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Adam’s Healing – An 18 Month Progress Report

on May 27, 2012

So this post is coming late as I had originally wanted to post a progress report one year after starting our Heilkunst healing journey.  I figured “Meh, I guess that ship has sailed” but then Janice from Raising a Sensitive Child requested one.  I admit this post will be a good exercise to demonstrate the remarkable changes that have taken place and why I believe in this form of healing so passionately.  Thanks for the push Janice!


Our homeopathic journey started in October 2010, two months shy of Adam’s third birthday.  Back then, Adam was completely non-verbal.  I mean NON-verbal.  Zip, zero, nadda.  I remember that we would erupt into a chorus of claps and cheers if we heard even the slightest “cuh” sound in reference to a toy car or a cookie.  He couldn’t wave hello/goodbye or nod or shake his head (yes/no).  At this stage, he communicated mostly by pointing or hand-leading.  He was also much more withdrawn from the family.  He would play with his toy cars or trains or blocks but he would only tolerate us to intrude in on his play sessions for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.  We could not read him books as he would not sit still or tolerate the pages to be turned at a pace other than what he dictated.  On rare occasions, we could stop on a page and engage him for awhile by asking him to point to various items.

Taking Adam ANYWHERE was a nightmare.  He operated with his own agenda and could seemingly care less about anyone else’s.  Even simple outings like taking a walk ended in frustration and tears if Adam decided to take a route that deviated from our path.  Shopping was a bust.  At any moment, Adam could bolt in the opposite direction and any attempts to thwart his agenda left him utterly frustrated and exasperated.  It was much easier to leave him at home if you had any specific agenda that needed to be accomplished.  If you were willing to take Adam anywhere you had to be ready to follow his lead.

Physically speaking, Adam seemed to suffer one cold after another.  If both kids caught a cold, Emersyn would seem to be over it in a few days but Adam would have a runny nose for weeks.  There were some periods where Adam appeared to be constantly sick.  His nose would ALWAYS be running.  Adam’s stools were consistently loose and watery even though his diet would leave one to suspect that he should be suffering from constipation instead of diarrhea.  He didn’t sleep through the night either.  While it was never enough to drive him out of bed, I could often hear him waking up multiple times through the night and rocking or bouncing himself back to sleep (sometimes for up to half an hour).

Socially Adam would only engage with his family.  Other kids appeared to be “non-existent” to Adam; he would refuse to even look at them.  You could tell that he was uncomfortable and anxious around other kids.  It was as though he perceived them as some type of threat.

You can read more about Adam’s state prior to starting his sequential healing in the 6 month Progress Report post.


A mere 18 months later and Adam is now 4 years old.  Adam starting speaking in June 2011 and not even a year later he is speaking in full sentences.  He knows the alphabet and all the phonetic sounds each letter makes.  He can write, spell and is starting to read though he hasn’t even started school yet.  Adam LOVES books now (at night, he requests that I read him “100 books” but luckily we are able to compromise on five or less).  He still prefers to read books that are familiar to him as I suspect he is slightly agitated by the unpredictable story line and pictures of new books.

Taking Adam outside of the house now is a pleasure.  He stays close to the family and if he ever drifts away we can easily call him back with no meltdown.  We can allow him in the front yard (with supervision of course) but we don’t have to worry that he will bolt out into the road without looking out for traffic.  Now, I can take Adam shopping with me though the memory of “Adam before” still haunts me and I prefer to do my shopping in the evenings when Jon is home to watch him.  However, anytime I have to take Adam with me I am usually surprised by how well-behaved he is.  In fact, the other day we took him to Walmart and before we left, we asked him if he wanted to go.  His response was “Yeeeaaahhh!  I love Walmart!” and then later in the evening after his bath, he said “Thanks for taking me to Walmart dad.”  We were very much surprised by this after-thought.  🙂

Adam’s health is improving all the time.  Now, he only seems sick during his healing phases which is to be expected after any homeopathic treatment.  His stools are becoming more solid and diarrhea is way more infrequent.  He also sleeps solidly through the night and he is rocking/bouncing very rarely (even throughout the day).  In fact, his sleeping improved almost immediately after starting his sequential treatment.  We might go through intermittent phases of early wakings or night-time hyperactivity which makes it difficult to put him to bed but overall he sleeping much more soundly.

