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Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Second Round of Miasms – Tuberculinum

And so it continues…

It’s been less than a month since my last post so this is progress my friends! After a wonderful Christmas at the new house and a nice long break from the raging “Tantrums of the Fall” (think “Legends of the Fall” with less romance and more killer bear), Adam once again started to show signs of heading into the next miasm. His night-time itchy bum returned and he was getting a lot of tummy aches. The tummy aches had started in the fall but then disappeared for awhile. Now they were returning and becoming almost a daily complaint. It finally escalated to a couple severe episodes where he was actually doubled over in pain. They would last about a half hour and then disappear for no apparent reason.

Within a few days of starting the powders the nightly itchy bum episodes disappeared.

Two days after finishing powders, Adam vomitted all morning (each vomit was preceded by a stomach ache). He couldn’t even keep liquids down but thankfully his vomitting stopped by noon (THANKFULLY I say because the little rascal perfers to vomit on my floors rather than the toilet). It’s hard to attribute this to healing reaction though because the course of the next few days, the entire family took turns vomiting (surprisingly, none at the same time). I get the impression that our homeopath doesn’t really believe in “contagion” the way most people do. I think it’s along the idea that “only sick people get sick” and it’s your energetic footprint that determines whether you “catch” the flus or viruses that seem to be going around. My own beliefs are shifting as well but when something like this happens I can’t help but fall back on the trusty old germ theory. We found out the following week that Adam’s teacher was the first to fall ill with this stomach virus and then she wiped out almost all the kids in her class (not to mention their families). Again, sounds like germ theory.

(All I can say is that I’ve been blessed with ZERO morning sickness for this current pregnancy but I made up for it over the course of 8 hours on one Saturday in January – bleh)

A week after finishing his powder Adam developed mild symptoms of what I should start referring to as his “classic healing reaction” : mild cough, red cheeks, crankiness, tantrums, itchy bum, etc. Besides the vomiting episode I would say that this was a pretty classic response and overall it wasn’t too bad. We DID have some difficulty getting him to school though. He missed the bus several mornings and we ended up having to drive him. Then, he started resisting us driving him to school and I just kept him home because I was too exhausted to fight with him. I’m starting to wonder if the benefits of moving to the new house and changing buses are starting to wear off. When we were living with my sister-in-law, Adam started to protest getting on the bus after he developed a fear of one of the kids on bus (unfortunately, this kid is also in his class). Then we moved and for awhile Adam was happy with his new bus. However, now he seems to be developing some fear and anxiety over another child on his NEW bus. These kids can’t help it and aren’t doing ANYTHING wrong, but Adam can’t handle “people sounds” (crying, coughing, shrieking, involuntary sounds, etc.).

Adam’s also developed an anxiety over beeps. Anything that beeps (i.e oven timer, microwave, etc.) sends him into a frenzy. He’s learned that our new microwave will give reminder beeps every minute if you haven’t opened the door so now he’ll panic if you don’t open the microwave door fast enough.


Well…the tummy aches disappeared.

Unfortunately I didn’t really didn’t see any other gains during this period. In fact, his anxieties and fears are still pretty bad. In addtion to his fears over certain kids at school, he’ll isolate himself in his bedroom if his younger cousins are over visiting. He’ll just stay up there rocking on his bed with his hands pressed over his ears. My heart aches to see him like that.

Actually, Adam celebated his 5th birthday at the end of January and compared to last year, Adam was much more present and aware that all the fuss was over his birthday. In fact, he started counting down the days to his birthday about a week in advance. During the party, Adam was quite involved in decorating his Angry Bird cake and he even took it upon himself to find the candles and put them on his cake all by himself!

I wish there were more gains to report but honestly, I’m not bummed. Such is the nature of this healing journey. Sometimes the valleys are wider and deeper than others but it’s all a necessary part of this journey.

One day we’ll be twirling on hilltops singing “The Hills are Alive.”