Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Spring 2015 – A Progress Report

Happy Spring Everyone!

Tonight I checked my blog for the first time in many moons and I was surprised to see a number of comments awaiting for me!  I’ll admit that it warms my heart and makes me feel a bit fuzzy inside to know that more people are researching alternative approaches to healing; a sign that universally things are shifting.  It was just the sort of encouragement I needed today.  I’ve been a bit discouraged lately by the recent media attacks on homeopathy and what seems like a voracious smear campaign to undermine it’s healing power.  But I digress…

On with the healing!

Adam is now seven years old and we’re about 4.5 years into our Heilkunst journey.  We’re still clearing miasms (we’re on the fourth round – supposedly there’s a total of seven) and he continues to make great progress.  The healing reactions continue to be MUCH milder than the ones we observed in the second round of miasms between the ages of four and five.  Now that I’m chasing a toddler around, I haven’t been keeping detailed notes of healing reactions but from memory nothing stands out as particularly severe EXCEPT for his last Tuberculinum clear and his face swelled up like he had the mumps (but only for a day – puzzling indeed).  Other than that it’s been pretty mild – some congestion, mild coughs, some spotty rashes and more behaviours (grumpy, angry, passive aggressive, etc.).

Adam’s conversational language is blooming.  He communicates well and he keeps trying to express himself as best he can.  Tonight, he showed me a model car (one of the Disney Cars characters) and he asked me what language the red, blue and white was.  I was confused by his question until I realized he was asking about the picture of the red, blue and white flag.  He meant to ask what COUNTRY the red blue and white flag was.  Kudos to him for asking such a grown up question. 🙂  He’ll make similar small mistakes – like when he asked one lady “how many pounds tall” she was.   This is all positive to me though because this language is clearly NOT echolalia.  He’s actually communicating his own thoughts and isn’t scared to make a few mistakes if he’s unsure of how to properly word something.  He also shares stories about his day at school without us having to ask; usually preceded by an enthusiastic “Guess what?!?”  And my favourite development?  Spontaneously telling us he loves us.  For a long time, he would only say it in response to us saying it to him, but it melts you just a little bit more when he snuggles up beside you on the couch, sighs deeply and says “Mom, I love you.”  Melt. ❤

At school, Adam has graduated into a higher class and he’s been placed in the “academic stream.” This means he has been assessed as higher functioning and is able to be taught using same curriculum as neuro-typical grade one children.  Academically, he is thriving – reading and doing math at higher grade levels.  This is one of the main reasons why we keep him in the Autism program at a special school.  The class size is smaller and the work is more tailored to the individual child’s needs.  So far, it’s a great fit for Adam and he seems to be very comfortable there.  And well liked too!  Apparently, he is everybody’s “best friend” but we’re still waiting for Adam to talk about his “friends” with us at home.  If you ask him who his best friend is, he still answers “Emersyn” (his sister).  Of course, this is sweet and all, but we’d like to see him take a greater interest in other kids.  His social skills are continually improving and he will definitely play with other children but he still has no vested interest in having close friends that he gets together with regularly.  He’s happy just to see them at school and keep that social circle separate from his home life (which includes his siblings and cousins).   When and if he’s ready, he’ll bridge that gap but for now we’re happy that the kids at school are no longer causing him such extreme anxiety that he doesn’t want to go to school.

Socially at home, he waves and talks with all kinds of strangers.  We recently stayed in a hotel and we shared an elevator with a group of young twenty-something boys.  Adam asked one of them a million questions ranging from “What’s your name?” to “How old are you?” to “Do you have a little brother?”  I love watching how people react to this because people aren’t used to this type of personal conversation any more.  It’s usually well received though and in this instance, one of the boys in the elevator remarked “What a curious little guy!  I dig that.  He’s gonna go far in life.”  I would say that’s a pretty accurate assessment. 🙂

In terms of behaviours, Adam is much calmer these days.  We haven’t had any head bangings in over a year which is fantastic!!!  He still finds comfort in some controlling behaviours (like being the only one that can close doors or turn the TV off when we leave the house) so on those days where we’re in a rush to leave and we forget to let him do these things he’ll get angry and proceed to do these things anyway.  I don’t know how many times we’ve had to turn on the TV or re-open the door so we can let Adam do his thing.  But this is what they call “small potatoes” my friends.  We used to encounter full on rages lasting 20 minutes where he would slam doors or bang his head on the walls so we count our blessings that he’s got a few behavioural quirks.  Any time he gets angry, he’s usually able to calm himself down within 5 minutes and he apologizes for any wrong-doing.  I remember the days when he used to say “Nope!  NOT sorry!” so this is a great development.

Sensory wise, Adam is no longer wearing headphones and he doesn’t have nearly as much anxiety over crying kids as he used to.  He used to have so much anxiety that he didn’t want to go to school or ride the school bus if there was a chance someone would cry.  We recently got a dog though and Adam has some mild anxiety over the dog whining or barking.  It works in our favour though because he’s the first to hear the dog barking at the door to go out.

In the process of writing this update, I realize it’s getting tougher for me to identify the new developments.  Earlier in this journey it was easier to spot changes because they were so monumental.  At the time we started he was non-verbal and very withdrawn so every gain was noticeable.  Now that he’s flourishing and getting older it’s harder to spot improvements because he’s already come so far!  Now the changes are more subtle and harder to describe.  He asked me what Heaven was the other day which was one of those rarer moments where I knew something was shifting for him in terms of how he perceives his world.  We talked about it for awhile and somehow he thinks that angels come to suck out your blood when you die.   Ummmmmm…..I don’t THINK that happens but do I really know have all the answers when it comes to the next life?   LOL

So there you have it.  We’re well into the journey and I still only have amazing things to say about Heilkunst.  It’s a slow process but I believe that healing can’t be rushed.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Cheers, my friends.

Until the next update…