Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Two – Malaria

The second miasm we’re tackling is Malaria.  Now remember people (and homeopathy haters – I can see you rolling your eyes right now) that this doesn’t imply that Adam was recently infected by Malaria in the traditional way that we would understand.  I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure that Timmins DOES NOT have a high population of “Malaria infected” mosquitos so unless Adam took a trip to Africa that I don’t know about, odds are pretty slim that we can point the finger at any suspicious looking mosquito.

At least in this generation.

Remember that chronic miasms are inherited from past generations and are the sources of all chronic inherited diseases.  This implies that somewhere down the genetic line, our ancestors contracted the Malaria miasm and its energetic footprint has remained.  I don’t know if “contracted” is the right word, so let’s just say that somehow it showed up and became the gift that keeps on giving.  Kinda makes ya wish you could re-gift that one eh?   *wink*

A couple days after starting the Malaria powders Adam developed red cheeks and ears, exhibited loss of appetite and seemed more tired than usual.  One night, he slept 14 hours straight while other days he napped in the afternoons.

Once again he was more fussy/irritable.  Crying over “spilt milk” items like having his train tracks come apart or his hair getting wet from falling snowflakes.  It’s pretty easy to tell now when Adam’s out of sorts and it ALWAYS follows a set of homeopathic powders.  I laugh because when we first started the homeopathic treatments we used to pre-qualify all of our observations with “it might be just a coincidence, but…”  Now, after a year of coincidences, I’m pretty sure I can drop this disclaimer.  I suspect that Adam’s fussiness may result from the fact that he’s starting a healing reaction and doesn’t feel entirely well.

A week after starting the powders, Adam still seemed very tired.  He napped in the afternoons, lazed around on the couch in the evenings and still wanted to go to bed pretty early.  His appetite also disappeared.  He threw up one night as he attempted to eat his dinner.  He seemed hungry and was scarfing down some pancakes when all of a sudden he threw up on himself.  In a couple of heaves he was done and I was a bit astonished that he didn’t seem upset at all.  He just sat there covered in puke. “Adam did you just throw up?”  “Yep.”  “Are you feeling sick?”  “Yep.”  Despite the pathetic-ness of it all, we all had to chuckle at how well he was playing it cool.

About a day after the vomiting incident, Adam developed a croupy sounding cough and he would have night-time coughing fits, sometimes lasting for almost an hour before he would settle down again.  They probably sounded worse than they actually were but I couldn’t help but be alarmed whenever I heard him gasping for a breath between fits.  At times, I thought he would cough until he vomited!  He was also very red cheeked and cold to touch; his lips even looked purple!.  His cough was only really bad for a few days and then it seemed to get better.  However, once the coughing was over he started complaining of an itchy bum at bedtime which was a bit perplexing because I didn’t see evidence of parasites OR a particularly bad diaper rash (though he still had a mild red ring around his anus).  Even his “ring worm” type rash had disappeared (our homeopath suggested this might happen once we started the Malaria powders).  So the itchy bum was a bit of a mystery but at one point it was so bad that every two minutes he was bouncing up out of bed to have us scratch his bum and bring relief, only to repeat the cycle again and again.  This went on for a good hour one night and the poor boy wriggled, writhed and cried out in such misery that I’ll have to admit that I considered bringing him to emerge.  Luckily, after a prayer of desperation, he eventually settled down and our homeopath was able to suggest a remedy for the following night.  Some mild itchiness has remained but nothing like we saw that one night.  Thank-you God!!

All throughout this treatment phase, Adam was more tired than usual and his appetite was slight.  All in all, it was probably one of the more severe healing reactions we’ve seen in a while.

Developmental Gains:

  • I discovered that Adam can spell.  One day, I found him sitting at the computer with the word “GREEN” typed on the screen.  I immediately started scanning the computer desk for something with the word green written on it but I couldn’t find anything.  Since then, I’ve seen him type a small handful of words (mostly colours) but yesterday I asked him to type his name and I watched with bated breath as his fingers patrolled the keyboard.  A – D – A – M.  The boy is brilliant!!  His resource worker has commented that he just hasn’t memorized or “rote learned” the alphabet because he can identify them easily out sequence (i.e. “What letter is that?”  “Letter E”.)  The same thing can be said about his numbers.
  • Adam is now calling everybody by name.  Mommy, Daddy, Emersyn, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Sharon, you name it! (bad pun TOTALLY intended)  We waited so long to hear him say our names that I still melt with joy every time calls me mommy; especially when it comes after tucking him into bed and I tell him I love him.  “I love you too mommy.”  Melt.
  • With a little bit of gentle coaxing, Adam has overcome both his fears of the indoor pool and McDonald’s.  Before, attempted entry into either place used to result in full-out tantrums.  I’d like to think that Adam is highly intuitive and realizes there’s something amiss with that Ronald McDonald character.  Ronald’s still not allowed in Adam’s circle of trust but he adores the playland now.  Not only that, he climbs right to the top!
  • Adam’s showing a great awareness of who is present and who is missing.  Every morning, he’s asking “Where’s Daddy?” and I reply “Daddy’s gone to work!”  Some days, I’ll disappear downstairs and I can hear Adam ask “Where’s mommy?”  The best however, was when we got together for a family dinner and Adam asked “Where’s auntie Chantal?”  He noticed that Uncle Ben and his cousin Rowan were there but Auntie Chantal was not (she was visiting a sick relative in the hospital).  Maybe this seems like such a little thing but keep in mind that Adam’s development has been greatly delayed so every time his sense of awareness grows we’re singing joyful praises!
  • Adam seems to be developing a sense of sarcasm which catches us by surprise every time.  For example, he’ll extend an arm for Jon to hold and then whip it away at the last second with a little angry face.  A second later, he’s smiling as if to say “Gotcha!”  It catches us by surprise and we laugh our heads off every time.
  • At speech therapy, Adam keeps hitting all his goals.  At the last session, his therapist remarked how just seems to take off with one concept after it’s introduced.
  • Adam has started physiotherapy.  Apparently, his gross and fine motor skills are pretty good and most of his issues are either sensory related or related to his fixed way of thinking and an unwillingness (or rather, inability) to model demonstrated instructions.  For example, the physiotherapist wanted Adam to stack blocks in tower but he wanted to build some type of bridge structure.  When she’d try to encourage him to follow her lead he got very frustrated and wanted to go home.  Luckily, the physiotherapist will be helping Adam to “think outside of the autism box” which I think will be very beneficial preparation for school.

And so my friends, that about sums it up for this time.  If I don’t get a chance to post again, I’d like to take the time and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your continued love and support.  Enjoy your family.  Love them and cherish them.  And be merry.  Merry I say!!

See you all in the new year.  *wink*