Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Seven – Syphilinum

Adam’s next miasm clearing was Syphilinum.  When I was first educating myself about miasms and their link to autism I remember reading that the syphilis miasm was suspected to be a major contributer to autism.  I braced myself for a difficult healing reaction but turned out to be pleasantly surprised.  Once again, it shows how unique the originating factors of disease are for each child.

As per usual, Adam’s diaper rash immediately disappeared while clearing his last miam (carcinosin) and then returned around three weeks later; a sign which I’ve been interpreting as his body is ready to start clearing the next round.  After going through weeks of irritability and head-bangings following the carcinosin clear, I admit that I was expecting more of the same.  However, this time his healing reaction was much more subdued.  However, Adam did start making mischief again; opening bottles of nail polish, hand creams or whatever he could get his hands on when he was not being closely supervised. One day, he painted our room with Halloween make-up.  Another time, he drew on the furniture with marker.  I consulted our homeopath once I detected a pattern and we decided to wait it out and see if the behaviour disappeared after the healing reaction.  She told me that syphilinum has a dark, destructive energy behind it so this could possibly be the source of Adam’s vandalizations.

In the beginning, I also noted an apparent sadness from Adam. Several times, I noticed him fighting off tears, seemingly out of the blue and I could not determine the cause.  He also wanted the curtains closed all the time.  I didn’t notice any reaction to the sunlight while outdoors, but inside the house he was constantly yanking at the curtains and desperately calling for us to help if he couldn’t completely close them to his satisfaction.

Two weeks after taking his last powder, Adam started to get congested.  The day before he complained that his head hurt (a first in terms of his ability to communicate) and then the following day complained about a tummyache (he ended up having a diarrhea which might explain the tummyache).  At the same time his congestion started, Adam started to get very fussy and irritable.  We also saw parasites in his poop (only once).  He developed a pock mark on his face and I wondered if he was coming down with chicken pox which had been going around in our social circles.  He never developed any more and the pock mark only lasted a day or two.  One night, he complained that his pee-pee hurt.  He was also irritable, cranky but only mildly so (compared to carcinosin).  Six days after the onset of his runny nose, Adam complained again that his head hurt.

Eventually, Adam complained of pains in his mouth.  Upon closer inspection I observed canker sores in his cheeks.  Interestingly enough, I discovered that cankers are one of the first symptoms of syphillis.  At the same time I learned that the bacteria responsible for syphilis, Treponema pallidum, is extremely sensitive to light.  Exposure to light will kill it so it must live inside the human body.  As soon as I read this I thought of Adam pulling the curtains closed to darken the living room.  Hmmmmm….VERY curious indeed.

Once again, I feel the need to remind people that Adam does NOT have syphilis.  Homeopathic miasmic theory suggests that the “energetic footprints” of diseases infecting past generations are genetically passed on.  While they don’t necessarily re-present themselves as the originating disease (in this case, syphilis) they are the root of all chronic diseases.  In Adam’s case, we’re curing any possible contribution of the syphilis miasm towards his autistic state.  You can read more about the syphilis miasm and its chronic manifestations (including headaches, OCD, constipation, ulcers, and miscarriage) here.

Here are some of the notable gains for this phase:

  • Increase in spontaneous conversation.  “Do you want to go to Walmart Adam?”  “Yeeeeaaahhh!  I LOVE Walmart” Then later after bath, “Thanks for taking me to Walmart Dad.”  We were suprised by his memory of a previous event and then bringing it up again later.
  • Social gains.  Adam is inviting me to stay and watch TV with him or stay in bed with him to read books.  We’ve also noted that while playing with his sister there is increased back and forth conversation.  One Sunday afternoon he played with his cousin Rowan outside in the sprinkler (we could see through the window that he was also talking to him).
  • Verbal – gains are hard to put into words but when you catch yourself looking at the husband with your jaw open after something Adam said, gains are most definitely being made.  I hear him saying new words constantly.  And I often hear him repeating a word I had just said; pronouncing it slowly but perfectly, almost as if he’s now mastered the art of HOW to make the proper phonetic sounds and now he wants to expand his vocabulary.
  • Saying sorry, thanks and please.
  • Asking for help more.  Before, Adam would just get frustrated and upset if he was having a difficult time with something and we had to prompt Adam by asking “Do you need help?”  Now, he skips the frustration and spontaneously asks for help.  He’ll even come inside to find me if he needs help with something in the yard. 🙂

All in all, things were pretty much tickety-boo (as Janice, a fellow Heilkunst-lover would say).  Adam’s healing reaction seemed short, mild and we ended up lasting the full five weeks without needing to dive into the next miasm.  We’re supposed to start the next round of miasms, 3 – 5 weeks after finishing the prior set but Adam has never lasted longer than 3 or 3.5 tops.  His body usually shows signs of healing early (i.e. the bum rash) so we’re always starting the next phase earlier rather than later.  This time, we went the full 5 weeks enjoying our happy, cuddly little boy; each day bringing us closer and closer to forgetting the carcinosin nightmare.   I’ll admit that I hesitated at starting lyme.  Begrudgingly, I finally looked at the calendar and wrestled my selfish agenda to the ground.  After all, there is plenty of healing that still needs to be done.  Let’s git r done.

Goodnight everyone.


Adam’s Healing – An 18 Month Progress Report

So this post is coming late as I had originally wanted to post a progress report one year after starting our Heilkunst healing journey.  I figured “Meh, I guess that ship has sailed” but then Janice from Raising a Sensitive Child requested one.  I admit this post will be a good exercise to demonstrate the remarkable changes that have taken place and why I believe in this form of healing so passionately.  Thanks for the push Janice!


Our homeopathic journey started in October 2010, two months shy of Adam’s third birthday.  Back then, Adam was completely non-verbal.  I mean NON-verbal.  Zip, zero, nadda.  I remember that we would erupt into a chorus of claps and cheers if we heard even the slightest “cuh” sound in reference to a toy car or a cookie.  He couldn’t wave hello/goodbye or nod or shake his head (yes/no).  At this stage, he communicated mostly by pointing or hand-leading.  He was also much more withdrawn from the family.  He would play with his toy cars or trains or blocks but he would only tolerate us to intrude in on his play sessions for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.  We could not read him books as he would not sit still or tolerate the pages to be turned at a pace other than what he dictated.  On rare occasions, we could stop on a page and engage him for awhile by asking him to point to various items.

Taking Adam ANYWHERE was a nightmare.  He operated with his own agenda and could seemingly care less about anyone else’s.  Even simple outings like taking a walk ended in frustration and tears if Adam decided to take a route that deviated from our path.  Shopping was a bust.  At any moment, Adam could bolt in the opposite direction and any attempts to thwart his agenda left him utterly frustrated and exasperated.  It was much easier to leave him at home if you had any specific agenda that needed to be accomplished.  If you were willing to take Adam anywhere you had to be ready to follow his lead.

Physically speaking, Adam seemed to suffer one cold after another.  If both kids caught a cold, Emersyn would seem to be over it in a few days but Adam would have a runny nose for weeks.  There were some periods where Adam appeared to be constantly sick.  His nose would ALWAYS be running.  Adam’s stools were consistently loose and watery even though his diet would leave one to suspect that he should be suffering from constipation instead of diarrhea.  He didn’t sleep through the night either.  While it was never enough to drive him out of bed, I could often hear him waking up multiple times through the night and rocking or bouncing himself back to sleep (sometimes for up to half an hour).

