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October 2016 – Another Annual Update

on October 17, 2016

Hello everyone!

Once again, I apologize for the late update.

I’m starting to feel the necessity of maintaining this blog slipping away, though it has nothing to do with my faith in Heilkunst to heal an individual.  It has more to do with Heilkunst unveiling one’s true self – and thus my sense of purpose is gradually surfacing and it doesn’t necessarily resonate with my past endeavours.  Still, I think it’s beneficial to give you all an update of Adam’s healing and how he is progressing.

Adam is currently on his 5th or 6th round of miasms.  I don’t even know.  I’ve lost count.  That’s a good thing right?

He is eight years old and in the third grade.  He still attends an autism program at a local public school.  I can remember the days when I thought my goal was to have him transition to a mainstream classroom, but these days, I no longer buy into the stigma of the autism “label” and I could care less if the world sees him as autistic as long as he gets the opportunity to learn in classroom that values him as an individual.  His classroom has six kids, one teacher and two educational assistants.  That’s a kid:adult ratio of 2:1.  That’s pretty freaking amazing!!  Age wise, he is technically in the third grade, but his program doesn’t limit him to the third grade curriculum.  They always bring in higher material if he has already met the goals for his age.  Honestly, I think he’d be bored in a mainstream classroom, so swapping the autistic label for a “normal” one doesn’t benefit him in the slightest.  I’m over it.  I’ve matured.  🙂

Adam is a force of nature.  There is something special about him.

He is always DOING.  There is no lost opportunity to build, create, learn, or try.  I am in awe of his ability to come up with an idea and act on it.  In that respect, I feel like he is here to teach me how to get better at “doing.”  I am pretty good at coming up with ideas but I seem to lack the “forces of will” to follow through.  I am getting better though.  This past summer, I started learning how to paint and sketch.  By learning, I literally mean picking up a pencil or brush and putting it on paper.  I’m clearly an amateur but we all have to start somewhere right?

Adam loves our “craft time” in the spare room upstairs.  While I carefully plan each project in my head, sometimes even for DAYS, Adam sits down and thinks for 20 or 30 seconds and then comes up with his project and gets to work immediately. His last project involved painting all the planets.  He already knows their colours and relative sizes (not to mention their position from the sun and their climates).  If you want to know the dwarf planets, you are free to ask him.  He is a walking encyclopedia of facts.

Adam also knows all the countries and world flags.  He was even the flag of Turkmenistan for Halloween last year.  As a mother, I cringed at his costume suggestion – I mean, can’t he just pick something I can buy at the store?  Then again, my creative side welcomed the challenge and I think I did a pretty good job at making his dream come true.

Here is a picture of my adorable “flag of Turkmenistan.”


Adam is my yang to my yin.  We all have a male/female duality to our nature.  Hence the male (left side) brain and female (right side) brain.  There is just something special about him that connects us.  When he speaks to me, there is something just honest and authentic about him.  No pretences.  No act.  He is Adam.  And he is me.  He teaches me to live in the moment and follow my desires.  There is no second guessing, no voice in his head telling him his ideas are stupid or fruitless – he just DOES.  He teaches me to trust my inner instincts to follow my heart’s calling.  There is beautiful purpose in all that he endeavours – even in the things I may not understand.

Academically, Adam is on par with kids his age.  He follows the regular third grade curriculum even though his IEP (Individualized Education Plan – for “special needs students”) continually reports that he doesn’t sit in his chair or walk in a straight line “appropriately.”  While I may not entirely agree with the public education system, I am not feeling called to homeschool my children, at least, not right now.  So instead, I choose to put little weight on these “reports” and put little emphasis on grades as long as they still enjoy learning and attending school.

Adam is a fountain of knowledge – mostly self-learned of course.  His latest interests involve Hollywood and movie studios.  If you need to learn the history of Universal Studios or Paramount Pictures – he’s your man!  He gets home from school and wastes no time following his calling to learn, draw, create or build.  I always feel that his REAL education starts when he gets home.  Watching him, I remember my own childhood and how I would flex my own creativity in ways that other children couldn’t relate to.  I often tell my husband stories of my childhood and he calls me a weirdo.  I take it as a compliment.  Especially if the alternative means boring.

Adam rarely has healing reactions these days.  He rarely has meltdowns.  The only thing that generates a reaction out of him these days are “Exit” signs.  For some reason, he continues to be paranoid about entrances and exits that he’s not familiar with.  It seems that he doesn’t cope well with the “unpredictability” of exit signs – sometimes they’re lit and sometimes they’re not.  He doesn’t like their inability to pick a side and stick with it.  Those bastards.  🙂

Having been committed to Heilkunst for six years, people probably want to know if I think Adam’s recovered.

My answer is this:

If this isn’t recovery, then I don’t want him recovered.

Adam can communicate and converse, play, interact, love and appreciate his family, be independent,  make sandwiches, do science experiments, play with friends, learn, generate ideas, be creative and be excited about living life – Every. Single. Day.

If that’s not considered a life worth living then we all need a serious wake-up-call.

If “being recovered’ is more about fitting inside a box, having countless “friends,” watching TV, and being bored all day then he’s not recovered.  His imagination is rich and he doesn’t waste a single day.  Not one.

Here are some of his projects from the past year:

(In the bottom left picture, he created his OWN countries and flags – because he has already learned all the ones that currently exist.)

These pictures show some of his creative play at designing logos on the computer and creating his own movie studio and poster for an original film. 🙂


Everyone who is blessed to know Adam, falls in love with him.

He’s got that “je ne said quoi.”

He is my son.  My teacher.  My yang to my yin.

He is Adam.

I’ll see you all again at the next update. xox











5 responses to “October 2016 – Another Annual Update

  1. A really enjoyable read this morning in Bangkok! Enjoy life and continue to evolve.

  2. NWLinda says:

    In his book, “Brain Maker,” David Perlmutter, MD has an excellent chapter on curing autism by healing the microbiome. I highly recommend this book as well as “Missing Microbes” by Martin Blaser, MD.

  3. Brianna Hall says:

    I love your perspective and how much you truly love and adore everything about Adam. There is nothing more important than feeling loved and accepted. Not sure why I am just now getting around to writing this comment. I am also less in touch with the internet world and trying to follow my true calling these days. So…when are you coming to visit me? lol. But seriously…we need to chat about a real meet up one day!

    • livelymom says:

      Oh hi Brianna! I almost NEVER check my blog but I admit I’m happy I stopped by WordPress to read a friend’s blog and found your lovely comment waiting on mine. Yes, let’s do that face-to-face someday, shall we? 😉

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