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Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Phase Nine (In-Utero Ultrasounds)

Once again, I was late contacting the homeopath for Adam’s next phase of treatment.  I finally emailed her and caught her at home with only a few days left before her two week vacation.  Talk about good timing!!  (or rather, God’s perfect timing which is something I am noticing a lot during this journey).  If I had waited any longer, Adam’s treatment would have been delayed by several weeks.  We scheduled a phone consultation for the same day and it finally dawned on me to send her a link to the blog so that she could read about Adam’s progress and healing reactions herself.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about homeopathy and I’m learning to be more observant of Adam’s symptoms and behaviours.  Most of you are probably chuckling – “could she BE MORE observant?” – but the thing is, if I say Adam developed a cough, I haven’t really been paying attention to whether that cough develops at night or from cold air or after he eats a pickle.  It may sound funny but now I’m learning that these quirky little observations can indicate that he may be in need of a certain remedy or can assist the homeopath in selecting the appropriate remedy.  So during our phone consult, I decided to reveal all of Adam’s little quirks to our homeopath.  I told her that Adam had started shaking his head back and forth multiple times (it looked awkward enough for me to be concerned he was rattling his brain) and he was being a little obsessive about jumping on things.  She felt he needed a remedy in addition to the timeline powders to address these behaviours but she was torn between two.  Then when I remembered that he was obsessed with bums and poop she was able to definitively select one over the other.  Some of you might remember Adam’s obsession with the horse poop when he went horseback riding but it had progressed to the point where Adam was literally pointing the back end of anything and making a “yucccckkky” sound (i.e. an ant, a dog, a stuffed toy, the remote control).

Right around the time he should have started his next set of timeline powders, Adam developed a boil on on his left hand (at the base of his thumb)and a few days later another one popped up on the tip of the same thumb.  I was watching it like a hawk but it wasn’t accompanied by any pain or fever so I didn’t take him to the clinic.  Eventually, they healed and Adam started his Hyos powders (to address the head shaking, jumping and poop obsession) the following week.  The week after that, he started his timeline powders to address any trauma inflicted by the pregnancy ultrasounds.

The following regressions were observed during this phase:

  • For two weeks he was pretty miserable.  He was easily brought to anger or tears over the slightest upset or frustration, including (but not limited to) having to wait/take turns, taking a bath, going out of the house (i.e. even to places he normally enjoys).  He seems to be over this little set back now but his behaviour was reminiscent of his regressions last year when we first started the homeopathic treatments.
  • Visually over-stimulated.  Based on certain behaviours (i.e squinting, blocking his eyes with his hands, making “hand binoculars” to look through), I’ve been fairly certain that Adam struggles to filter out visual stimuli.  However, he actually voiced it outloud for the first time while having a meltdown entering the nursery at church.  He was obviously distressed, crying with his back arched and he said “My eyes!”  Poor thing (I think the wall mural of Jonah and the Whale bothers him).  The morning after the church meltdown, he woke up before everyone else, came upstairs and was playing by himself in the living room.  I told Jon that it was bizarre that he wasn’t jumping into our bed for cuddles like he usually does so Jon called him into our room.  He eventually walked in bent over forwards like he was avoiding eye contact.  This is definitely an old behaviour that’s come back since he is usually very happy and social with us in the morning.
  • While on the Hyos powders, Adam produced dark stools during the day with light-brownish yellow sour-smelling stools before bed (3 days in a row).
  • Reverting back to more periods of alone time.  Sometimes he’d disappear downstairs and I’d find him playing alone in his room.  He always giggled when I found him but it was still odd to find him isolating himself from the family.
  • More fussiness over any disruption of “Adam’s Law and Order.”  For example, starting the vehicle BEFORE everyone is buckled in and all the doors are closed.  Adam finds this particularly upsetting and cries hysterically in his carseat until we’re all buckled in and moving.  This behaviour has lingered though some of the other regressions have disappeared.
  • Babbling like a baby.  I don’t know if this should be a regressive behaviour or positive gain!  I must admit that I think it’s good to hear him saying “ba, ba, ba” or “da, da, da” or “ma, ma, ma” since he never babbled as a baby and I think it’s an important step in language development.  He even says “goo, goo, ga, ga” which is such a stereotypical baby babble it’s almost comical to hear it coming from a 3 year old.
  • Over-senstive response to pain.  Adam used to have a dulled response to pain.  He could fall down, scrape both knees to the point of bleeding and then get back up and keep on going like nothing happend.  Now, any little scratch or scrape results in back-arching hysterical crying spells.  It’s even worse if there’s blood.  One day, he scratched his ankle and I was convinced that there must be some shard of metal or glass embedded in there based on his reaction.  His immediate response was to go to his bed and hide the injury under his covers.  Pretty heartbreaking, and also a wee bit frustrating if you’re trying to lovingly administer a band-aid.  During this phase he had repeated episodes of putting himself to bed after sustaining any minor injury (especially one that bled).
  • The return of mini-rituals (i.e. reading the same book or watching the same movies over and over, playing in a repetitive manner at the park:  run around the fountain, sit beside me, wait for me to give him the cue to do it again, etc. )  This behaviour has also diminished after re-emerging for a short time.
  • Oversensitive to being scolded/reprimanded.  He would first show signs of being angry and look for something to throw or for something naughty to do that we wouldn’t like.  I was clipped by many toys thrown in anger and had to clean up many messes made intentionally on the floor.  Eventually, the anger was replaced by remorse and he would turn to us for cuddles.
  • Headbutting us or hitting us.  Sometimes in anger and sometimes just because.

Positive Developments:

  • Stringing two or three words together.
  • Nodding yes or no to questions asked – unprompted.
  • Showing signs of understanding when we try to reason with him.  “Adam, you can have dessert AFTER you’ve eaten your broccoli.”  In the past, he would have just gotten frustrated and eventually walked away but now he returns to his chair and actually finishes his dinner!
  • Adam’s eating carrots.  CARROTS PEOPLE!!
  • Adam’s red cheeks have disappeared.  Unfortunately I don’t know EXACTLY when this happend but they used to only disappear for a day or two and now I can’t even remember the last time I saw them!  Red, ruddy cheeks are a common occurance on autistic children and is a key indicator that something is awry in the body.  They are indicative of food allergies too (of which many autistic children suffer from).  Here is a picture taken a few months back that shows his red cheeks:
Adam's Red Cheeks

Adam's Red Cheeks

  • Growing independence.   He’s now asserting himself by deciding what he’d like to do and having to ask us for permission or help (i.e. ride his bike, go blueberry picking).  Before, he seemed to just go with the flow with whatever everyone else was doing.
  • Adam enjoys playing with the neighbour girl with his big sister.  When she knocks on our door, Adam comes running and puts on his sandals to go out and play.  I have a super cute video of the three of them playing ring-around-the-rosy on the front lawn but unfortunately it’s not in the correct format to post.  🙂
  • I’ve successfully taken Adam shopping on multiple occasions.  No meltdowns or tantrums.
  • He’s now saying “mom” and “dadda.”  What can I even say about this?  My three year old precious boy can call me by name.  Words fail me but my heart pulses with joy.
  • The head shaking and obsession with “yucky bums” has disappeared.  I still observe him jumping though it’s not as obsessive as it was before the Hyos powders.

The last phase of Adam’s timeline powders is currently underway and he received his first powder today.  It appears that he might be purging some intestinal parasites but since it’s still on-going I’ll save this discussion for the next phase.  *Shudder*

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