Socially Adam would only engage with his family.  Other kids appeared to be “non-existent” to Adam; he would refuse to even look at them.  You could tell that he was uncomfortable and anxious around other kids.  It was as though he perceived them as some type of threat.

You can read more about Adam’s state prior to starting his sequential healing in the 6 month Progress Report post.


A mere 18 months later and Adam is now 4 years old.  Adam starting speaking in June 2011 and not even a year later he is speaking in full sentences.  He knows the alphabet and all the phonetic sounds each letter makes.  He can write, spell and is starting to read though he hasn’t even started school yet.  Adam LOVES books now (at night, he requests that I read him “100 books” but luckily we are able to compromise on five or less).  He still prefers to read books that are familiar to him as I suspect he is slightly agitated by the unpredictable story line and pictures of new books.

Taking Adam outside of the house now is a pleasure.  He stays close to the family and if he ever drifts away we can easily call him back with no meltdown.  We can allow him in the front yard (with supervision of course) but we don’t have to worry that he will bolt out into the road without looking out for traffic.  Now, I can take Adam shopping with me though the memory of “Adam before” still haunts me and I prefer to do my shopping in the evenings when Jon is home to watch him.  However, anytime I have to take Adam with me I am usually surprised by how well-behaved he is.  In fact, the other day we took him to Walmart and before we left, we asked him if he wanted to go.  His response was “Yeeeaaahhh!  I love Walmart!” and then later in the evening after his bath, he said “Thanks for taking me to Walmart dad.”  We were very much surprised by this after-thought.  🙂

Adam’s health is improving all the time.  Now, he only seems sick during his healing phases which is to be expected after any homeopathic treatment.  His stools are becoming more solid and diarrhea is way more infrequent.  He also sleeps solidly through the night and he is rocking/bouncing very rarely (even throughout the day).  In fact, his sleeping improved almost immediately after starting his sequential treatment.  We might go through intermittent phases of early wakings or night-time hyperactivity which makes it difficult to put him to bed but overall he sleeping much more soundly.

Socially, Adam is coming out of his shell.  Or, as I like to put it, Adam is allowing more people in to his “circle of trust.”  His anxiety around other kids has greatly diminished and he even refers to them as “friends.”  If there are other kids around, Adam definitely wants to be included.  Even more so if his sister is present.  He is still a little anxious of their presence when he’s playing with a toy he doesn’t want to share but I’m not entirely sure that this is related to his autism (what kid likes to share?).  Adam engages with strangers now and will even converse with them or stick his awkwardly waving hand close to their face and say “yello!”  About a week ago, I watched him play with his 2.5 year old cousin in the backyard at his grandma’s house.  He was definitely talking to him and playing some type of follow-the-leader game of running through the sprinkler and making wet-handprints on the fence.

Don’t get me wrong.  Adam is by no means “normal” (whatever that means).  If you put Adam in a room full of 4 year olds a well discerning eye will pick up that there is something different about him.  He speaks in full sentences yet his speech is very baby-esque and often we will have to interpret Adam’s speech for others.  He also exhibits typical echolalia where he will repeat phrases he’s learned from TV or books or video games.  If you try to lead those 4-year olds through an organized task, Adam will most likely not have the attention span to stick it out.  He might get frustrated and express it through banging his head on the wall.  However, in the past couple of weeks Adam seems to be identifying his emotions better, asking for help more or asking to take a break.  His head-bangings or emotional outbursts are becoming fewer and far between.  Progress, my friends!  🙂

So there’s the pudding!! (as in, the PROOF is in it)  I hope that this post serves an encouragement to other parents who are embarking on a similar healing journey with their own children.

You know, if I close my eyes and think of everything Adam said and did today, I can hardly remember the non-verbal, withdrawn and sickly little boy that Adam used to be.  He’s healing, my friends.  I’m certain of it.


Miasm Round Six – Carcinosin

Ooh boy.  This phase was a doozy.  Times a million.  And a half.

Perhaps it was even more exhausting on us since Adam seemed to have a long healing reaction during the last phase and then right on schedule he got a thick yellow-ish green discharge coming from his nose the day before we started the Carcinosin powders.  We just didn’t seem to have that time where Adam normally pulls out of his healing reaction and has a brilliant week of gains.  That is usually the week that renews our spirits and gets us back on the saddle for the next phase.  This time, we were forced to mount the horse bare-back.

Just to give you a little background knowledge, carcinosin is the miasm responsible primarily for cancers but can also cause other ailments such as diabetes or tuberculosis or even chronic fatigue.  Homeopaths have had great success in using carcinosin to treat autistic children.  A child requiring this remedy can often be characterized by perfectionist OCD tendencies (much like the ritualistic behaviours of the autistic child) or very obstinate personalities.  Ooooooh boy.  I can certainly vouch for the obstinate part.

Adam’s healing reaction to the carcinosin was mostly behavioural in nature.  We noticed that he seemed to withdraw a bit; retreating downstairs to play by himself for long periods of time.  His spontaneous use of language diminished significantly as well.  Instead, we heard a lot of echolalia.  He was pretty much chattering non-stop (even while playing alone in his room) but most of the phrases were ones he’s learned from his LeapPad video games (“Level 24” , “Whoops.  You’re out of treats.” , etc.).  I must admit, that we were a little concerned but luckily his language gains towards the end of this phase were totally worth a small period of regression.  Tis the price of healing, my friends!  No pain no gain.

For two weeks or so, Adam was R-A-G-I-N-G and that is probably an understatement.  It’s almost laughable that this is the exact same time that Adam started Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy which was recently reintroduced to the Timmins area as a service for families with autistic children.  For those of you unfamiliar with ABA, the purpose is to select a target behaviour and then document the circumstances surrounding each occurence for about a week or so.  Then, a behavioural therapist will look through all the data collected and flag any patterns that occur.  We chose Adam’s “head-banging,” toy throwing and hitting (walls, furniture, us) as his target behaviours.  When his ABA therapist gave us a stack of 30 forms I almost laughed at the sheer number she had given me for a week.  For two weeks, we had to document every occurence and it seemed that we were filling out forms CONSTANTLY.    Turns out, I actually had to photocopy additional forms.  :S

During this period Adam was extremely irritable and sensitive to reprimand.  He was also very anal and routine driven doing the same things over and over and repeating phases over and over until I would repeat them back to him.  We observed headbangings multiple times a day, usually during tantrums that, for the first time, were lasting almost half an hour.  He would be so enraged he would slam doors repeatedly and if I chose to ignore the behaviour he would move closer towards me and throw things or hit the walls or furniture.  A few times, he even struck us.  Needless to say, for the first time I actually felt overwhelmed and stumped at how I could redirect his behaviours or help him calm down.  All my usual tricks were failing and Adam was having a hard time transitioning from being angry to calming down.  We were frustrated, Adam was frustrated and I was exhausted from the task of filling out those ABA forms.  I finally had to tell his ABA therapist that we had likely chosen a period that was completely unrepresentative of Adam’s normal behaviours.

