded to wage the following protests:  empty two laundry baskets of folded clothing (he left the dirty basket untouched), dump my knitting basket full of yarn, pull out ALL the DVDs from the cupboard, throw all the shoes off the shoe rack, pull Jon’s edging tape off the window, take apart the TV remote and maybe a couple of other things that I’m forgetting right now.  I’m pretty sure this persistence will take him far in life but for now, it just tests my patience and gives me something good to blog about 🙂  .      

For the record, the little bum bum still managed to stay up until almost 9:00PM.  Sometimes, he shows ZERO signs of slowing down.  *Sigh*  

December 2

Adam’s tantrums are disappearing and he’s been going to bed earlier.  Hurray!!!  Today he was actually playing and cuddling with his teddy bears.  This is definitely new behaviour.  This morning his speech pathologist came over for a “home visit” and she recorded a sweet little video of Adam and me drawing a picture on his Magnadoodle.  I asked him which picture he wanted to me draw and he replied with a “cuh” which means “the one with the car.”  I drew the majority of the picture and then Adam filled in all the circles with his circle shaped magnet:  wheels on the car, heads on the boy/girl stick figures, sun, ball, etc.  It was a great example about how far he’s come in the past few months. 

Also note-worthy:  Adam produced three sour-smelling diarrheas today.  He almost always has the runs, but three in one day is A LOT!  Maybe his body is eliminating some toxic garbage as a result of the healing process?

December 5:  

Today Adam walked calmly into church to the nursery.  Usually, we have to drag him kicking and screaming through the basement so Jon and I exchanged our “veeeeery impressive” glances as we tip-toed through the foyer.  While Adam was in the nursery, I got called in to come change a poopy diaper which was loose and quite yellow.  I still have no idea what this is all about. 

After the first service, I brought Adam into the preschool Sunday School class I co-teach and he had a couple of tantrums.  The tantrums were sparked by wanting a toy that another child had brought in the classroom.  It was a Lightning McQueen car (’nuff said).  I usually handle his tantrums well but today I noticed all the other children staring at him with dropped jaws and it made me realize how different Adam is.  One even said “Maybe he wants his mamma.  Can you go find his mamma?”  Heartbreaking.  I looked at my teenage helper sarcastically and said “Yes, can you PLEASE go find his mother?”

Our morning at church was a good example of how Adam can seem better and worse at the same time.  These days Adam’s behaviour is totally unpredictable and all over the map.  On a positive note, we ended the day with some pretty significant events.  The first of which is (are you sitting down for this?) ADAM PLAYED WITH HIS COUSIN JOSHUA!!  We were eating lunch at Jon’s parent’s house and the two boys engaged in a game of catch with each other.  It didn’t last long (only three turns or so) but I’m pretty sure like those kids in my Sunday school class, my jaw dropped.  Of course, I didn’t mind so much this time around 🙂 .  

Then, tonight after supper, I had just given Adam a cup of milk and he seemed like he was getting tired.  He walked into the kitchen crying and when Jon asked “What’s wrong?” Adam took him by the the hand and walked him back to the couch where he cuddled up on Jon’s lap to drink his milk.  For a kid who was never big on affection both Jon and I were a little blown away that he initiated this cuddle time.

Then (it just keeps coming folks) when it was time for bed, Adam put himself to bed.  Not in his crib mind you, but in Emersyn’s pink toddler bed!!  He snuggled in, pulled up the covers and fell asleep.  What???  Jon even attempted to move him over a little while later and Adam fussed so much that he put him right back in Emersyn’s bed.  What??  Did he just decide he’s done with his crib?  Stay tuned for more on this development…

Needless to say, it was a good day.  Tantums and all.  

Goodnight m’boy.  Mamma loves you thiiiiiiiiiisssssss much.

