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Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Five – Medorrhinum

Sorry this post is coming so late.  It’s literally been a work in progress for almost six weeks so I’m determined to post tonight!!

Once again, like clockwork, three weeks after finishing his last Ring Worm powder, Adam woke up with a crusty pink right eye.  It wasn’t terrible but I immediately recognized that he was heading into the next healing phase and should start his next set of miasm powders soon.  At this point, I hadn’t even scheduled a consult with our homeopath but since we would be travelling past her home on a weekend trip to visit my sister, I scheduled one ASAP so that I could pick up the remedies along the way.  Many thanks to Monique for graciously accommodating my request. 🙂

After starting his powders, the pink eye immediately jumped to his left eye.  Once again, it only lasted a day or two and then he resorted to some mild unpleasantries including malaise, runny nose, mild coughing and irritability.  These symptoms resolved in a few days but overall he seemed to be more sad.  It was like living with a pre-menstrual 4-year-old.  🙂  He’s always been very sensitive when other children are crying but this time other things would set him off.  Any correction from Jon and I would result in tears and the heartbreaking remark “Mommy/Daddy…not…happy.” *Sniff* *Sniff* Another time, he cried after seeing a car crash on the TV.  I wonder if he thinks that cars are actually alive like Lightning McQueen and he understands the devastating impact of a car crash.  Anyhow, all of this could be easily attributed to a “typical” healing reaction for Adam but I had no idea that we were heading into “Round Two.”

A week after Adam finished his powders he coloured on the kitchen cupboard.





Mommy DEFINITELY not happy.  Adam knows better than that.

Of course this resulted in Adam staging a mini-tantrum over being reprimanded and once his anger was diffused he ended up in tears on Jon’s lap, sniffling over the perceived disappointment.  “Daddy…not…happy.” (enter sound of heart shattering here).  Meanwhile, without even asking, Emersyn went on damage control, grabbed a cloth and proceeded to clean up Adam’s mess.  God bless that kid and her enormous heart.  🙂  When we directed Adam’s attention towards Emersyn scrubbing the cupboard you could see his body relax in utter joy and relief that his little mistake had been erased like it never happened in the first place.  Jumping up and down smiling he repeated “Thanks Emersyn…thank-you…thanks” over and over.

The following day Adam did not have a good morning at daycare.  He expressed his anger towards the rules/boundaries by head banging and total refusal to comply (dropping to his knees so that he would have to be physically picked up and moved to where he was supposed to go).  These are same daycare rules that he’s used to and has always complied with in the past.  There were also more tears at daycare, mostly getting upset when other children were crying.  Daycare has been going great so it was unusual to hear the words “Adam had a rough morning.”  That night, he developed bright red cheeks and ears.  The red cheeks come and go periodically (they used to be present almost all the time) but the ears were a new development.  He also had a runny nose.  The next morning, started purging all kinds of fluids.  He woke up and his eyes were watering constant streams of tears and his nose was running like a faucet.  It was like his face was exploding with fluids; I had to wipe him down every couple of minutes!  Overall, his spirits were good but he didn’t want to leave the house (not even to places he would normally love to go).  A few days later, an opportunity to sleep over at his Auntie Sharon’s ended up in a late-night phone call to come pick him up.  Apparently, in his own words he “wanted to sleep in his own bed.”  Again, this is unusual behaviour because he loves auntie Sharon’s house and has NEVER wanted to skip out on an opportunity to sleep over.  The following morning, it looked like there could be more parasites in his diaper.  I haven’t seen evidence of parasites for MONTHS, the last of which I blogged about in November.  Once again, better out than in and if his body is becoming a hostile environment for the little buggers I say “Good riddance!!”  We only saw them for a couple of days and then they disappeared again.  Like the last time, it seems that we only see them during a healing reaction.  Oh – I should mention that they seem dead too.  They’re not wriggling and writhing around but then again they’re coming out in a clean diaper (not in his poop) so they must have crawled out themselves(?).  Maybe his intestinal environment IS becoming less hospitable to them and they’re trying to escape.  Who knows.  I’m not a parasite expert but through my research I know that they are terribly hard to get rid of if your body is less than healthy.  I also know that some bugs are attracted to heavy metal toxicity so when that diminishes, you should see the parasites disappear.

During this healing phase, we also observed stinky, dark coloured urine but on the other hand, his poops are looking more solid.  I always said that we’ll know his body is truly healing when his chronic diarrhea disappears.  Kids with autism notoriously suffer from gastrointestinal issues as was recently aired on an episode of the Nature of Things by Dr. David Suzuki.  I’m not going to celebrate too early on this because I’m well aware it may return.  Still, one can hope right?


  • About a week after finishing the powders, Adam seemed to be even more happy and social than before.  It’s hard to describe in words HOW he was different but Jon and I just look at each other with surprise in our eyes.  His sentences were longer, more spontaneous and he almost seemed pleased at how he was stringing his words together.  “Mommy is watching TV in the house.”  He also started saying please after requesting snacks or drinks which is something we’ve never really stressed with him before given all his language delays.   We were just thrilled the day he was able to say “cookie” or “juice”!!  He even started expressing his excitement when his sister asks him if he wants to play a game with her (“Yaaayyy!!”)  Earlier this day, his resource worker stated he had a good day at daycare and even played with a variety of toys instead of the usual one (a train track).
  • Willingness to tolerate time-outs for unacceptable behaviours.  In fact, sometimes he even asks for one when he can tell he’s in the wrong.  I also noticed that he’s started saying “Awwwwww” whenever he’s told to do something he doesn’t like (i.e. go to bed, we have to leave, etc.)  It seems like a regular thing for a kid to respond this way but Adam never did!  It’s almost like he understands now that certain things are required from him and he must comply, though he doesn’t have to be happy about it.  Before, he seemed to make his own rules and would resist  succumbing to our requests at all costs.  Or just laugh at us.
  • Adam continues to practice writing letters freehand on his magnetic doodle board.  His patience at doing this is ASTOUNDING because he usually strives for perfection (the straightest lines, the roundest circles, etc.)  Still, he tries, tries again and his efforts are paying off.

This turned out to be a pretty major healing phase for Adam.  He discharged a lot of junk out of his body and probably didn’t feel so good while it was happening.  The runny nose and watering eyes seem like an appropriate healing reaction because the Medorrhinum miasm is commonly linked to seasonal allergies.  Remember that “symptoms” are the language of healing so Adam did A LOT of healing this phase.  As Martha would say, that is a “good thing.”  🙂

Alrighty, time to post this so I can get on with some relaxing mommy time.  This next phase is unleashing a whirlwind of angry tantrums and I could D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y use a break.