After the first week or so, I contacted our homeopath and desperately asked for her help.  Sometimes, these behaviours can be the result of a healing reaction but they can also be symptoms of requiring a different remedy.  Luckily, I had some emergency powders on hand and we started Adam on a course of Hyoscyamus and later Belladonna.  It seemed to help him significantly and if I had a “Kiss the Homeopath” t-shirt, I would have worn it with pride.

Other “oddities” I noticed this phase was Adam’s increased desire for Almond milk and a ravenous appetite.  Both of these symptoms are linked to the Carcinosin remedy.  Adam also developed a bum rash again. It started out looking like a scratch but eventually became raised, red and angry-looking.  He’s had it for several weeks now and I attribute it to the changing chemistry of his stools and urine.  Maybe he’s detoxing a lot of garbage through his digestive system and it’s irritating his skin.  His stools are continuing to be more solid, which is something we had started observing during the last phase.  He is also having multiple stools a day ( at least 3 or 4).

After a week of raging tantrums, frustration, lack of patience Adam settled down.  Almost immediately, his language improved and I was surprised by his use of fully formed sentences after such a long period of echolalia.  “Mommy, Adam wants to play wish you.”  “Adam wants to help mummy.”  He was also singing silly songs and wanting to interact with me all the time.  His regression towards solitary play had disappeared.


  • Adam’s cognitive gains have taken another leap and he’s started writing words on his magnadoodle.  We already knew that he could spell as he would type out lists of words on the computer or piece together words with wooden letters.  Then we knew he could TRACE letters on his LeapPad but now he actually free hand letters by himself!  It started with individual letters but in the span of a few weeks, he’s writing full words.  Check out the photos we took one Sunday afternoon (he not only WROTE these words by himself but he SPELLED them by himself):

  • Adam seems to go through phases with books.  Sometimes he loves them, sometimes he’s “meh.”  This month, he LOOOOOVES them.  He enjoys with one-on-one time with family and I think in some way he also enjoys the predictability of books that he’s familiar with.  There are no hidden surprises or unexpected twists so they don’t generate any anxiety for him.  While reading, we started noticing that Adam was reading large chunks of the story himself.  We figured he must have memorized the text (and I think in large part, this is the case) but then he started pointing out specific words in the print.  We started quizzing him on words regularly and we discovered that indeed, the kid can read!!  Sometimes, we’ll pick a difficult word like “snuggle” and Adam will say “Snuggle.  Sssssss.  Starts with S.”  Then he’ll scour the text for words that start with “S.”  Sometimes, he’ll even phonetically sound out the whole word while he’s looking for it: “Ssss…nnnn….uhhh…ggggg….llllle.”  Just this morning, I stumbled upon a long-lost pack of reading flashcards in a drawer.  I thought I’d quiz Adam on his reading skills and out of 30 or so cards, I think he stumbled with 4 of them (king, ring, kite and bird).
  • Adam has made significant social gains this period.   All of a sudden, he’s become obsessed with his friends.  Friends, friends, friends.  “Where are my friends?” “I have six friends.” “There are no friends here”.   “Mommy and Adam, friends.”  One afternoon I was babysitting his cousin and as soon he arrived Adam said “Rowan, Adam come to play wish you.”  🙂
  • Adam has started identifying and verbalizing his own emotions (“Adam is sad”) but amazingly he’s also reading facial cues and identifying with the emotions of others!!  “Emersyn’s happy” or “Mommy’s upset.”  (you can tell with that last one that it’s been a harrowing couple of weeks).  :S

So, even though this month was exhausting and extremely trying on our patience, I can’t even begin to tell you how WORTH IT that regressive period was.  With each treatment, Adam always seems to hit a rough patch where he takes three steps backwards and then he springs forward to make up the lost distance AND THEN SOME.  In two and a half months (since about the beginning of February), Adam has taught himself to write, spell and read.  Isn’t that truly incredible!?!?  Our homeopath speaks in terms of “removing blockages.”  Once the blocks are removed, indelible gains are observed.

Excited much?  I AM!!!

We approach the next two miasms with continued optism and hope as Sphylinum and Lyme are supposed to be some of the major miasms contributing to the autistic condition.  The latter was recently discussed in a post in Dr. Mercola’s website called “The Toxic Origins of Autism.”  (FYI – I think this approach towards defining the cause of autism is SPOT ON).

Lord, thank you for your goodness and the many blessings you have bestowed on my family.  Please grant me patience and strength to get through the healing reactions to come.  I’m pretty sure, they’ll be a small price to pay for Adam’s health and well-bring.  Amen.

Goodnight my lovelies.


Miasm Round Five – Medorrhinum

Sorry this post is coming so late.  It’s literally been a work in progress for almost six weeks so I’m determined to post tonight!!

Once again, like clockwork, three weeks after finishing his last Ring Worm powder, Adam woke up with a crusty pink right eye.  It wasn’t terrible but I immediately recognized that he was heading into the next healing phase and should start his next set of miasm powders soon.  At this point, I hadn’t even scheduled a consult with our homeopath but since we would be travelling past her home on a weekend trip to visit my sister, I scheduled one ASAP so that I could pick up the remedies along the way.  Many thanks to Monique for graciously accommodating my request. 🙂

After starting his powders, the pink eye immediately jumped to his left eye.  Once again, it only lasted a day or two and then he resorted to some mild unpleasantries including malaise, runny nose, mild coughing and irritability.  These symptoms resolved in a few days but overall he seemed to be more sad.  It was like living with a pre-menstrual 4-year-old.  🙂  He’s always been very sensitive when other children are crying but this time other things would set him off.  Any correction from Jon and I would result in tears and the heartbreaking remark “Mommy/Daddy…not…happy.” *Sniff* *Sniff* Another time, he cried after seeing a car crash on the TV.  I wonder if he thinks that cars are actually alive like Lightning McQueen and he understands the devastating impact of a car crash.  Anyhow, all of this could be easily attributed to a “typical” healing reaction for Adam but I had no idea that we were heading into “Round Two.”

A week after Adam finished his powders he coloured on the kitchen cupboard.





Mommy DEFINITELY not happy.  Adam knows better than that.

Of course this resulted in Adam staging a mini-tantrum over being reprimanded and once his anger was diffused he ended up in tears on Jon’s lap, sniffling over the perceived disappointment.  “Daddy…not…happy.” (enter sound of heart shattering here).  Meanwhile, without even asking, Emersyn went on damage control, grabbed a cloth and proceeded to clean up Adam’s mess.  God bless that kid and her enormous heart.  🙂  When we directed Adam’s attention towards Emersyn scrubbing the cupboard you could see his body relax in utter joy and relief that his little mistake had been erased like it never happened in the first place.  Jumping up and down smiling he repeated “Thanks Emersyn…thank-you…thanks” over and over.