Socially, Adam is coming out of his shell.  Or, as I like to put it, Adam is allowing more people in to his “circle of trust.”  His anxiety around other kids has greatly diminished and he even refers to them as “friends.”  If there are other kids around, Adam definitely wants to be included.  Even more so if his sister is present.  He is still a little anxious of their presence when he’s playing with a toy he doesn’t want to share but I’m not entirely sure that this is related to his autism (what kid likes to share?).  Adam engages with strangers now and will even converse with them or stick his awkwardly waving hand close to their face and say “yello!”  About a week ago, I watched him play with his 2.5 year old cousin in the backyard at his grandma’s house.  He was definitely talking to him and playing some type of follow-the-leader game of running through the sprinkler and making wet-handprints on the fence.

Don’t get me wrong.  Adam is by no means “normal” (whatever that means).  If you put Adam in a room full of 4 year olds a well discerning eye will pick up that there is something different about him.  He speaks in full sentences yet his speech is very baby-esque and often we will have to interpret Adam’s speech for others.  He also exhibits typical echolalia where he will repeat phrases he’s learned from TV or books or video games.  If you try to lead those 4-year olds through an organized task, Adam will most likely not have the attention span to stick it out.  He might get frustrated and express it through banging his head on the wall.  However, in the past couple of weeks Adam seems to be identifying his emotions better, asking for help more or asking to take a break.  His head-bangings or emotional outbursts are becoming fewer and far between.  Progress, my friends!  🙂

So there’s the pudding!! (as in, the PROOF is in it)  I hope that this post serves an encouragement to other parents who are embarking on a similar healing journey with their own children.

You know, if I close my eyes and think of everything Adam said and did today, I can hardly remember the non-verbal, withdrawn and sickly little boy that Adam used to be.  He’s healing, my friends.  I’m certain of it.


16 responses to “Adam’s Healing – An 18 Month Progress Report

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  3. Janice says:

    Oh, wow — really, such amazing progress after a mere 18 months… Thanks so much for sharing! To go from being non-verbal to now talking in full sentences, reading, writing and spelling, all of the social advances, changes in emotional health and physical health. Remarkable!!! So wonderful to hear!! Wishing Adam continued wellness as you continue on your family’s healing journey.

    • livelymom says:

      Thanks Janice! I was actually stunned looking back in time and realizing that a mere 18 months ago, Adam couldn’t talk. And not only that, he could even wave hello or shake or nod his head yes/no!! Would I have EVER believed he would be reading writing and spelling BEFORE kindergarten?? Not in a million years! 🙂

  4. briannalomba says:

    This is SOOO great to read! Thank you for outlining Adams progress for us. What an amazing recovery to witness. I can relate to your description of Adam 18 months ago. We also couldn’t take Thomas into stores without tantrums, meltdowns, or just plain crazy behavior. Thomas didn’t notice when people would come home or leave…no engagement. 18 months ago, my son had lost all of his words, too. Classical homeopathy brought my son a long ways and now I cant wait to see what heilkunst does for us….I will say that today was probably the best day of my son’s life 🙂 we’ve been on heilkunst 3 weeks! He was so happy and engaged today. We took him to a small amusement park today and he didnt have a single meltdown, sustained good energy, played in water (he hates water on his face/head), and willingly left when we told him it was time to go home. I have noticed the dropper remedies seem to really help his mood. Have you noticed this? I’m also curious how you ended up pursuing heilkunst. Did you do any other treatments prior to heilkunst?

  5. livelymom says:

    You know, I’ve never been certain exactly WHAT the constitutional droppers were doing but almost immediately, Adam seemed less anxious (like he was no longer carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders) and he started sleeping through the night. Extended family members actually commented on his “calmness.” Looking back I realize it must have been his constitutional dropper.

    I found out about Heilkunst through a friend with an autistic daughter. She had been using Heilkunst homeopathy to treat her own daughter and was raving about it’s effect. It took me a little while to come around to the idea and of course now I’m wishing I would have done it sooner! Prior to Heilkunst all of our interventions were dietary and supplement related. The first thing we did was remove milk and we noticed a major improvement in Adam’s focus and response to his name being called. We allow “some” milk now but in limited quantities.

    How wonderful that you’re seeing improvements with Thomas already!! Janice compares healing to a game of snakes and ladders. It won’t always be snakes OR always be ladders but whenever you feel like you’ve slid down a huge snake be reassured that an enormous ladder is waiting to make up the distance lost (and then some).

