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Miasm Round Eight – Lyme

So I’ve been a super procrastinator at getting this final miasm post published.¬† Apparently, summer vacation translates as “blog hiatus” in my mind. ūüôā

Lyme is the last of the eight maisms¬†we’ve tackled during this first round of miasmic¬†treatment.¬† Most people are familiar with “lyme disease”¬†with its characteristic¬†bull’s-eye rash and transmission by infected ticks.¬† In the miasmic¬†sense, Lyme historically started out with an infectious origin but then evolved (morphed?) into a genetic predisposition so it is possible to have lyme without ever coming in contact with an infected tick.¬† It’s important to note that the miasmic¬†form of lyme doesn’t always present¬†with¬†the text-book¬†rash and¬†flu-like symptoms.¬† It can manifest itself¬†through a host of other¬†chronic diseases¬†including fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, Chrohn’s¬†and¬†IBS (as well as a host of other problems)

If you follow¬†the mainstream media outlets, it is easy to see that there is growing concern over the number of people infected with Lyme.¬† It seems that every time I turn on the TV or surf the net I find myself inundated¬†with various guides for preventing tick bites or how to properly conduct a self “tick check”¬†or how to¬†properly remove the parasite in order to minimize lyme infection.¬† Personally, I can’t help but wonder if this “outbreak” is actually a growing emergence of Lyme in the miasmic sense.¬† The population as a whole is becoming weaker and sicker due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to vaccinations, poor diet, toxins, medications, etc..¬† It seems very plausible to me that the¬†declining health of our generation is what’s springing the genetic lyme miasm into action.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about tick bites, or rather insect bites in general.¬† Why do some people¬†get “attacked” by bugs whenever they venture outdoors while others seem unaffected.¬† I’ve come across some theories that people can attract certain bugs to themselves and that it’s not always a bad thing.¬† These bugs may be trying to “help” sick people by injecting them with “nature’s medicine.”¬† Anyhow, it’s an interesting theory and one that I’m paying close attention to.¬†¬†One of my husband’s¬†relatives has recently been spending a lot of time outdoors landscaping his property.¬† His girlfriend, who happens to have Lyme disease, has been¬†conducting thorough “tick checks” on him to make sure he’s clean.¬† During one of these tick checks she found zero of him¬†but one on herself.¬† And while he had been outdoors for hours, she had only come outside to¬†check him for ticks.¬† Coincidence?¬† Hmmmmmm….

Anyhow, I digress.¬† Let’s get back to Adam shall we?

Once again, right before Adam was due for his Lyme clears his¬†diaper rash started up again.¬† This time, it was soo¬†bad it look like a scabby road burn on his bum.¬† And just like the rashes before, it starting clearing up once we started the powders.¬† Interestingly enough, now that we’ve completed the miasms, his diaper rash has not returned (except for a short¬†duration during¬†his healing reaction)¬†.¬† I’m wondering if the same cycle will start when he start the second round of miasm treatments.

Four days into the powders and Adam got very cranky and moody.¬† He was emotional and upset over everything.¬† He also complained of a sore tummy (below his belly button).¬†¬†Behaviourally, he¬†started acting out by writing on our walls with pencil (thankfully it was ONLY pencil).¬† My homeopath told me that the last two miasms¬†had a “destructive energy” associated with them so this mischievous behaviour could likely be the result of that.

A week after his last powder, Adam developed a stuffy/runny nose and he napped for¬†four hours that afternoon.¬† The night before, Adam spent the night at his aunt’s house and he had woken up in the middle of the night upset (which never happens) and asked for his mom (which never happens¬†times a million).¬† He also developed a mild cough with strider.¬† Emotionally, he was all over the map.¬† The slightest upsets were inconsolable tragedies to him.¬† One day, he injured himself while visiting a friend’s pool¬†and took at least a half¬†hour to get over it.¬† He demanded bandaids¬†on every scratch no matter how slight.¬† At one point there were¬†four bandaids¬†on one knee.¬† We’ve seen this type of behaviour before and just like the past, he develops a fear of the¬†bath when he has “ouchies.”¬† We also saw him become very bossy and demand to “Stay home!” at the mere suggestion of venturing out of the house.¬† This moodiness led to increased head banging (this time, I know¬†for¬†sure because I’m recording¬†each occurence for ABA).¬† Eventually his bum¬†rash started coming back along with the notorious bum itch from¬†six months ago.¬† During these episodes, his bum itches like crazy driving him¬†out of his mind until he starts¬†crying and his nose starts running.¬† He also complained of a sore tummy and we saw the return of diarrhea.