The following day Adam did not have a good morning at daycare.  He expressed his anger towards the rules/boundaries by head banging and total refusal to comply (dropping to his knees so that he would have to be physically picked up and moved to where he was supposed to go).  These are same daycare rules that he’s used to and has always complied with in the past.  There were also more tears at daycare, mostly getting upset when other children were crying.  Daycare has been going great so it was unusual to hear the words “Adam had a rough morning.”  That night, he developed bright red cheeks and ears.  The red cheeks come and go periodically (they used to be present almost all the time) but the ears were a new development.  He also had a runny nose.  The next morning, started purging all kinds of fluids.  He woke up and his eyes were watering constant streams of tears and his nose was running like a faucet.  It was like his face was exploding with fluids; I had to wipe him down every couple of minutes!  Overall, his spirits were good but he didn’t want to leave the house (not even to places he would normally love to go).  A few days later, an opportunity to sleep over at his Auntie Sharon’s ended up in a late-night phone call to come pick him up.  Apparently, in his own words he “wanted to sleep in his own bed.”  Again, this is unusual behaviour because he loves auntie Sharon’s house and has NEVER wanted to skip out on an opportunity to sleep over.  The following morning, it looked like there could be more parasites in his diaper.  I haven’t seen evidence of parasites for MONTHS, the last of which I blogged about in November.  Once again, better out than in and if his body is becoming a hostile environment for the little buggers I say “Good riddance!!”  We only saw them for a couple of days and then they disappeared again.  Like the last time, it seems that we only see them during a healing reaction.  Oh – I should mention that they seem dead too.  They’re not wriggling and writhing around but then again they’re coming out in a clean diaper (not in his poop) so they must have crawled out themselves(?).  Maybe his intestinal environment IS becoming less hospitable to them and they’re trying to escape.  Who knows.  I’m not a parasite expert but through my research I know that they are terribly hard to get rid of if your body is less than healthy.  I also know that some bugs are attracted to heavy metal toxicity so when that diminishes, you should see the parasites disappear.

During this healing phase, we also observed stinky, dark coloured urine but on the other hand, his poops are looking more solid.  I always said that we’ll know his body is truly healing when his chronic diarrhea disappears.  Kids with autism notoriously suffer from gastrointestinal issues as was recently aired on an episode of the Nature of Things by Dr. David Suzuki.  I’m not going to celebrate too early on this because I’m well aware it may return.  Still, one can hope right?


  • About a week after finishing the powders, Adam seemed to be even more happy and social than before.  It’s hard to describe in words HOW he was different but Jon and I just look at each other with surprise in our eyes.  His sentences were longer, more spontaneous and he almost seemed pleased at how he was stringing his words together.  “Mommy is watching TV in the house.”  He also started saying please after requesting snacks or drinks which is something we’ve never really stressed with him before given all his language delays.   We were just thrilled the day he was able to say “cookie” or “juice”!!  He even started expressing his excitement when his sister asks him if he wants to play a game with her (“Yaaayyy!!”)  Earlier this day, his resource worker stated he had a good day at daycare and even played with a variety of toys instead of the usual one (a train track).
  • Willingness to tolerate time-outs for unacceptable behaviours.  In fact, sometimes he even asks for one when he can tell he’s in the wrong.  I also noticed that he’s started saying “Awwwwww” whenever he’s told to do something he doesn’t like (i.e. go to bed, we have to leave, etc.)  It seems like a regular thing for a kid to respond this way but Adam never did!  It’s almost like he understands now that certain things are required from him and he must comply, though he doesn’t have to be happy about it.  Before, he seemed to make his own rules and would resist  succumbing to our requests at all costs.  Or just laugh at us.
  • Adam continues to practice writing letters freehand on his magnetic doodle board.  His patience at doing this is ASTOUNDING because he usually strives for perfection (the straightest lines, the roundest circles, etc.)  Still, he tries, tries again and his efforts are paying off.

This turned out to be a pretty major healing phase for Adam.  He discharged a lot of junk out of his body and probably didn’t feel so good while it was happening.  The runny nose and watering eyes seem like an appropriate healing reaction because the Medorrhinum miasm is commonly linked to seasonal allergies.  Remember that “symptoms” are the language of healing so Adam did A LOT of healing this phase.  As Martha would say, that is a “good thing.”  🙂

Alrighty, time to post this so I can get on with some relaxing mommy time.  This next phase is unleashing a whirlwind of angry tantrums and I could D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y use a break.




Miasm Round Four – Ring Worm

Almost three weeks to the day after finishing his tuberculinum powders Adam developed a runny nose and congestion.  The instructions from our homeopath were to start the ring worm remedies anytime between 3 – 5 weeks after the tuberculinum powders, but the onset of a runny nose is a good indicator that his body was entering the next healing phase and that I should start the powders immediately.  Adam took his ring worm powders for five consecutive days and the whole time he was congested, his nose was a little runny and he was tired.  He was also most definitely out of sorts, getting upset over everything and getting angry if he was reprimanded for his behaviours.  This behaviour continued after he finished his powders, he was impatient, angry, throwing toys/head banging after being reprimanded, etc.  He was also displaying some bizarre movements.  Lots of jumping around, falling to his knees, shaking his head back and forth, repeating phrases over and over (echolalia).

About a week after finishing the powders, Adam still continued to display typical cold symptoms (runny nose, congestion, mild cough) but he had a couple more itchy-bum episodes at night.  For several weeks now, Adam seems to be cycling through periods of being OK and only asking for an occasional a bum scratch to periods lasting several days in a row where his itchy bum is so severe he can’t sleep.  Eventually it got bad enough to drive us all a little NUTS so I emailed the homeopath for her opinion.  After some back-and-forth discussion and a quick inventory of some homeopathic remedies she had asked me to put on hold, she instructed us to give him a remedy called tarantula since “itchy bum” is one of it characteristics.  It seems to be working (at least for now) and it’s been over a week since Adam’s asked us to scratch his bum (*fingers crossed*).

Positive Developments:

