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Christmas 2010 – Do You Hear What I Hear?

So, for the last couple of weeks Adam and I have not been taking any powders.  We’re still taking our “constitutional remedy” drops but we’re due for another consultation with our homeopath and I decided to put it off until after Christmas.  Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a bad healing reaction 😦

We’re still seeing a lot of positive developments and weird behaviours so I thought I’d write a quick blog about these. 

Positive Developments:

  • Adam is now saying “Uh Oh.”  I wonder if this qualifies as his first word?  He started saying it to let me know that the TV or DVD wasn’t working so he’s definitely using it in the right context.  I’ve also noticed how he really has to concentrate on changing his vowel sound from “Uh” to “Oh.”  He’s trying so hard!!  He even dropped his bowl of “chippies” on the floor tonight and proclaimed “Uh Oh!!” 
  • It also seems like other word attempts are being made (notably a drawn out “hi” or “hey” which is how I greet him whenever he comes into a room to see me).  He also converses with us while making superb eye contact.  He’ll talk to us, usually with bursts of vowel sounds “ah, ah, ah, ah” since he’s still lacking in more “normal” babbling sounds.   
  • Adam has been playing with his cousins A LOT.  He still has his moments when he’s off doing his own thing but he’ll also jump right in if they’re chasing each other around.  His auntie Sharon even had him taking turns at hopscotch with his cousins.  Progress!
  • Adam has been the smiliest and happiest I’ve ever seen him!  We took him to the arena so his sister could participate in a free skate and his eyes lit up at the sight of everyone on the ice; so much so, that Jon ended up skating around holding Adam in his arms.  He was beaming the whole time.  The next day, we went to another free skate and this time put Adam on the ice with his own skates.  Despite a really bad fall getting ON the ice (Jon forgot to remove his skate guards and went down like a rock with Adam in his arms) Adam still had a great time being pushed around the ice on a chair.  He was so happy and smiley the whole time.  I could tell he had a blast.
  • He’s further developing his silly side.  My mom bought him a little toy sheep that poops brown jelly beans and he would repeatedly set it up and poop them out declaring “yarrrrrrrr!” at the “poop” on the floor.  This toy is very social for him.  He only wants to play with it if someone is there to react to the silliness. 

Healing Reactions / Weird Behaviours

  • Adam developed a runny nose and bad cough for a few days.  He didn’t seem to be feeling TOO sick (i.e. he still played with his toys during the day) but he seemed a little tired and was napping more than usual.  Usual these days, means NO NAPPING 😉
  • Adam is freezing cold to touch.  I find he’s always on the cold side (just like me) but sometimes his lips even look purple.
  • Adam’s cheeks are still rashy.  They either look red or purple-y and they’re dry.  Sometimes he gets a small spot on one cheek that is more red than the rest of his cheeks.
  • A couple of times now we’ve noticed that Adam looks like he gets a raised bump or rash on his lip line.
  • He’s frequently looking at objects from odd angles.  For example, he’ll bend right over his cars to look over the tops of them or he’ll hold a car at the side of his face and look at it from the side.
  • Adam was overwhelmed on Christmas morning and was more robotic – more withdrawn and expressionless.  We were hoping he was would show more excitment and expression but we understand that everything was “out of whack” for him that morning.  Not to mention that we pretty much yanked him from bed at 10 AM and put him in front of the tree. 

Well, that about sums it up nicely.  Stay tuned for further posts when I receive our next sets of remedies in the New Year.

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