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The Rice Experiment – Demonstrating the Power of Words

on January 2, 2012

This post might blow your mind a little.  In fact, it might blow your mind A LOT.

Homeopathy skeptics argue that any perceived positive effect from homeopathic remedies are due to the placebo effect.  This is because it is well-known that homeopathic remedies are ultra-diluted, to the point that there is no “detectable” amount of the medicinal agent in the remedy.  However, new research is starting to study the amazing ability of water to retain memory of whatever it was in contact with.  In fact, sometimes even a simple word can alter the structure of water in miraculous ways.

King Solomon (the author of the book of “Proverbs” in the bible) is well-known as the man who could have prayed to God for anything in the world and he chose wisdom above any worldly treasures.  In the book of Proverbs, Solomon talks a lot about the power of words.:

“The words of the wicked are like a murderous ambush, but the words of the godly save lives.”  (Proverbs 12:6)

“Kind words are like honey– sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”  (Proverbs 16:24)

Dr. Masaru Emoto , a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has studied the effect that words can have on water.  He exposed water to positive words and negative words and then flash froze the samples to capture their molecular structure.  Water exposed to positive words like “love” and “thank-you” produced beautiful crystals while water exposed to negative words like “you make me sick” or “anger” took on ugly, misshapen forms.  There is a quick three minute video on youtube demonstrating his results if you are interested in learning more.

Dr. Emoto invites people to observe the effects of words on water by conducting their own simple experiment at home.  Boil a pot of rice, divide it into two air tight jars and write “I love you” on one jar and “I hate you” on the other.  Put the jars on a shelf, preferably in a dark location away from electrical interferences and wait for 20 or 30 days.

Well, I DID this experiment and here are the results:

Masaru's Rice Experiment

"I Hate You" Sample

"I Love You" Sample

Both rice samples came from the same pot of rice.  The jars are identical and they were both cleaned in the same manner.  Dr. Emoto explains the rotten rice as the result of the words “I Hate You” on the water absorbed by the rice.  If you google the Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment you’ll find several other people who have documented the same result.

If THIS can happen to rice, imagine what destructive thoughts or words can have on the human body  After all, the human body is composed mostly of water.

Also, maybe the homeopathy skeptics will take pause and consider how truly healing water can be.

Told you this one might blow your mind a little.

Just a little food for thought.  🙂


7 responses to “The Rice Experiment – Demonstrating the Power of Words

  1. Janice says:

    I’ve heard of Dr. Emoto’s experiments, and found the results amazing. I *love* that you tried this on your own. Thanks for sharing your results. Wow!!!!!!!!! Mind-blowing!!!!

  2. Brianna says:

    Wow…I have to try this experiment…that is amazing!

  3. […] Emoto’s rice experiment – taken from Adam’s journey blog. […]

  4. luchy says:

    this is AMAziNG….av got to try dis…woah!

  5. Kevin Carvalho says:

    Am I allowed to use this in a book?

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