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Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Three – Tuberculinum

This post is coming late as we’re already into the fourth round of miasm treatment, so my apologies to the faithfuls.  I should let you know that if you click on the option to subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side of the page) you’ll receive email notifications when there are new posts so you don’t have to keep checking it every few days.

Anyhow, let’s get into the nitty-gritty, shall we?  Leading into the third round of miasm treatments, Adam was sporting his red cheeks once again.  After a week without incident, he started having severe fits with his bum around bedtime.  Some nights it would be a mild spell where he would ask us to scratch his bum a few times, but other times it would send him into a complete frenzy lasting an hour or longer.  During the more severe episodes, he would cry out “Make it stop!” and we would scratch his bum and earn about 30 seconds of relief before it started all over again.  It was very tiring on Jon and I but at the same time we felt so awful for Adam.  He would be exhausted and desperately trying to sleep but his bum was driving him crazy (literally!).  I should also note that during these bum fits his nose would be running.  It’s an odd observation but if I’ve learned ANYTHING about homeopathy, it’s often the odd symptoms that speak volumes to the homeopath about what is going on within the body.

I was also seeing a lot of behaviours from the past emerge.  He’d repeat phrases over and over like a broken record until someone echoed them back to him.  I was also noticing the onset of echolalia.  I always thought this was one symptom of autism that had evaded Adam but one day he walked in the room and said “Coming to Blu-ray and DVD in June 2010.”  In cases of delayed echolalia, a child with autism will repeat phrases he has heard elsewhere and are usually out of context to the current situation.  You’d think I might have felt a little defeated when I realized this was classic echolalia but on the contrary I chuckled at how amusing it sounded.  And if you think about it, it’s all contributing to his growing vocabulary so how bad can it be?

During this time, Adam was also very ritualistic, wanting to read the same books over and over each day and it always had to be read by me.  In general, he was impatient, wanted everything perfect and when he couldn’t get things the way he wanted he would lash out in anger.  *Sigh*  I had been hoping to delay his next round of treatment until AFTER Christmas (since you never know what kind of healing reaction lies ahead), but when I consulted with our homeopath, she confirmed my original thought that Adam was likely needing his next set of remedies.  The body heals when the body heals and unfortunately it pays no attention to the holiday schedule.  Apparently, fits of anger or rage are classic signs of the tuberculosis miasm and when the homeopath brought this to light I was immediately reminded of a neighbour living beside my in-laws who was quarantined a few years back for tuberculosis.  Anyhow, she’s supposedly “healed” from her tuberculosis yet she still suffers periods of rage where she rants and screams curse words that the whole neighbourhood can hear.  Fascinating indeed.

A few days in to the powders, Adam started over-reacting to pain and every scratch or pinch needed a band-aid.  I think there was a period of a week or so where every day Adam demanded a bandaid.  One night he had a screaming fit over the bath, which is unusual for Adam since he’s usually the first one to suggest a bath after supper’s done.  I don’t know if he was necessarily scared of the water or if he was scared to get his “ouchies” wet (I tend to think it’s more the latter because he was very upset and preoccupied with his band-aid while he stood in the tub so I could quickly wash him).

A few days after ending the powders Adam had another night-time fit over his bum.  Just like the other episodes, he kept saying “it hurts!” but then he would ask me to scratch it.  Scratching didn’t really seem to bring relief.  Then he disappeared around a corner and Jon heard a wet explosion sound.  “I pooped my pants!” Adam announced and then afterwards he seemed fine.  Now I’m wondering if the “itchy bum” is actually some kind of pain or cramping that precedes a bowel movement.   The next day he had a nap during the day followed by a meltdown at the church potluck dinner.  It was one of those, inconsolable screaming fits that he has a hard time turning off.  He was complaining over and over that his arm hurt so Jon finally pulled up his sleeve to show him there was no “ouchie” he was able to calm down after the realization set in.  Jon said it was like you could the “wheels of reason” turning in his head as he surveyed his arm for injuries and found none.

Following the powders, we also started to see a lot of heavily soiled diapers.  For several days he was literally peeing through his diapers which was unusual since he didn’t seem to be drinking any more than usual.  His urine was also dark yellow and foul-smelling; throughout the day as well (not just his morning diaper).  I tend to think this is a good sign that his body was eliminating junk (toxins?) though I can only speculate that this was the cause.  This occurred for about a week or so and then his urine returned to normal.

