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Second Round of Miasms – Ring Worm


This morning, I sat down with my coffee and read some of my prior miasm posts. I was wondering if Adam’s recent behaviours were mirroring some of his earlier clears and I’ll admit that I MAY have been seeking some reassurance of that “light at the end of the tunnel”. To say the last couple months have been “trying” would be an understatement. Towards the end of January/early February everything seemed to fall apart at the seams. Hah! Saying that makes me think of my sweet little Adam zipping off his skin and emerging as a raging Tasmanian devil “BLAH-BLEH-BLAH-BLEH-BLUH-BLEE-BLUE!!!” tearing through the house in tornado-like-form leaving a path of destruction in its place. Oh, if ONLY this was a real Looney Tunes cartoon and I could be as calm and cunning as Bugs.  If only…

Around the third week after finishing his Tuberculinum powders, Adam started to have some pretty major tantrum episodes, probably the worst we’ve ever seen. Last spring, his self-destructive behaviour of choice was the headbang but this time around he started throwing things (literally destroying the house at times) with the occasional headbang thrown in for good measure. After one tantrum, Jon was able to have a heart to heart with Adam and asked him why he threw things or headbanged. After saying “I don’t know…” he paused thoughtfully and said “It makes me better.” Of course, I already know that these behaviours serve some specific purpose to Adam, whether it’s to drown out his sensory overload or to self-medicate himself, but it’s still reaffirming to hear Adam verbalize it himself. Not to mention his words serve as a good reminder to us that he really can’t control himself during these meltdowns.

We proceeded with his Ring Worm clear and instead of things getting better all hell broke loose: raging tantrums, head bangings, throwing things, passive aggressive behaviours, you name it. The mere mention of the word “no” would set him off. It became IMPOSSIBLE to get him to school as he would fight us tooth and nail for every step of the morning routine we tried to complete. His moods would fluctuate between angry (over not having his way) and fearful (being scared of children on the bus and in his class). When he was angry he was having a lot of difficulty transitioning OUT of that emotion and his rages would escalate until he got a reaction out of us. Tears were the only thing that would break the cycle of anger and after some trial and error we learned to accelerate the process by putting him in mom/dad jail (aka – restraining him with our arms and legs wrapped around him). Adam is not a huge fan of personal touch so it seemed to work.

*Sigh* I WISH I could say that these episodes lasted a week or two (at most) but Adam ended up missing over a month of school. We were just too exhausted to engage with the daily battle. Having him at home proved to have its challenges too as he was “too scared” to go anywhere and I was becoming “too pregnant” to carry him out the store during his tantrums. I had to learn this lesson the hard way, getting boot-kicked in the eye one time at the Dollar Store and having him bolt from me while I was in the checkout line at the grocery sore (he almost made it out to the parking lot). These were long, exhausting days and we became “prisoners of Adam” – giving in to most of his demands and tip-toeing around him to ward off as many tantrums as possible. I can hear the resounding chorus of “tsk tsks” for letting him rule the roost but trust me, we were pretty much in survival mode at that point. Our faces could no longer hide our exhaustion and discouragement and before we knew it we were getting phone calls from ALL the intervening agencies (Adam’s physiotherapist, his ABA therapist, his teacher, a social worker, a behavioural consultant, etc). I’m pretty sure they were all tipped off by Adam’s teacher who was the first to bear witness to our battle-weary facades. Of course they were all calling with the sincerest intentions and trying to offer us coping strategies but at that point I was like “Didn’t you hear me say I was exhausted? I don’t need more picture schedules or reward tokens or social stories! What I really need is a vacation from life!!” Of course I only said this to myself. I tried my best to disguise my sour attitude and graciously accept every offer of help that was extended to us.

We were in constant communication with our Heilkunstler and she reminded us that we had it pretty easy in the beginning and that she had continually warned us things would likely get much worse. I nodded my head in agreement and decided to reapproach the battle with a fresh attitude that there is “no gain without pain.” After all, I am 100% committed to seeing these miasms cleared for better or worse!!

In addition to his tantrums, fears and anxieties Adam had a number of physical symptoms during this healing reaction. By the end of his remedies he developed a runny nose, red cheeks, glassy eyes and croupy sounding cough (mild but a definite barking sound). His croupy-ness disappeared in a day but he had the occasional cough (I could hear him at night). His congestion and mild cough continued for a week and at times, his snot was thick and yellow. He also had a classic ring worm spot develop on his upper bum cheek which lasted for weeks (until we started his next set of miasm remedies). At one point I noticed a blister on the end of his thumb (which I had also observed during another healing reaction) but I can’t say for certain whether this is attributed to his healing. He also had an itchy bum which progressed to a couple episodes of anal cramping around midnight.

During this clear, Adam also had increased sensory issues. Back in January, we noticed his sensitivity to beeps in the kitchen at McDonald’s but this sensitivity got worse, to the point where any beeping sound seemed almost painful to him. One time, we were out at a donut shop and Adam could hear some type of beeping timer behind the counter and he panicked and begged for his earphones. We couldn’t calm him down so he ended up eating his donut out in the truck. If you recall the grocery store incident I mentioned earlier, it was the beeps from the check-out that sent him flying out of the store. It was obvious the poor boy was in pain because he was begging me to leave; begging for the solace and safety of his bedroom. 😦 Other sounds he couldn’t tolerate was the sound of Jon yawning in the morning or the sound of laughter/applause from TV shows. Even our oven was off-limits for a while because the ticking sound of the heating unit kicking on and off would send him into a frenzy. Anytime I was even NEAR the oven, Adam’s anxieties would kick in “Don’t make the tick tock go! Don’t make it tick tock!”

At one point, I observed Adam continually throwing himself down the stairs. Like, over and over. He wasn’t doing it hard enough to hurt himself, but it was definitely a strange behaviour.

Conversation and play time language increased. Like HUGE. And this was during the time that we had pulled him from school and his tantrums and anxieties were at their peak. In a way, it served as a reassuring reminder that underneath all the rage and fear, there is healing taking place.

There were no other significant gains noted this period as Adam’s healing reaction continued right up until we started the next clear.

UPDATE: Since this post has been a “work in progress” for weeks and is being published extremely late, I am able to confirm that there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel.  Adam returned to school in the middle of March and the last couple weeks have been the best in months! I’ll save the details for my next miasm post (Medorrhinum) but I just wanted to let you all know that things have greatly improved and we have turned another corner in Adam’s healing process. Yay for healing!!!