  • Language gains.  It was refreshing to FINALLY receive a speech therapy report documenting Adam’s gains rather than shortcomings.  It basically summarized that Adam achieved all the goals (and then some) that were established by the speech pathologist prior to his therapy block.   Presently, his language seems to include all the proper prepositions, articles and pronouns (ie. “who made this one?”  “I’ll go find him.”) though his pronunciation at times is still toddler-like.  I’ve also noticed increased conversations between his cars during play. (“Hi Mater!”  “Mater, watch out!”)
  • Trying new foods.  Now this is a refreshing change since Adam will generally not experiment beyond a comfort zone of specific foods.  I shouldn’t really complain about his eating habits because he will eat enough variety that he’s not eating the same two foods over and over (Temple Grandin apparently would ONLY eat yogurt and jello).  Still, it’s fantastic to see him open up to new possibilities.  I’ve noticed he goes through a process of bringing new foods to his lips so he can smell it first then maybe stick out a tongue for a small taste.  If it passes that test he’ll take a small bite and decide from there.  Apparently he LOVES polish sausage which seems like an odd food choice to me since it’s spicy.
  • Social Developments.  I’ve noticed that Adam has started to refer to other children his age as his “friends.”  I don’t think he fully understands what a friend is since he said “Goodbye Miss Friends” one day when leaving the daycare.  🙂  However, Miss Kathy (his resource worker) has reported that Adam is making social gains with the little girls at the daycare since they are more gentle and motherly in their approach (“Come on Adam!”).  Adam still seems to be more anxious and nervous around the boys.  It’s like he’s constantly on edge that the boys will take his stuff.  And in Adam’s defence, they usually do.  🙂
  • Perhaps one of the biggest gains is that Adam is developing a willingness to try or persevere with activities that would have frustrated him before.  Sometimes what is perceived as stubbornness is actually stemming from Adam’s perfectionist/OCD tendencies because if he lacks the motor control or skill to complete a task perfectly he would rather not try.  For example, he doesn’t really enjoy colouring because he lacks the fine motor control to stay in the lines.  At one point, he would bring me a colouring book and markers and want to watch ME colour a picture because I could do it “properly.”  Personally, I think it’s good to explore outside the lines but unfortunately Adam doesn’t agree.  😉  Anyhow, Adam received a LeapPad for his birthday which is like a small iPad for kids.  It came with a stylus and a game to practice tracing letters but I expected he would skip this function and focus on the games that didn’t frustrate him.  Well wouldn’t you believe it, the boy actually tried it!!  There was A LOT of frustration those first couple of days but I was actually surprised that he kept at it; trying over and over and OVER again.  Mind you, if five attempts didn’t produce the result he was looking for he’d bring the device to us for help but after five attempts I’m sure I’d be frustrated too.  In the span of a couple of weeks, he pretty much mastered tracing his letters on the Leappad and more recently we observed him free-handing his letters on a Magnadoodle.  Amazing!!  The fact that he’s drawing letters is a testament to his fine motor development but I think the real gain is his willingness to endure a less-than-perfect learning curve.  No doubt, this will prove to be beneficial for future developments.
  • Just to recap Adam’s cognitive developments in the past couple of months here’s a list of what he can do:  rote count to 30, identify numbers to 100, repeat the alphabet, identify letters out of sequence, identify the phonetic sound of each letter (ie. a C says “cuh”), spell his name, spell a growing list a words by himself (we can’t keep track but I estimate it’s anywhere between 25 – 50), trace letters on his LeapPad and freehand some letters.  It’s funny cause I think he’s pretty much mastered the Junior Kindergarten curriculum and he doesn’t ever start school until September!!

So this brings us to the next Miasm – Medorrhinum.  Once again, Adam started showing signs of healing almost three weeks to the day after finishing his Ring Worm powders.  He woke up with pink eye.   Lovely.  But I’ll save those details for the next post.

Goodnight my lovelies.


Miasm Round Three – Tuberculinum

This post is coming late as we’re already into the fourth round of miasm treatment, so my apologies to the faithfuls.  I should let you know that if you click on the option to subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side of the page) you’ll receive email notifications when there are new posts so you don’t have to keep checking it every few days.

Anyhow, let’s get into the nitty-gritty, shall we?  Leading into the third round of miasm treatments, Adam was sporting his red cheeks once again.  After a week without incident, he started having severe fits with his bum around bedtime.  Some nights it would be a mild spell where he would ask us to scratch his bum a few times, but other times it would send him into a complete frenzy lasting an hour or longer.  During the more severe episodes, he would cry out “Make it stop!” and we would scratch his bum and earn about 30 seconds of relief before it started all over again.  It was very tiring on Jon and I but at the same time we felt so awful for Adam.  He would be exhausted and desperately trying to sleep but his bum was driving him crazy (literally!).  I should also note that during these bum fits his nose would be running.  It’s an odd observation but if I’ve learned ANYTHING about homeopathy, it’s often the odd symptoms that speak volumes to the homeopath about what is going on within the body.

I was also seeing a lot of behaviours from the past emerge.  He’d repeat phrases over and over like a broken record until someone echoed them back to him.  I was also noticing the onset of echolalia.  I always thought this was one symptom of autism that had evaded Adam but one day he walked in the room and said “Coming to Blu-ray and DVD in June 2010.”  In cases of delayed echolalia, a child with autism will repeat phrases he has heard elsewhere and are usually out of context to the current situation.  You’d think I might have felt a little defeated when I realized this was classic echolalia but on the contrary I chuckled at how amusing it sounded.  And if you think about it, it’s all contributing to his growing vocabulary so how bad can it be?

During this time, Adam was also very ritualistic, wanting to read the same books over and over each day and it always had to be read by me.  In general, he was impatient, wanted everything perfect and when he couldn’t get things the way he wanted he would lash out in anger.  *Sigh*  I had been hoping to delay his next round of treatment until AFTER Christmas (since you never know what kind of healing reaction lies ahead), but when I consulted with our homeopath, she confirmed my original thought that Adam was likely needing his next set of remedies.  The body heals when the body heals and unfortunately it pays no attention to the holiday schedule.  Apparently, fits of anger or rage are classic signs of the tuberculosis miasm and when the homeopath brought this to light I was immediately reminded of a neighbour living beside my in-laws who was quarantined a few years back for tuberculosis.  Anyhow, she’s supposedly “healed” from her tuberculosis yet she still suffers periods of rage where she rants and screams curse words that the whole neighbourhood can hear.  Fascinating indeed.

A few days in to the powders, Adam started over-reacting to pain and every scratch or pinch needed a band-aid.  I think there was a period of a week or so where every day Adam demanded a bandaid.  One night he had a screaming fit over the bath, which is unusual for Adam since he’s usually the first one to suggest a bath after supper’s done.  I don’t know if he was necessarily scared of the water or if he was scared to get his “ouchies” wet (I tend to think it’s more the latter because he was very upset and preoccupied with his band-aid while he stood in the tub so I could quickly wash him).

A few days after ending the powders Adam had another night-time fit over his bum.  Just like the other episodes, he kept saying “it hurts!” but then he would ask me to scratch it.  Scratching didn’t really seem to bring relief.  Then he disappeared around a corner and Jon heard a wet explosion sound.  “I pooped my pants!” Adam announced and then afterwards he seemed fine.  Now I’m wondering if the “itchy bum” is actually some kind of pain or cramping that precedes a bowel movement.   The next day he had a nap during the day followed by a meltdown at the church potluck dinner.  It was one of those, inconsolable screaming fits that he has a hard time turning off.  He was complaining over and over that his arm hurt so Jon finally pulled up his sleeve to show him there was no “ouchie” he was able to calm down after the realization set in.  Jon said it was like you could the “wheels of reason” turning in his head as he surveyed his arm for injuries and found none.

Following the powders, we also started to see a lot of heavily soiled diapers.  For several days he was literally peeing through his diapers which was unusual since he didn’t seem to be drinking any more than usual.  His urine was also dark yellow and foul-smelling; throughout the day as well (not just his morning diaper).  I tend to think this is a good sign that his body was eliminating junk (toxins?) though I can only speculate that this was the cause.  This occurred for about a week or so and then his urine returned to normal.