  6. briannalomba says:

    Great analogy…snakes and ladders. I have been at this for nearly two years and I still have a hard time with the snakes. I am more prepared now, though. I think the droppers are helping with the emotional chaos. I just read something by the homeopath Pierre Fontaine in which he wrote, “healing can only happen in times of peace not war”… He was referring to the allopathic treatment of killing pathogens in hopes of curing disease. I see the droppers as allowing emotional peace.

    Have you heard how the woman’s daughter with autism is doing…the one who recommended heilkunst? Also, are you working with someone local or distance?

    • livelymom says:

      Oh yes, my friend’s daughter is doing amazingly well! I think she was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2.5 and now she’s integrated in a regular classroom. I’m pretty sure that their whole family is using Heilkunst healing now (as is mine, except for my husband…I’m still working on him) 🙂

      My homeopath lives 3 hours north of us. All of our consults are done over the phone and she mails the remedies to us. I have met her before though as I have relatives living in the same city.

      You know, my homeopath well-prepared me to expect plenty of snakes in our healing journey. I actually cope very well and I’m always glad to see some regression or illness because I know that’s when healing is taking place. Then again, I’m also treating myself so maybe those constitutional droppers helped a lot too. 😉

  7. briannalomba says:

    Awesome awesome…so great to hear about your friends daughter and family. Yes, I would like to start myself and my hubby but I have a feeling the hubby will not go for it…he is much better adjusted than I am and much healthier in many ways…except for some psoriasis patches on his ankles. I’m sure he could still benefit, though!

    I just took Natrum Muraticum 200c prescribed by my homeopath and it has helped me tremendously. I think it’s interesting that Nat Mur is one of the remedies in my kids droppers, as well and they seem to be much happier, too.

    BTW…I stumbled upon some pics of your family posted in October 2011. What a beautiful family…I mean it. Our sons do have some features in common like you mentioned…even the squinty right eye when smiling :))

  8. livelymom says:

    Thanks Brianna! I also have psoriasis. I’m sure your hubby’s health seems fine but if he has psoriasis, there are definintely miasms buried within; he’s just lucky its only psoriasis that’s manifested so far. My homeopath always says that it’s the men that are the last to come on board with homeopathy. 🙂

    Natrum muriaticum is a big remedy for my family as well. Glad to hear it’s been helping you. 😉

  9. briannalomba says:

    Hey…just wanted to let you know I received your email. I messaged you back, but I think the email is coming/going to your husbands account. 🙂

  10. Marif says:

    So cool to read the progress report and how much Adam has changed and improved!! We’ve only done one treatment so far and there have been many other factors, so it’s hard to tell what’s doing what, but I’m excited to see where he will be in a few years… Like you, I regret not hearing about it sooner and not doing things differently in many ways, but dwelling on the past doesn’t help, does it? I just try to do my best now and take on day at a time (and that was even before starting the dropper, lol). Funny that you mention your hubby, as I think mine is a bit reluctant as well, but the homeopath actually told me not to worry about him, that it didn’t matter as much… Did she say that to you too?

  11. livelymom says:

    Hi Marie-France! I didn’t know that you had already started Cedric’s treatments. That’s wonderful!! Trust me, we went a whole year seeing steady improvements with Adam and kept downplaying the homeopathy by saying “It might just be a coincidence but he’s improved with this or that.” After a year we realized, ok – this is not JUST a coincidence anymore. 🙂

    You know, I think ALL husband’s are the last to come on board with accepting this form of healing. Our homeopath says this is sooooo common. In fact, many families usually end up treating ALL family members (once they realize how truly amazing it is) but for some reason, it’s always the husband who’s last to commit. Maternal instinct must be one powerful force of nature!!

    Oh, and Monique tells me all the time not to regret past decisions (like vaccinations – gah, if only I knew THEN what I know NOW). Every decision happens for a reason and it all shapes our path for the future.

    Happy healing Marie-France! We should get together soon to chat.

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  13. Jean says:

    Hi! Thank you for all these postings. I have a 4 y autistic girl and we are doing homeopathy since last February. It is very encouraging to read all these improvements. Thank you again. 🙂

    • livelymom says:

      Good luck to you with your little girl. Please keep in mind that classical homeopathy is quite different from the Heilkunst approach. I encourage you to consider Heilkunst if you’re ever dis-satisfied with your daughter’s progress. Happy healing!

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