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Adam’s Sequential Treatment (Phase One – Head Injury)

(this log is written in the past tense since I didn’t get a chance to record it until a few weeks later)

So, the first item on Adam’s trauma timeline (working backwards in time from the present) was a small fall he experienced in the bathroom.  He hit his head on the ceramic tile but didn’t really seem to have a concussion or anything.  After a few tears and “love rubs” on his head he seemed good as new.  However, I had mentioned it to Adam’s homeopath, and she felt it was serious enough to treat as a trauma (especially since it was a head injury).  The remedies were given as a set of powders that Adam did not necessarily LOVE but he didn’t fight them off too hard.  I mean, c’mon.  This is a kid who eats sand for goodness sakes!   And the waiting begins…

Within a couple of hours of taking his first powder, Adam ran up to me while I was sitting on the couch, made eye contact with me and held it for at least 10 seconds.  Weird.  Then immediately after, he ran up to Jon and did the same thing.  Now, it’s not like Adam NEVER made eye contact with us but this just seemed so deliberate and he held the eye contact long enough that if it had been anyone else but Adam, I would have felt uncomfortable.  I remember saying “I feel like he actually LOOKED at me for the first time!”  We were both greatly encouraged by this.

Three days later it was Halloween.  Adam had just completed three of the four powders, and we were over at Jon’s parents eating our Sunday lunch.  We were just about to leave and Jon’s dad was holding Adam by the fireplace looking at some family pictures.  Adam pointed to a picture of Jon and said “Dadda.”  Or maybe it was “Da-da-da.”  But it was definitely intentional, not to mention perfectly timed as I had spent most of the lunch informing my in-laws about the new homeopathic treatment I had started Adam on and how optimistic I was feeling about it.  Jon’s mom started crying.  Of course I missed hearing it so I didn’t get too caught up in the overwhelming emotions of it all.  I tend to be a “see it to believe it” (or rather, “hear it to believe it”) kind of girl.  Amazingly enough, I got to hear it for myself later in the day while Adam and Jon played a chase&hide game.  Much to my delight, Adam used the word “Dadda” several times!   He would use the word a few more times over the next couple of days and then it disappeared again; probably around the time that his first healing reaction started. 

Oh boy.  Let the healing begin.  Let me tell you, it was quite the bizarre experience.  I remember summing it up that Adam seemed both “better AND worse” at the same time.  Family members who saw Adam during this time described him as calmer and more relaxed.  I observed this during a visit with my sister-in-law and 1 year old nephew.  Adam seemed less agitated by his cousin.  Definitely NOT INTERESTED in him by any means, but he didn’t seem to get anxious and panic when Rowan toddled up beside him.  It was also during this visit that I noticed Adam’s cheek rash had flared up and when I touched him he felt HOT.  A few minutes later, I touched him and he was cool again.  I observed this at least a couple of times over the course of the next few days.  He would also go through periods where he seemed himself and then he would slip into rage and throw things and head bang on whatever hard surface was nearby.  His OCD behaviours had gotten worse too.  He would create a jumping game (i.e. hop off Jon’s guitar case, then onto a pillow then in between Jon and I) but he would do the same thing over and over.  He would also have to press play on the DVD player before the menu’s autoplay countdown would count backwards from 10 and play automatically.  If he was confined in his highchair eating during this moment he would pitch a fit to make sure someone else pressed play for him.  However, none of these behaviours were intolerable because they were all interspersed between moments where he seemed himself, if not more playful and social than before.  Adam’s homeopath opted to hold off on giving him some additional remedies because we were tolerating his “healing behaviours” well.  I believe her actual words were “If you’ve reached the point of wanting to strangle him, that’s a whole different story.”  I love her already.   🙂

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Adam Baddam Pudding Pie, Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry

This is Adam’s story.  Most of you already know it but I’ve been feeling convicted to start writing it all down in case there’s any chance of me passing along some learned wisdom to someone else.   

Adam was born in January 2008.  He always seemed a little “different” but I was the first to remind myself that ALL kids are different.  While my daughter Emersyn was a hugger, snuggler, and precocious talker, Adam was none of the above.    I was never really worried about it though until he was about one and a half and I noticed the gap between him and other babies his age was widening day by day.  At this point, Adam liked to rock himself on the couch cushions and watch TV.  He didn’t respond quickly when we called his name and he didn’t make a lot of eye contact.  By this time too he should have been pointing at things or looking at objects we pointed at but he did none of the above.  He was also completely non-verbal.   Again, I brushed it off that he was just “taking his time” and I tried to suppress the pit of worry that was welling up inside.  We made an appointment with our family doctor who referred us to a paediatrician who referred us to paediatric developmental specialist.  Now my concern seemed fully warranted.  Adam was two years old.