Towards the end of his healing reaction, Adam dumped a half carton of Almond milk on the floor (didn’t see so I don’t know if it was an accident or intentional).¬† I came upstairs and found him driving his trucks and cars through the mess.¬† The next day, he ripped open his sister’s homemade tambourine and drove cars through the pile of rice.¬† He also dumped out his toy bins every day for a period.¬† I wonder if that’s related to the same compulsion he had to dump the milk on the floor.¬† About a week after his healing reaction started (the sleepover) he had four poops in one day.¬† They started solid and then became increasingly softer with the last one being very sour-smelling and almost appeared to be mucous-like.


  • Increasing ability to compromise.¬† One day, Adam’s aunt had taken his sister and him for a walk and Adam said “I wanna go this way” and Auntie Sharon said “No, we need to go this way” (pointing to the opposite side of the field).¬† Adam said “Let’s go down the middle.”¬† He’s also started negotiating.¬† “I want a cookie mom.”¬† “No Adam, you haven’t had breakfast yet.” “How about……a juicy popsicle?”¬† “No.”¬† “How about….some gummies?”
  • Increased “social” conversation (I don’t know what else to call it?).¬† Adam seems to¬†picking up on various¬†cues¬†and responding to people with socially appropriate phrases.¬† Here’s a small selection of his verbal victories:¬† “OK Emersyn!”, “Great job Emersyn!”, and “Look what¬†I can do mom!”¬† He also went to visit some baby birds living in a nest on the windowsill of his grandma’s office and he waved to them saying ” “Oh hi baby birds.¬† My names is¬†Adam.¬† This is babes.” while pointing to Emersyn (a nickname we often use for her).
  • Increased pretend play.¬† I absolutely love to hear Emersyn¬†and Adam playing together because the two of theme will come up with extremely imaginative play scenarios (i.e. sailing in laundry basket “boats,” surfing on laundry baskets, making “soup” in sand pails, etc.)¬† Adam laughs hysterically the whole time and participates with imaginative comments.
  • Increased¬†ability to communicate his feelings.¬† We’ve noticed that Adam’s verbal skills have developed to the point where he can communicate¬†his fears and concerns.¬† The other night, my husband wanted to bring the kids to Future Shop and Adam’s anxiety meter was clearly on the rise.¬† Instead of pitching a fit and banging his head Adam said “I scared of the Exit signs.”¬† A couple months¬†back, Adam LOVED exit signs but now the switch has flipped the other way.¬† Anyhow, my point is that Adam is able to TELL us what’s the matter and we can console him appropriately without him resorting to “behaviours” (as the Autism experts like to call ’em).
  • Increased social behaviour.¬† Waves and says “Hi!” to cashiers.¬† Says “Want daddy to stay in the front yard with Adam.¬† Daddy be Adam’s FRIIIEEENND.”¬† Melt.
  • Answers questions more appropriately.¬† Like most kids with speech delays, it is hard for Adam to understand the verbal concepts of questions (who, what, where, when, why).¬† However, today he returned home from a field trip to¬†the lake with his respite worker¬†and I asked “Did you see any lizards?”¬† I was expecting him to answer “yes” which is his usual response when he doesn’t understand the question I¬†am asking (for the concept of time for that matter).¬† Also, I knew he had seen lizards the last time he went to the lake.¬† However, today he answered “No.¬† No lizards.”¬† I was floored for a minute then I asked, “What about frogs?”¬† “No either.”¬† Success!!¬† ūüôā

Well that’s about it, I guess.¬† Since these “developments” have evolved over the course of the couple of months, it’s difficult to attribute them all the Lyme clears.¬†¬†About a month ago¬†he gashed his head open on our entertainment unit and I needed to give him another set of powders to address that trauma.¬† The poor little guy required a trip to the “hops-i-ble” but thankfully they were able to glue the wound shut with no freezing required.

I should also note that after the first full moon this month, Adam had parasites in his morning diaper.¬† Once again, none were moving and they¬†were short and fat like grains of rice.¬† There is DEFINITELY a link between parasitic activity and the moon cycle (though I wouldn’t say that we see them EVERY time the moon is full).

Alrighty, without further delay let’s get this bad boy posted before my brain goes on hiatus again.¬†ūüôā

Hope you’re all having a great summer!