Developmental Gains:

  • Adam is starting to show interest in using the potty.  Correction, he seems to be skipping the potty altogether and heading right to the toilet.  It all started at daycare where he wanted to use the toilet like some of the other boys.  Now he continues to try it at home and at daycare though he’s not entirely interested in trying it all the time.  This is a great start though!!
  • Adam’s language development continues to increase and he speaks in full sentences most of the time.  His enunciation is still very “baby-esque” but we have no problem understanding him.  In the last few weeks, Adam has started sounding like a regular kid when he’s patrolling the house looking for me.  “Mom?”  “Mom?”  The first couple of times I thought it was Emersyn and was completely surprised to discover it was Adam sounding so cool and casual.  He also caught us off guard saying “Thanks for lunch Gramma!” when we were leaving my in-laws house after lunch one Sunday.  The following week it was “Thanks for the ice-cream!”  I love it when he comes out with these phrases on his own instead of merely repeating words when we ask.
  • Adam is still showing a keen interest in letters, spelling and numbers.  He can spell about twenty words on his own and one of his favourite past-times is to make lists on words on the computer or fridge (using magnetic letters).  Adam will start off the “game” by choosing one word to spell and then he categorically selects the rest depending on what the first word was (i.e. modes of transportation, colours, etc.).  One day, he picked “unicorn” as his first word (which he can spell all by himself) and then after pausing to think of his next word he picked “mermaid” followed by “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast.”  The boy is a genius!  🙂
  • Adam is LOVING his brand new Lightning Mcqueen laptop that he received for Christmas and he spends hours on it daily.  He can play many games by himself where he continues to learn how to spell and learn his numbers from 1 – 50.  There is one game called “Road Builder” where he has to build a road around tree obstacles for Mcqueen to drive along.  It’s amazing to watch him analyze the initial and ending road pieces and then proceed to build the road in between so that they match up.   He can do this in a matter of seconds!!  He can’t stand failure though and if the timer buzzer indicates he’s running out of time he’ll quickly press a button to start a different game so that he doesn’t have to lose.  I’ve learned that A LOT of Adam’s extreme behaviours or meltdowns are tied to his incessant perfectionism.
  • More patient.  When Adam is NOT out-of-sorts (i.e. experiencing a healing reaction), I’ve discovered that I can more easily reason with him.  Now I can say “Mommy will read you that book AFTER she’s done eating her lunch.”  Before, he would lash out in anger every time and usually throw the book at me too.  Now he seems to understand the logic behind my response and he’ll say “Ok mom” and then calmly retreat.  He’s definitely keeping an eye on me though because as soon as the last bite is popped in my mouth (or the last dish is washed and put away) he’s right at my side saying “NOW, mommy read me a book.” 🙂

Well that sums it up for this phase.  The hubby and I are leaving in the morning for a night away from the kids (many thanks to auntie Sharon and gramma who will be taking over parental duties while we’re away).

Adieu my cyber-space friends.


The Rice Experiment – Demonstrating the Power of Words

This post might blow your mind a little.  In fact, it might blow your mind A LOT.

Homeopathy skeptics argue that any perceived positive effect from homeopathic remedies are due to the placebo effect.  This is because it is well-known that homeopathic remedies are ultra-diluted, to the point that there is no “detectable” amount of the medicinal agent in the remedy.  However, new research is starting to study the amazing ability of water to retain memory of whatever it was in contact with.  In fact, sometimes even a simple word can alter the structure of water in miraculous ways.

King Solomon (the author of the book of “Proverbs” in the bible) is well-known as the man who could have prayed to God for anything in the world and he chose wisdom above any worldly treasures.  In the book of Proverbs, Solomon talks a lot about the power of words.:

“The words of the wicked are like a murderous ambush, but the words of the godly save lives.”  (Proverbs 12:6)

“Kind words are like honey– sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”  (Proverbs 16:24)

Dr. Masaru Emoto , a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has studied the effect that words can have on water.  He exposed water to positive words and negative words and then flash froze the samples to capture their molecular structure.  Water exposed to positive words like “love” and “thank-you” produced beautiful crystals while water exposed to negative words like “you make me sick” or “anger” took on ugly, misshapen forms.  There is a quick three minute video on youtube demonstrating his results if you are interested in learning more.

Dr. Emoto invites people to observe the effects of words on water by conducting their own simple experiment at home.  Boil a pot of rice, divide it into two air tight jars and write “I love you” on one jar and “I hate you” on the other.  Put the jars on a shelf, preferably in a dark location away from electrical interferences and wait for 20 or 30 days.

Well, I DID this experiment and here are the results:

Masaru's Rice Experiment

"I Hate You" Sample

"I Love You" Sample

Both rice samples came from the same pot of rice.  The jars are identical and they were both cleaned in the same manner.  Dr. Emoto explains the rotten rice as the result of the words “I Hate You” on the water absorbed by the rice.  If you google the Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment you’ll find several other people who have documented the same result.

If THIS can happen to rice, imagine what destructive thoughts or words can have on the human body  After all, the human body is composed mostly of water.

Also, maybe the homeopathy skeptics will take pause and consider how truly healing water can be.

Told you this one might blow your mind a little.

Just a little food for thought.  🙂


Miasm Round Two – Malaria

The second miasm we’re tackling is Malaria.  Now remember people (and homeopathy haters – I can see you rolling your eyes right now) that this doesn’t imply that Adam was recently infected by Malaria in the traditional way that we would understand.  I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure that Timmins DOES NOT have a high population of “Malaria infected” mosquitos so unless Adam took a trip to Africa that I don’t know about, odds are pretty slim that we can point the finger at any suspicious looking mosquito.

At least in this generation.

Remember that chronic miasms are inherited from past generations and are the sources of all chronic inherited diseases.  This implies that somewhere down the genetic line, our ancestors contracted the Malaria miasm and its energetic footprint has remained.  I don’t know if “contracted” is the right word, so let’s just say that somehow it showed up and became the gift that keeps on giving.  Kinda makes ya wish you could re-gift that one eh?   *wink*

A couple days after starting the Malaria powders Adam developed red cheeks and ears, exhibited loss of appetite and seemed more tired than usual.  One night, he slept 14 hours straight while other days he napped in the afternoons.

Once again he was more fussy/irritable.  Crying over “spilt milk” items like having his train tracks come apart or his hair getting wet from falling snowflakes.  It’s pretty easy to tell now when Adam’s out of sorts and it ALWAYS follows a set of homeopathic powders.  I laugh because when we first started the homeopathic treatments we used to pre-qualify all of our observations with “it might be just a coincidence, but…”  Now, after a year of coincidences, I’m pretty sure I can drop this disclaimer.  I suspect that Adam’s fussiness may result from the fact that he’s starting a healing reaction and doesn’t feel entirely well.

A week after starting the powders, Adam still seemed very tired.  He napped in the afternoons, lazed around on the couch in the evenings and still wanted to go to bed pretty early.  His appetite also disappeared.  He threw up one night as he attempted to eat his dinner.  He seemed hungry and was scarfing down some pancakes when all of a sudden he threw up on himself.  In a couple of heaves he was done and I was a bit astonished that he didn’t seem upset at all.  He just sat there covered in puke. “Adam did you just throw up?”  “Yep.”  “Are you feeling sick?”  “Yep.”  Despite the pathetic-ness of it all, we all had to chuckle at how well he was playing it cool.

