Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Happy New Year!!

Hello again.  Seriously, two posts in ONE DAY?  I must be on some kind of a roll!

Just wanted to share some pictures of our growing family.

This year’s Christmas card pic:


And our Christmas morning pic (I LOVE my little Adam’s smile in this one.  It’s totally heart melting):



And when I say growing, I truly mean GROWING:


SURPRISED?  We certainly were!  Apparently God had a plan when he moved us into a 4 bedroom house.  I guess we won’t be having a guest bedroom after all.  🙂

I can honestly say that I am embracing this pregnancy completely fearlessly having accepted that everything happens for good reason and I am destined to become a mother again.  Am I worried about Autism striking our family twice?  Absolutely not.  I escaped that prison of fear awhile ago.

Goodnight my lovelies.  xox


Second Round of Miasms – Psorinum and Malaria

You:  Cowering in fear behind closed door.

Me:  (Maniacally chopping door down with axe)  “I’mmmmmmm back!!!”  Did you miss me?  🙂

*Sigh*  It’s good to be back, peeps.  It’s been an extremely hectic three months in our household (or “lack thereof” I should say) but we officially moved in to the new house at the beginning of December and now that the Christmas hubbub is over, things are settling down a bit.  I’m not gonna lie.  I feel a little battered and bruised from the experience.  Shacking up with relatives and renovating a house is stressful enough for anyone but when you toss a 4 year old with autism in the mix?  Craziness.  Actually, that’s a “four year old with autism who was uprooted from his house, started attending junior kindergarten full-time and had his bussing change THREE times in three months.”  Trust me, there’s a difference.

I was telling my sister a few weeks ago that I hope one day I can look back upon this time in my life and recall what a crazy time of healing it was.  By then, I’ll be harvesting the blessings that come out of this trial and realize how truly necessary it was.  I am reminded of the verse “In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  That’s “IN EVERYTHING” give thanks, not just the “rainbow-covered-in-sunshine-and-sprinkles” things.  One day, I know I’ll be shouting “Hallelujah!” from the rooftops but in the meantime, it’s kind of hard to see the blessings when you keep getting mud slung in your face.  Still, it gives me peace knowing that day is coming. 😉

So given my tardiness at posting I think I’ll combine the two draft posts I have created regarding Adam’s clearing of the first two miasms in his second round of miasmic treatment:  Psorinum and Malaria.  You can read about his initial clearings of Psorinum and Malaria if you grab that mouse of yours and click HERE and HERE.

So…let’s just dive into it shall we?

In the weeks leading up to his Psorinum clearing, Adam was GRUMPY.   He was completely bossy, passive aggressive (tries to hurt with words), didn’t trust anyone’s reassurance (“The baby is OK, Adam.  He’s not crying.”  Adam “No!!! The baby IS crying!!”) and he was totally non-compliant with any instruction coming from Jon or I (i.e. going limp biscuit on the floor in Walmart, running away from me in the grocery store, etc.).  He also started habitually clearing his throat in a way that seemed like he was developing a tick.

For simplicity sake, I’m going to bullet-form details of the healing reaction that emerged after starting his Psorinum powders:


  • Within a couple of days of starting his Psorinum powders, Adam developed a slight croupy sounding cough during the night and mornings.
  • He asked for a bandaid for his ear and another time he complained of a sore eye (no redness though) and he put a bandaid over his eye.  In fact, we EASILY went through a entire box of bandaids, because every bump, nick or scratch would require medical attention.  If we tried to convince him he was fine and didn’t need one, he would proceed to the bathroom and find them himself.
  • About a week after starting his powders Adam woke up at 5AM one morning and presented himself on the outside of our bedroom door yelling “I have a tummy ache mom!”  He didn’t come IN the bedroom until I called his name because he has a fear or dislike about watching people sleep.  Just add it to his list of MANY fears. 
  • The week before starting his powders, Adam would fall asleep no problem.  However, after starting his powders he had nighttime hyperactive spells making it harder for him to fall asleep.  Waking him up for school was a nightmare.
  • Adam’s itchy bum at bedtime returned.  Every night, someone had to lie with him and scratch his bum until he fell asleep.
  • Adam was EXTRA sensitive to crying kids.
  • Adam was EXTRA sensitive to Emersyn coughing.
  • His sensory sensitivities increased.  Adam was frequently covering his ears or squinting.
  • About a week and a half after finishing his powders, Adam couldn’t bear the sound of Emersyn’s coughing.  He would run away from her, slam the bedroom door and lay on the bed in fetal position with his ears covered with his hands (he also felt warm).  He even called her “the new Emersyn” which is weird since he had called me “not mom” earlier in the week when trying to wake him up for school.  This behaviour worsened and eventually spiralled out of control.  Even when Emersyn’s cough improved he couldn’t get past the memory of it.  I couldn’t get him ready for school while Emersyn was still in the house.  He wouldn’t even come DOWNSTAIRS until she had left for school so I was constantly driving him to school an hour late.  I couldn’t get them both in the car at the same time which was a nightmare for attempting to go ANYWHERE.  At the mere suggestion of going out, Adam would have a complete meltdown.  Interestingly enough, with every severe meltdown (always over Emersyn’s coughing) he would always complain of a stomach ache.
  • Some days, he flat out refused to go to school and I ended up giving in and letting him stay from for several days simply because I didn’t have any fight left in me.  I was flat-out exhausted and defeated.  Let’s just say that Adam wasn’t the ONLY one crying those days. 😉
  • While the behaviours alone indicated that Adam was discharging a lot of fear, he actually started using the word “scared” almost daily.  “I’m scared of Emersyn’s cough.”  “I’m scared of (so-and-so) on the bus.”  “I’m scared of (so-and-so) at school.” 