Developmental Gains:

  • Adam is starting to show interest in using the potty.  Correction, he seems to be skipping the potty altogether and heading right to the toilet.  It all started at daycare where he wanted to use the toilet like some of the other boys.  Now he continues to try it at home and at daycare though he’s not entirely interested in trying it all the time.  This is a great start though!!
  • Adam’s language development continues to increase and he speaks in full sentences most of the time.  His enunciation is still very “baby-esque” but we have no problem understanding him.  In the last few weeks, Adam has started sounding like a regular kid when he’s patrolling the house looking for me.  “Mom?”  “Mom?”  The first couple of times I thought it was Emersyn and was completely surprised to discover it was Adam sounding so cool and casual.  He also caught us off guard saying “Thanks for lunch Gramma!” when we were leaving my in-laws house after lunch one Sunday.  The following week it was “Thanks for the ice-cream!”  I love it when he comes out with these phrases on his own instead of merely repeating words when we ask.
  • Adam is still showing a keen interest in letters, spelling and numbers.  He can spell about twenty words on his own and one of his favourite past-times is to make lists on words on the computer or fridge (using magnetic letters).  Adam will start off the “game” by choosing one word to spell and then he categorically selects the rest depending on what the first word was (i.e. modes of transportation, colours, etc.).  One day, he picked “unicorn” as his first word (which he can spell all by himself) and then after pausing to think of his next word he picked “mermaid” followed by “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast.”  The boy is a genius!  🙂
  • Adam is LOVING his brand new Lightning Mcqueen laptop that he received for Christmas and he spends hours on it daily.  He can play many games by himself where he continues to learn how to spell and learn his numbers from 1 – 50.  There is one game called “Road Builder” where he has to build a road around tree obstacles for Mcqueen to drive along.  It’s amazing to watch him analyze the initial and ending road pieces and then proceed to build the road in between so that they match up.   He can do this in a matter of seconds!!  He can’t stand failure though and if the timer buzzer indicates he’s running out of time he’ll quickly press a button to start a different game so that he doesn’t have to lose.  I’ve learned that A LOT of Adam’s extreme behaviours or meltdowns are tied to his incessant perfectionism.
  • More patient.  When Adam is NOT out-of-sorts (i.e. experiencing a healing reaction), I’ve discovered that I can more easily reason with him.  Now I can say “Mommy will read you that book AFTER she’s done eating her lunch.”  Before, he would lash out in anger every time and usually throw the book at me too.  Now he seems to understand the logic behind my response and he’ll say “Ok mom” and then calmly retreat.  He’s definitely keeping an eye on me though because as soon as the last bite is popped in my mouth (or the last dish is washed and put away) he’s right at my side saying “NOW, mommy read me a book.” 🙂

Well that sums it up for this phase.  The hubby and I are leaving in the morning for a night away from the kids (many thanks to auntie Sharon and gramma who will be taking over parental duties while we’re away).

Adieu my cyber-space friends.


The Rice Experiment – Demonstrating the Power of Words

This post might blow your mind a little.  In fact, it might blow your mind A LOT.

Homeopathy skeptics argue that any perceived positive effect from homeopathic remedies are due to the placebo effect.  This is because it is well-known that homeopathic remedies are ultra-diluted, to the point that there is no “detectable” amount of the medicinal agent in the remedy.  However, new research is starting to study the amazing ability of water to retain memory of whatever it was in contact with.  In fact, sometimes even a simple word can alter the structure of water in miraculous ways.

King Solomon (the author of the book of “Proverbs” in the bible) is well-known as the man who could have prayed to God for anything in the world and he chose wisdom above any worldly treasures.  In the book of Proverbs, Solomon talks a lot about the power of words.:

“The words of the wicked are like a murderous ambush, but the words of the godly save lives.”  (Proverbs 12:6)

“Kind words are like honey– sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”  (Proverbs 16:24)

Dr. Masaru Emoto , a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has studied the effect that words can have on water.  He exposed water to positive words and negative words and then flash froze the samples to capture their molecular structure.  Water exposed to positive words like “love” and “thank-you” produced beautiful crystals while water exposed to negative words like “you make me sick” or “anger” took on ugly, misshapen forms.  There is a quick three minute video on youtube demonstrating his results if you are interested in learning more.

Dr. Emoto invites people to observe the effects of words on water by conducting their own simple experiment at home.  Boil a pot of rice, divide it into two air tight jars and write “I love you” on one jar and “I hate you” on the other.  Put the jars on a shelf, preferably in a dark location away from electrical interferences and wait for 20 or 30 days.

Well, I DID this experiment and here are the results:

Masaru's Rice Experiment

"I Hate You" Sample

"I Love You" Sample

Both rice samples came from the same pot of rice.  The jars are identical and they were both cleaned in the same manner.  Dr. Emoto explains the rotten rice as the result of the words “I Hate You” on the water absorbed by the rice.  If you google the Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment you’ll find several other people who have documented the same result.

If THIS can happen to rice, imagine what destructive thoughts or words can have on the human body  After all, the human body is composed mostly of water.

Also, maybe the homeopathy skeptics will take pause and consider how truly healing water can be.

Told you this one might blow your mind a little.

Just a little food for thought.  🙂