About a day after the vomiting incident, Adam developed a croupy sounding cough and he would have night-time coughing fits, sometimes lasting for almost an hour before he would settle down again.  They probably sounded worse than they actually were but I couldn’t help but be alarmed whenever I heard him gasping for a breath between fits.  At times, I thought he would cough until he vomited!  He was also very red cheeked and cold to touch; his lips even looked purple!.  His cough was only really bad for a few days and then it seemed to get better.  However, once the coughing was over he started complaining of an itchy bum at bedtime which was a bit perplexing because I didn’t see evidence of parasites OR a particularly bad diaper rash (though he still had a mild red ring around his anus).  Even his “ring worm” type rash had disappeared (our homeopath suggested this might happen once we started the Malaria powders).  So the itchy bum was a bit of a mystery but at one point it was so bad that every two minutes he was bouncing up out of bed to have us scratch his bum and bring relief, only to repeat the cycle again and again.  This went on for a good hour one night and the poor boy wriggled, writhed and cried out in such misery that I’ll have to admit that I considered bringing him to emerge.  Luckily, after a prayer of desperation, he eventually settled down and our homeopath was able to suggest a remedy for the following night.  Some mild itchiness has remained but nothing like we saw that one night.  Thank-you God!!

All throughout this treatment phase, Adam was more tired than usual and his appetite was slight.  All in all, it was probably one of the more severe healing reactions we’ve seen in a while.

Developmental Gains:

  • I discovered that Adam can spell.  One day, I found him sitting at the computer with the word “GREEN” typed on the screen.  I immediately started scanning the computer desk for something with the word green written on it but I couldn’t find anything.  Since then, I’ve seen him type a small handful of words (mostly colours) but yesterday I asked him to type his name and I watched with bated breath as his fingers patrolled the keyboard.  A – D – A – M.  The boy is brilliant!!  His resource worker has commented that he just hasn’t memorized or “rote learned” the alphabet because he can identify them easily out sequence (i.e. “What letter is that?”  “Letter E”.)  The same thing can be said about his numbers.
  • Adam is now calling everybody by name.  Mommy, Daddy, Emersyn, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Sharon, you name it! (bad pun TOTALLY intended)  We waited so long to hear him say our names that I still melt with joy every time calls me mommy; especially when it comes after tucking him into bed and I tell him I love him.  “I love you too mommy.”  Melt.
  • With a little bit of gentle coaxing, Adam has overcome both his fears of the indoor pool and McDonald’s.  Before, attempted entry into either place used to result in full-out tantrums.  I’d like to think that Adam is highly intuitive and realizes there’s something amiss with that Ronald McDonald character.  Ronald’s still not allowed in Adam’s circle of trust but he adores the playland now.  Not only that, he climbs right to the top!
  • Adam’s showing a great awareness of who is present and who is missing.  Every morning, he’s asking “Where’s Daddy?” and I reply “Daddy’s gone to work!”  Some days, I’ll disappear downstairs and I can hear Adam ask “Where’s mommy?”  The best however, was when we got together for a family dinner and Adam asked “Where’s auntie Chantal?”  He noticed that Uncle Ben and his cousin Rowan were there but Auntie Chantal was not (she was visiting a sick relative in the hospital).  Maybe this seems like such a little thing but keep in mind that Adam’s development has been greatly delayed so every time his sense of awareness grows we’re singing joyful praises!
  • Adam seems to be developing a sense of sarcasm which catches us by surprise every time.  For example, he’ll extend an arm for Jon to hold and then whip it away at the last second with a little angry face.  A second later, he’s smiling as if to say “Gotcha!”  It catches us by surprise and we laugh our heads off every time.
  • At speech therapy, Adam keeps hitting all his goals.  At the last session, his therapist remarked how just seems to take off with one concept after it’s introduced.
  • Adam has started physiotherapy.  Apparently, his gross and fine motor skills are pretty good and most of his issues are either sensory related or related to his fixed way of thinking and an unwillingness (or rather, inability) to model demonstrated instructions.  For example, the physiotherapist wanted Adam to stack blocks in tower but he wanted to build some type of bridge structure.  When she’d try to encourage him to follow her lead he got very frustrated and wanted to go home.  Luckily, the physiotherapist will be helping Adam to “think outside of the autism box” which I think will be very beneficial preparation for school.

And so my friends, that about sums it up for this time.  If I don’t get a chance to post again, I’d like to take the time and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your continued love and support.  Enjoy your family.  Love them and cherish them.  And be merry.  Merry I say!!

See you all in the new year.  *wink*


Miasm Round One – Psorinum

Woo hoo!  On to the miasms people!  ISN’T THIS EXCITING?!?!?!

*cricket*  *cricket*



That’s OK.  Just bear with my enthusiasm.  🙂

Maybe it would help if I reminded you what miasmic treatment is all about.  Basically this involves treating Adam for any chronic diseases he may inherited from Jon and I.  Samuel Hahnemann, the founding father of homeopathy believed that “the true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm, when left to themselves, improper treatment, go on to increase, growing worse and torment the patient to the end of his life.”  (78 Organon).  Miasmic treatment is a long process and can take a year or more to complete but if there’s anything we have, it’s plenty of time.

As I understand it, there are only a handful of specific miasms but they can cause an assortment of diseases depending on how it manifests within the patient.  For example, if the psora miasm is present in your family genetic line you might have relatives with the following ailments:  absesses, boils, bronchitis, connective tissue diseases, depression, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, etc.  It is a homeopath’s job to dig a little in your family history and find all the skeletons in the closet (so to speak).  It’s obvious that the psora miasm is present in my genetic line.  Both my sister and I have psoriasis and my niece has scleroderma (a connective tissue disease).  Thus, it makes sense that Adam’s first miasmic treatment was for psora.  The psora remedy is called Psorinum and it comes it powdered form just like the trauma remedies.

Within the first couple of days of starting his powders, Adam’s verbal skills took another leap. He started talking ALL THE TIME. Still is his garbled sometimes-only-we can-interpret-kid-speak but nonetheless the sentences were flowing seamlessly.   Some recent ones that come to mind are: “Pink car in house,” “This piece go here,” and “Mom sit down come play.”   The real gem was returning home one day after an appointment and having Adam race up the stairs yelling “Mommy! Mommy!” He leapt right into my arms with a big smile plastered on his face.

However, as with every other phase of treatment we also saw signs of Adam’s healing reaction.  Like the others, they were both physical and emotional in nature.

Healing Reaction Observations:

