Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Miasm Round Six – Carcinosin

Ooh boy.  This phase was a doozy.  Times a million.  And a half.

Perhaps it was even more exhausting on us since Adam seemed to have a long healing reaction during the last phase and then right on schedule he got a thick yellow-ish green discharge coming from his nose the day before we started the Carcinosin powders.  We just didn’t seem to have that time where Adam normally pulls out of his healing reaction and has a brilliant week of gains.  That is usually the week that renews our spirits and gets us back on the saddle for the next phase.  This time, we were forced to mount the horse bare-back.

Just to give you a little background knowledge, carcinosin is the miasm responsible primarily for cancers but can also cause other ailments such as diabetes or tuberculosis or even chronic fatigue.  Homeopaths have had great success in using carcinosin to treat autistic children.  A child requiring this remedy can often be characterized by perfectionist OCD tendencies (much like the ritualistic behaviours of the autistic child) or very obstinate personalities.  Ooooooh boy.  I can certainly vouch for the obstinate part.

Adam’s healing reaction to the carcinosin was mostly behavioural in nature.  We noticed that he seemed to withdraw a bit; retreating downstairs to play by himself for long periods of time.  His spontaneous use of language diminished significantly as well.  Instead, we heard a lot of echolalia.  He was pretty much chattering non-stop (even while playing alone in his room) but most of the phrases were ones he’s learned from his LeapPad video games (“Level 24” , “Whoops.  You’re out of treats.” , etc.).  I must admit, that we were a little concerned but luckily his language gains towards the end of this phase were totally worth a small period of regression.  Tis the price of healing, my friends!  No pain no gain.

For two weeks or so, Adam was R-A-G-I-N-G and that is probably an understatement.  It’s almost laughable that this is the exact same time that Adam started Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy which was recently reintroduced to the Timmins area as a service for families with autistic children.  For those of you unfamiliar with ABA, the purpose is to select a target behaviour and then document the circumstances surrounding each occurence for about a week or so.  Then, a behavioural therapist will look through all the data collected and flag any patterns that occur.  We chose Adam’s “head-banging,” toy throwing and hitting (walls, furniture, us) as his target behaviours.  When his ABA therapist gave us a stack of 30 forms I almost laughed at the sheer number she had given me for a week.  For two weeks, we had to document every occurence and it seemed that we were filling out forms CONSTANTLY.    Turns out, I actually had to photocopy additional forms.  :S

During this period Adam was extremely irritable and sensitive to reprimand.  He was also very anal and routine driven doing the same things over and over and repeating phases over and over until I would repeat them back to him.  We observed headbangings multiple times a day, usually during tantrums that, for the first time, were lasting almost half an hour.  He would be so enraged he would slam doors repeatedly and if I chose to ignore the behaviour he would move closer towards me and throw things or hit the walls or furniture.  A few times, he even struck us.  Needless to say, for the first time I actually felt overwhelmed and stumped at how I could redirect his behaviours or help him calm down.  All my usual tricks were failing and Adam was having a hard time transitioning from being angry to calming down.  We were frustrated, Adam was frustrated and I was exhausted from the task of filling out those ABA forms.  I finally had to tell his ABA therapist that we had likely chosen a period that was completely unrepresentative of Adam’s normal behaviours.

After the first week or so, I contacted our homeopath and desperately asked for her help.  Sometimes, these behaviours can be the result of a healing reaction but they can also be symptoms of requiring a different remedy.  Luckily, I had some emergency powders on hand and we started Adam on a course of Hyoscyamus and later Belladonna.  It seemed to help him significantly and if I had a “Kiss the Homeopath” t-shirt, I would have worn it with pride.

Other “oddities” I noticed this phase was Adam’s increased desire for Almond milk and a ravenous appetite.  Both of these symptoms are linked to the Carcinosin remedy.  Adam also developed a bum rash again. It started out looking like a scratch but eventually became raised, red and angry-looking.  He’s had it for several weeks now and I attribute it to the changing chemistry of his stools and urine.  Maybe he’s detoxing a lot of garbage through his digestive system and it’s irritating his skin.  His stools are continuing to be more solid, which is something we had started observing during the last phase.  He is also having multiple stools a day ( at least 3 or 4).