After several weeks of teetering back-and-forth between a sprinkling of good days and mostly bad ones, it was evident the behaviour was not clearing up and the homeopath started to think Adam was “stuck” in a healing cycle.  She suggested we do a CoRe treatment which she suspected would get to root of his fears that were fueling his obsessive anxiety and angry outbursts.  I don’t know MUCH about CoRe bioresonance analysis but I had heard a lot of positive things about it so I decided to invest in one.  

Adam’s CoRe was scheduled the following week and it provided some fascinating insight into the route of his behaviours.  It basically revealed that Adam’s development was paralyzed by his fears.  It was suggested that Adam KNEW he was reaching a point where he would have to walk through the “threshold” so to speak, and allow himself to join and connect with the world in which he lives, but that he was fighting or resisting the responsibility of doing so (hence all the angry outburst and tantrums).  We received some CoRe remedies (powders and droppers) to help him resolve these issues and he started taking them shortly after he finished his Malaria powders.

Since it’s difficult to distinguish Adam’s resulting healing reaction as a result of either the Malaria or CoRe powders I’ll have to lump ’em together.  Again in point form for simplicity sake…


  • Almost immediately, Adam’s itchy bum/anal crampings ceased. 
  • He developed a mild “phlegmy” cough (especially at night) and he was tired in the early evenings, wanting to nap around 5 PM. 
  • Sensory overload.  He started verbally complaining about his eyes that they were bothering him and that he wanted to put tape over them.
  • While taking his powders, he continued to isolate himself from Emersyn when she was home and avoided going anywhere outside of the house with her.
  • Towards the end of his powders Adam developed several pimply pock marks on his thighs and bum.
  • Adam’s dog-like behaviour continued while taking the Malaria powders.  Still peeing by lifting his leg (while in the bath).  The dog vomited on the floor and Adam did the same in our room (and laughed about it).  He also carried the dog’s ball in his mouth.
  • Adam developed a runny nose and his slight but persistent cough became worse (especially at night). 
  • He developed a patchy red rash on his bum cheeks and his cheeks were red. 
  • He was initiating his own bedtime after starting to rock himself on the couch.


  • Just prior to starting school, Adam had another speech assessment done.  The results were nothing short of amazing!!  Only 15 short months after uttering his first words, Adam scored in the average range for most of the criteria.  The only area where he scored below average was for his sentence structure (stringing multiple words together with all the proper sentence components – subject, verb, etc.).  His speech pathologist was amazed by his ability to identify pictures of various items by their proper category.  For example, she showed him a picture with multiple animals on it and asked him what it was a picture of.  She was expecting him to point out the individual animals and say “zebra” or “elephant” but Adam said “Animals.”  He did this for “food” and “instruments” as well.   🙂
  • Singing ALL the time.  Like ALLLLLLL the time.  Songs from school, songs from Emersyn’s Barbie movies, the Canadian national anthem, you name it.
  • Asked a little boy at church “What’s your name?”  Then Adam turned to me asked how many “numbers old” that boy was.
  • Adam’s throat clearing tick disappeared.
  • Throughout the fall, Adam continued to make verbal gains.  He now finishes his sentences even though he’s sometimes not sure how to correctly sequence the words.  For examples “Where we eating supper…at the?”  “Where did you buy the crackers…at the?”  His verbal gains never cease to amaze me.
  • Spontaneous sharing of information.  Adam will come home from school and now tell me about things that happened throughout the day without me having to ask or prompt him.  Usually I have to ask him “Did you do phonics?”  “Did you play on the Smart Board?”
  • Adam continues to play extremely well with his sister and he even greets her at the door with a hug when she gets home from school “Oh hi Emersyn!  You’re back!”
  • Adam gives positive reinforcement to others “Good thinking!  That’s a great idea!” 
  • He’s able to communicate his feelings and emotions now.  Before, we pretty much had a good idea of what was bothering him but now he can actually verbalize “I’m scared of (so-and-so)” or “I don’t want to go to the Sportsplex.  I’m scared of the exit signs.” etc.   For a child with autism this is HUGE because most of the tantrum behaviours are related to anxieties or fears that they are unable to communicate.  It’s still difficult to assure Adam that everything’s OK but I think it’s a wonderful step that he’s able to voice his emotions.
  • Right around Christmas time, I could sense that Adam was more calm and relaxed.  It was like he dropped a million pounds from his shoulders.  He went skating over the holidays and for the first time EVER he actually allowed Jon to put skates on him and he motored around the rink like a champ.  He didn’t even get discouraged one bit if he fell!  He also conquered his fear of the ski-doo and Jon took him out on the trails.  When he got back from his first ride, Jon lifted his helmet visor and saw the saddest little frown.  He was sad that his ride was over so Jon took him out right away for a second ride!
  • Adam has started “faking” emotions – being sad (usually) – for attention.  You know when kids put on the “fake pout” for a little parental attention?  Adam’s got it mastered!!  It’s especially funny to watch him try to put his fake frown back on after you’ve made him laugh.

So…that’s a pretty good summation of the past three months, or rather I should say “That’s about as good as it’s gonna get!”  Hopefully, I’ll be back in the swing of things and updating the blog more regularly.  At least I keep notes!  I like to keep track of everything.  Hopefully some people are finding this information useful. 🙂

As an interesting side-note, we discovered that Emersyn’s persistent cough was actually related to grief over moving out of the old house.  The homeopath clued into that once we finally moved into the new house and within a DAY, Emersyn’s cough got worse again.  I could recall that about a week prior, Emersyn had shed some tears and expressed that she missed the old house.  We received a set of grief remedies and Emersyn proceeded to have a HUGE healing reaction to them (fever, coughing, ear aches, jaw pain, etc.).  When it was all said and done, Emersyn’s cough was gone.