 The specialist told us that Adam did not present enough symptoms to be officially diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  During the consultation, he was able to teach Adam how to draw on his clip board and how to retract the tape from his tape measure.  Both times, Adam looked at us after he learned his new skill.  This is apparently a BIG deal in terms of social behaviour.   The specialist said “This may be small potatoes to you but in my world, this is HUGE.”  He then told us that by age 2.5 whether there was prior delay or not, all children should engaging in social play with other children.  It was decided that this be our next marker to watch for and we left the appointment encouraged and hopeful that Adam was just growing up at his own pace.

The progress was slowly coming along.  His pointing developed and he was rocking less and responding to his name more quickly.  He definitely wasn’t engaging in totally solitary behaviour and most people were surprised by our concerns when we voiced them.  By June, he was still non-verbal so I made the decision not to start Teacher’s College in September as I would have to spend several weeks away from home.  His (non-verbal) communication eventually grew to be more social in nature and he would point and make an exaggerated gasp over anything he wanted you to look at.  He developed an obsession with Lightning Mcqueen and stick figures which he still has to this day.  We always chuckle over that last one because we call them his “faceless people” – no eye contact required!  

By the end of July, Adam was 2.5 years old and still not playing with his cousins.  Sometimes he would play NEAR them, but he definitely showed no particular interest in what they were doing.  He DID play often with Emersyn though.  Still my heart sank.  What next?  We tried to get in to see the Developmental Specialist when he came in August but we were too late.  His next visit wasn’t scheduled until the following February.  YARGH!  I hate all the waiting!!

Even though we still had no official diagnosis, I bombarded myself with literature (many thanks to the Timmins Public library) and started learning as much as I could about Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I remember that one of the things I read is that doctors tend to focus on the neurological symptoms of autism (lack of social play, lack of eye contact, repetitive behaviours, etc.) but they don’t focus on other prominent symptoms (i.e. rashes, chronic diarrhea or constipation, compromised immune systems so they’re sick all the time, allergies, etc.).  These symptoms seem to suggest that these kids are not well.  Adam definitely had rashes, chronic diarrhea, persistent cough and runny nose and he didn’t seem to sleep well.  These discoveries led to “the interventions.”  Adam had already been dairy free for almost a year but I removed gluten as well.  I also ordered vitamin and mineral supplements online and ramped up his probiotics.  It became my daily work to prepare his dairy free, gluten free meals and hide all his supplements in his beverages. 

At the same time, I decided to consult with a Heilkunst homeopath at the suggestion of a family friend who has her own autistic daughter.  She reported great success with this type of therapy.  After learning more about the Heilkunst approach and homeopathy in general I feel very optimistic and enthusiastic about the healing journey we have embarked upon.  The basic principle of this approach (at least how I understand it) is that the homeopath prescribes a remedy for all the traumas Adam has been subjected to starting from the present day and working backwards in time (i.e. vaccinations, antibiotics, physical injuries, circumcision, etc.).  The remedies are specific to each individual trauma so that the body can heal itself from whatever impact these traumas had on the body.  Therefore each remedy should bring forth a “healing reaction” which is when the body is undergoing deep healing.  Once all his traumas back to birth are treated, we’ll observe whether there are any miasms that present itself (i.e. chronic diseases that are inherited).  It was fascinating to learn that autistic kids predominantly have the inherited syphilitic miasm which can be detected in the family history through the presence of auto-immune disorders.  Not only that, but apparently, you should look more closely at the family history of the parent of the opposite sex.  There is a strong history of autoimmune problems in my family and even more alarming is that my auto-immune arthritis triggered only 4 months after Adam was born! 

So I hope that sufficiently covers our journey thus far.  My intention is to use this blog to document Adam’s progress so I can keep track of his developments and hopefully pass along the knowledge to other families in need.

Now, let the healing begin!

P.S.  I feel that I must mention that we love and cherish Adam for who he is:  “different but NOT LESS” as I heard in a movie about the famous autistic woman “Temple Grandin”.  We are not seeking out the therapy to “fix him” so that he might be normal and somehow “more loveable.”  Rather, if there is ANY chance that he is feeling unwell or his body is heavily burdened by accumulated traumas and chronic inherited diseases, I’m going to try anything to help my baby.  May God bless him and heal him; my sweet little Adam.

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