Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Four – Ring Worm

Almost three weeks to the day after finishing his tuberculinum powders Adam developed a runny nose and congestion.  The instructions from our homeopath were to start the ring worm remedies anytime between 3 – 5 weeks after the tuberculinum powders, but the onset of a runny nose is a good indicator that his body was entering the next healing phase and that I should start the powders immediately.  Adam took his ring worm powders for five consecutive days and the whole time he was congested, his nose was a little runny and he was tired.  He was also most definitely out of sorts, getting upset over everything and getting angry if he was reprimanded for his behaviours.  This behaviour continued after he finished his powders, he was impatient, angry, throwing toys/head banging after being reprimanded, etc.  He was also displaying some bizarre movements.  Lots of jumping around, falling to his knees, shaking his head back and forth, repeating phrases over and over (echolalia).

About a week after finishing the powders, Adam still continued to display typical cold symptoms (runny nose, congestion, mild cough) but he had a couple more itchy-bum episodes at night.  For several weeks now, Adam seems to be cycling through periods of being OK and only asking for an occasional a bum scratch to periods lasting several days in a row where his itchy bum is so severe he can’t sleep.  Eventually it got bad enough to drive us all a little NUTS so I emailed the homeopath for her opinion.  After some back-and-forth discussion and a quick inventory of some homeopathic remedies she had asked me to put on hold, she instructed us to give him a remedy called tarantula since “itchy bum” is one of it characteristics.  It seems to be working (at least for now) and it’s been over a week since Adam’s asked us to scratch his bum (*fingers crossed*).

Positive Developments:

  • Language gains.  It was refreshing to FINALLY receive a speech therapy report documenting Adam’s gains rather than shortcomings.  It basically summarized that Adam achieved all the goals (and then some) that were established by the speech pathologist prior to his therapy block.   Presently, his language seems to include all the proper prepositions, articles and pronouns (ie. “who made this one?”  “I’ll go find him.”) though his pronunciation at times is still toddler-like.  I’ve also noticed increased conversations between his cars during play. (“Hi Mater!”  “Mater, watch out!”)
  • Trying new foods.  Now this is a refreshing change since Adam will generally not experiment beyond a comfort zone of specific foods.  I shouldn’t really complain about his eating habits because he will eat enough variety that he’s not eating the same two foods over and over (Temple Grandin apparently would ONLY eat yogurt and jello).  Still, it’s fantastic to see him open up to new possibilities.  I’ve noticed he goes through a process of bringing new foods to his lips so he can smell it first then maybe stick out a tongue for a small taste.  If it passes that test he’ll take a small bite and decide from there.  Apparently he LOVES polish sausage which seems like an odd food choice to me since it’s spicy.
  • Social Developments.  I’ve noticed that Adam has started to refer to other children his age as his “friends.”  I don’t think he fully understands what a friend is since he said “Goodbye Miss Friends” one day when leaving the daycare.  🙂  However, Miss Kathy (his resource worker) has reported that Adam is making social gains with the little girls at the daycare since they are more gentle and motherly in their approach (“Come on Adam!”).  Adam still seems to be more anxious and nervous around the boys.  It’s like he’s constantly on edge that the boys will take his stuff.  And in Adam’s defence, they usually do.  🙂
  • Perhaps one of the biggest gains is that Adam is developing a willingness to try or persevere with activities that would have frustrated him before.  Sometimes what is perceived as stubbornness is actually stemming from Adam’s perfectionist/OCD tendencies because if he lacks the motor control or skill to complete a task perfectly he would rather not try.  For example, he doesn’t really enjoy colouring because he lacks the fine motor control to stay in the lines.  At one point, he would bring me a colouring book and markers and want to watch ME colour a picture because I could do it “properly.”  Personally, I think it’s good to explore outside the lines but unfortunately Adam doesn’t agree.  😉  Anyhow, Adam received a LeapPad for his birthday which is like a small iPad for kids.  It came with a stylus and a game to practice tracing letters but I expected he would skip this function and focus on the games that didn’t frustrate him.  Well wouldn’t you believe it, the boy actually tried it!!  There was A LOT of frustration those first couple of days but I was actually surprised that he kept at it; trying over and over and OVER again.  Mind you, if five attempts didn’t produce the result he was looking for he’d bring the device to us for help but after five attempts I’m sure I’d be frustrated too.  In the span of a couple of weeks, he pretty much mastered tracing his letters on the Leappad and more recently we observed him free-handing his letters on a Magnadoodle.  Amazing!!  The fact that he’s drawing letters is a testament to his fine motor development but I think the real gain is his willingness to endure a less-than-perfect learning curve.  No doubt, this will prove to be beneficial for future developments.
  • Just to recap Adam’s cognitive developments in the past couple of months here’s a list of what he can do:  rote count to 30, identify numbers to 100, repeat the alphabet, identify letters out of sequence, identify the phonetic sound of each letter (ie. a C says “cuh”), spell his name, spell a growing list a words by himself (we can’t keep track but I estimate it’s anywhere between 25 – 50), trace letters on his LeapPad and freehand some letters.  It’s funny cause I think he’s pretty much mastered the Junior Kindergarten curriculum and he doesn’t ever start school until September!!

So this brings us to the next Miasm – Medorrhinum.  Once again, Adam started showing signs of healing almost three weeks to the day after finishing his Ring Worm powders.  He woke up with pink eye.   Lovely.  But I’ll save those details for the next post.

Goodnight my lovelies.