  • Once again, we saw parasites in his diaper.  It always seems that we see them for a couple of days and then they disappear again.  Maybe, the parasites are only expelled during the thick of Adam’s healing reactions?
  • Irritability and increased anxiety over leaving the house.  For a couple of days, Adam didn’t want to leave the house and he was showing great anxiety over getting in the truck.  If we were going out as a family, he would worry that we were not leaving together (he would follow me and whimper “Coming mom?” over and over if I didn’t look ready to leave).  A couple of times, Adam didn’t want to go to daycare and tried to leave once we arrived.
  • Aside from the red anal ring which has seemingly been present for awhile, a rash has developed near his thigh that is circular, red and raised (about a quarter inch in diameter).  Our homeopath suspects he might be expressing ringworm (which I had also done during the course of my own treatment).
  • Tired.  Slept in one morning past 10:00 and had a couple of naps during the day.
  • Regressive behaviours.  Adam had a couple of days where he seemed a little more regressive in his behaviours.  While at speech, his therapist tried to get Adam to look at a book filled with cartoon illustrations of kids.  When she could sense his frustration she pulled out a boy and girl cutout and tried to get him to put clothing cut-outs on him.  Making eye-contact with “people drawings” continues to be difficult for Adam and I knew the therapist was unknowingly setting him up for failure.  He looked at me, on the verge of tears and said “Go home.”  He was also waving bye to the therapist and inching towards the door.  When we tried to distract him with other play suggestions, he threw himself to the floor kicking and screaming.  Luckily we were able to salvage the session by drawing some roads on the wall-size dry-erase board and letting Adam drive his matchbox cars on them.  This same day, I noticed a lot of squinting and increased rocking behaviour.  He even climbed up on the TV unit to watch his cartoons from the side of the TV with his face pressed up against it.  The next week, I brought him to speech again even though he clearly expressed some concern about going.  He was fine in the waiting room but once his therapist arrived, Adam bolted for the door and I had to carry him into the therapy room kicking and screaming.  I tried my best to console him and distract him with the fun toys the therapist had brought into the room for him (bless her heart, she brought in cars and trucks and trains to make up for upsetting him week before).  However, Adam was totally inconsolable.  His eyes were shut and his body was rigid; when he opened his eyes for a brief second I noticed they were completely bloodshot.  I don’t think I had seen Adam this upset since our trip to Sudbury and he got upset over a change in plans.  I wasn’t sure what to do so I flicked the light switch and the room went completely dark.  Almost immediately, Adam’s body relaxed and the tantrum was over.  We were able to proceed with the therapy session in the dark, though we turned on the light in the adjoining observation room to illuminate things just enough to see each other and the toys.

Developmental Gains:

  • Adam underwent another speech assessment and the speech pathologist determined that his vocalizations have progressed well enough that we no longer need to use PECS (picture exchange communication system).  Yay!!!
  • Sentences are growing longer and being used more frequently.  In the last few weeks, his language seems to have gotten more fluid.  For example, we don’t have to say “Bye Adam” three times before he responds with his own “Bye.”  We can actually have small conversations with Adam with relative ease.  For example, here’s an actual conversation that took place a few days ago:  Adam: “Mcqueen and Chick Hicks?”  Me:  “Are you looking for Mcqueen and Chick Hicks?”  Adam: “Yes.”  Me: “Where are they?” Adam: “In bed.”  Me:  “Well here’s Chick Hicks but I can’t find McQueen.  Where is he?”  Adam:  “Check under pillow.”
  • More frequent use of “I,” “my,” “mine.”
  • Singing songs ALL THE TIME.
  • Going to bed early.  Adam’s nighttime hyperactivity seems to have gone away (at least temporarily).  By 7:30 or 8:00 he usually announces that it’s “time for bed” and once he’s tucked in, he’s stays there all night long.  No more getting out of bed ten times before falling asleep!
  • Play is becoming more elaborate.  One afternoon, I lay down for a rest and Adam was content to play for an hour all by himself.  I could hear him making sounds while he was playing (maybe words too but I couldn’t hear that well).  When I got up I found him playing with his Disney matchbox cars and there were toys set up all over the place (including a leggo tunnel).  It was as though he was acting out some type of imaginary scenario with his cars.  Since that moment I’ve heard him playing again and he is DEFINITELY talking to his toys while playing.
  • Growing independence.  Adam has developed a “do it myself” mentality.  He wants to undress himself before bath, take off/put on his own shoes, button his own buttons, etc.  Once again, I think this is a developmental milestone so it’s thrilling that we’ve notched another one off the list.  🙂
  • Adam has become quite fond the computer and will sit there typing out the alphabet or numbers from 1 – 20.  He’s even started transcribing words from his DVD cases onto the computer proclaiming “I do it myself!” when he’s done.
  • Adam’s learned his days of the week.  God bless that daycare.  🙂

Perhaps the greatest gain is that people outside of the family are starting to notice the changes in Adam and we are frequently hearing “He’s doing sooooo well!”  It’s like music to my ears.  Happy, bust a move type music.  Wearing sweat pants and cleaning the house type music.  You know what I’m talking about.

And so my friends, one round ends and another begins.

Looking forward to the music to come.  😉


Whoops! One Last Trauma…


We were supposed to be embarking on Adam’s first miasm treatment but he sustained another traumatic event before our consult.  Adam had been going through this mischievous phase of getting into EVERYTHING.  Whenever a parental back was turned he was using the opportunity to climb onto the counter and inspect the cupboards or pulling open drawers to play with their contents.  One day, he attempted to climb the dresser in our bedroom since a few of the drawers were slighty pulled out.  The result was that the whole unit fell down on top of him luckily sparing his head which Jon found poking out the top when he raced in to find what happened.  Adam didn’t seem to suffer any major injuries but he had a good cry and no doubt it was a scary moment for him.  Our homeopath decided we should treat him for this trauma before starting the first round of miasms.

During our consultation, I also mentioned some of Adam’s recent behaviours and our homeopath decided Adam needed an additional remedy.  His behaviours included: dropping things on purpose, endless energy, climbing EVERYTHING (counters, dressers, the ledge behind the couch – scary!), peeing in the tub or just outside on the bathrug, extreme sensitivity around crying children or sad characters on the TV, making mischief and not responding remorsefully to our correction.  In a nutshell, he had become quite the hand full.  Our homeopath suggested trying the remedy veratrum and if it wasn’t successful to try hyoscyamus.

After his first dose of veratrum, Adam seemed cranky and whiny having mild crying spells over small mishaps. On a shopping trip he seemed almost spacey – staring off at nothing in particular as if he were hallucinating.  His red cheeks also reappeared and I saw worms in his wet diapers after not seeing anything for a month.  He also seemed to have more hyperactive spells at night whereas for several weeks prior he was putting himself to bed around 8 PM.  While he was taking the veratrum, we also started the timeline powders for the “dresser incident.”  He contined to take both sets of powders concurrently.

This time, most of his healing reaction was behavioural in nature (cranky, moody, impatient).  However, we did notice some cheek rash (with small pimple-like eruptions) and a return of diarrhea after a couple of weeks of more formed stools.

Positive developments:

  • The daycare program has started up again and Adam is going willingly.  No more dragging him through the door in tears.  Yay!  In comparison to the spring, Adam has made great progress at the daycare.  He follows the other kids, transitions well between activities and (saving the best for last) his resource worker Kathy said “I feel like I don’t even need to be here!’  🙂
  • Adam seems to have discovered his musical side and he’s started singing songs.  In the past, he seemed to not enjoy music AT ALL.  He would “tolerate” some music but other songs (like Happy Birthday) would visibily upset him.  Now he seems to actually enjoy them!  We even discovered he’s learned the alphabet.  One day, he just started singing it!
  • Counting EVERYTHING.  He seems to love numbers and letters.
  • He seems less visually sensitive.  There’s not as much squinting or “hand binoculars.”
  • Starting to speak in small sentences:  “Mom go for a walk”, “I found it!” (after looking for a missing toy), “I did it!” (twirling spaghetti on his fork)
  • The veratrum seems to have reduced the behaviours we were noticing prior to this round of treatment.  I’m actually able to sit down and get some rest without having to circumvent his michievous plans every 5 minutes.  It’s been WEEKS since I’ve had to clean up broken eggs on the floor or wipe vaseline off his hands and THAT makes for one happy mamma!