Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Phase Eight – Adam’s Birth (Part I)

So we’re back to birth already and Adam has three sets of remedies to take.  The first part is to counteract any effects of the Vitamin K injection and heel prick that he endured following his birth.

Within a day or two of starting his remedies Adam developed the same cough and congestion/runny nose that he’s been getting with the last few phases of treatment.  It only lasted a few days but a week after finishing his remedies he got extremely irritable and tired.  We were once again experiencing the behaviour from his first sets of remedies where he would get overly upset over things like being told “no” or having to wait or not being able to watch HIS shows on the TV.  He was also napping during the afternoon which he rarely does anymore.  Finally after a couple days he lost his appetite and then barfed twice the following morning.  I don’t know if this was a healing reaction or a stomach virus but I’m recording it just the same.

In terms of postive developments, Adam has been increasing his interaction with children.  At the park, he will watch the other children and even join in their play when they invite him; following them through the play structure and down the slides or playing in the sand.  The other day I took him for a walk around the path that encircles a nearby nursing home and I watched him jump into the path of oncoming teenagers (walking home from school) so that he could look up at them.  He must have done it three times in row!  It’s wonderful to see him coming out of his shell around strangers now since he’s been out of his shell with his family for awhile now.

At daycare, Adam continues to integrate well with the children and there are almost no “transition” problems.  His speech therapist had offered to leave some pictures at the daycare to help Adam visualize the transition from one activity to the next (i.e. circle time to snack time) but his resource worker said it wasn’t necessary since Adam has started following the children wherever they go!  Awesome 🙂

Adam has also stepped up his verbal attempts and though he hasn’t started saying any new words he is counting objects by pointing to them saying “uh, uh, uh” following the typical counting intonation where the voice rises at the end – “onE, twO, thrEE.” (I hope you understand what I mean here).  I remember that during his last speech assessment the speech pathologist had asked me if he did this and I said no.  I guess it’s a positive sign that he is imitating what he hears.

Speaking of imitating what he hears, Jon has started asking Adam to repeat sounds and he’s actually trying!  Jon will ask Adam to say “Oh Nooooo!”” and Adam will respond “Oh Ohhhhh!” while imitating Jon’s intonation.  This is definitely a new development since I don’t know how many times we’ve asked Adam to say a word only to be greeted by frustration, even when we were asking him to make sounds that we’d heard him say before.  Now it seems like Adam is starting to find his voice and he’s finally learning to exercise some control over the sounds that come out of his mouth.  I think this is a good sign for things to come.  😉

So I think that’s about it.  I find we’re getting very comfortable with the routine of regular healing reactions so I’m not feeling the urge to document every little tantrum or diarrhea.  I guess that’s good news to my regular followers; shorter less-boring blogs.  😉 

Stay tuned for Phase Eight Part Deux…

Note:  After the vomiting epidsode, Adam continued to have multiple diarrheas a day for more than a week.  He also developed a bum rash again, the poor thing 😦  His sleeping patterns were also disrupted by nightly wakings and in terms of mood he was more sensitive and prone to crying.   Of course it’s nothing we haven’t seen before but I wanted to document it all the same.

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Custom Body Work by Adam

Just another “quickie blog” to highlight one of Adam’s adorable little quirks.  🙂 

Adam is a “thinker.” He is always looking at things carefully and from all angles as though he’s trying to figure out how they work.  For example, we have these holes in our walls left from our baby gate and Adam likes to stick my knitting needles in them.  It’s like he figured out “I know EXACTLY what will fit in there.” 

For the past several weeks, Adam has been using circular objects to “replace” the wheels of his toy cars.  He seems to always pick an appropriately sized car to fit the size the wheel and he’s been VERY creative. 😉

Here is some of his work:

Suped up McQueen

For this one, he used the biggest car he could find but based on the next two pics I’m convinced he would have used a bigger car if one was available.

Suped up Mater

Suped up Mater

This one is sporting Ring-o-lo wheels.  Genius!

Suped up Ramone

Suped up Ramone

For this one, Adam cleverly scraped off the chocolate from inside his sandwich cookie and rolled them into tires.  After I cheerfully praised his creativity he brought me the camera.  He even took it out of the case and popped off the lens cap.  Point taken Adam, point taken (he’s seen pictures of his other cars on the camera LCD).  I know it’s likely a ritual but I prefer to think he’s just building up his portfolio.

Honestly, this kid is so smart and funny and every day we are left in awe of his creative abilities.  Whoever said this kid was DIS-abled anyway?  🙂

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