After a week of raging tantrums, frustration, lack of patience Adam settled down.  Almost immediately, his language improved and I was surprised by his use of fully formed sentences after such a long period of echolalia.  “Mommy, Adam wants to play wish you.”  “Adam wants to help mummy.”  He was also singing silly songs and wanting to interact with me all the time.  His regression towards solitary play had disappeared.


  • Adam’s cognitive gains have taken another leap and he’s started writing words on his magnadoodle.  We already knew that he could spell as he would type out lists of words on the computer or piece together words with wooden letters.  Then we knew he could TRACE letters on his LeapPad but now he actually free hand letters by himself!  It started with individual letters but in the span of a few weeks, he’s writing full words.  Check out the photos we took one Sunday afternoon (he not only WROTE these words by himself but he SPELLED them by himself):

  • Adam seems to go through phases with books.  Sometimes he loves them, sometimes he’s “meh.”  This month, he LOOOOOVES them.  He enjoys with one-on-one time with family and I think in some way he also enjoys the predictability of books that he’s familiar with.  There are no hidden surprises or unexpected twists so they don’t generate any anxiety for him.  While reading, we started noticing that Adam was reading large chunks of the story himself.  We figured he must have memorized the text (and I think in large part, this is the case) but then he started pointing out specific words in the print.  We started quizzing him on words regularly and we discovered that indeed, the kid can read!!  Sometimes, we’ll pick a difficult word like “snuggle” and Adam will say “Snuggle.  Sssssss.  Starts with S.”  Then he’ll scour the text for words that start with “S.”  Sometimes, he’ll even phonetically sound out the whole word while he’s looking for it: “Ssss…nnnn….uhhh…ggggg….llllle.”  Just this morning, I stumbled upon a long-lost pack of reading flashcards in a drawer.  I thought I’d quiz Adam on his reading skills and out of 30 or so cards, I think he stumbled with 4 of them (king, ring, kite and bird).
  • Adam has made significant social gains this period.   All of a sudden, he’s become obsessed with his friends.  Friends, friends, friends.  “Where are my friends?” “I have six friends.” “There are no friends here”.   “Mommy and Adam, friends.”  One afternoon I was babysitting his cousin and as soon he arrived Adam said “Rowan, Adam come to play wish you.”  🙂
  • Adam has started identifying and verbalizing his own emotions (“Adam is sad”) but amazingly he’s also reading facial cues and identifying with the emotions of others!!  “Emersyn’s happy” or “Mommy’s upset.”  (you can tell with that last one that it’s been a harrowing couple of weeks).  :S

So, even though this month was exhausting and extremely trying on our patience, I can’t even begin to tell you how WORTH IT that regressive period was.  With each treatment, Adam always seems to hit a rough patch where he takes three steps backwards and then he springs forward to make up the lost distance AND THEN SOME.  In two and a half months (since about the beginning of February), Adam has taught himself to write, spell and read.  Isn’t that truly incredible!?!?  Our homeopath speaks in terms of “removing blockages.”  Once the blocks are removed, indelible gains are observed.

Excited much?  I AM!!!

We approach the next two miasms with continued optism and hope as Sphylinum and Lyme are supposed to be some of the major miasms contributing to the autistic condition.  The latter was recently discussed in a post in Dr. Mercola’s website called “The Toxic Origins of Autism.”  (FYI – I think this approach towards defining the cause of autism is SPOT ON).

Lord, thank you for your goodness and the many blessings you have bestowed on my family.  Please grant me patience and strength to get through the healing reactions to come.  I’m pretty sure, they’ll be a small price to pay for Adam’s health and well-bring.  Amen.

Goodnight my lovelies.