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Whoops! One Last Trauma…

on November 6, 2011


We were supposed to be embarking on Adam’s first miasm treatment but he sustained another traumatic event before our consult.  Adam had been going through this mischievous phase of getting into EVERYTHING.  Whenever a parental back was turned he was using the opportunity to climb onto the counter and inspect the cupboards or pulling open drawers to play with their contents.  One day, he attempted to climb the dresser in our bedroom since a few of the drawers were slighty pulled out.  The result was that the whole unit fell down on top of him luckily sparing his head which Jon found poking out the top when he raced in to find what happened.  Adam didn’t seem to suffer any major injuries but he had a good cry and no doubt it was a scary moment for him.  Our homeopath decided we should treat him for this trauma before starting the first round of miasms.

During our consultation, I also mentioned some of Adam’s recent behaviours and our homeopath decided Adam needed an additional remedy.  His behaviours included: dropping things on purpose, endless energy, climbing EVERYTHING (counters, dressers, the ledge behind the couch – scary!), peeing in the tub or just outside on the bathrug, extreme sensitivity around crying children or sad characters on the TV, making mischief and not responding remorsefully to our correction.  In a nutshell, he had become quite the hand full.  Our homeopath suggested trying the remedy veratrum and if it wasn’t successful to try hyoscyamus.

After his first dose of veratrum, Adam seemed cranky and whiny having mild crying spells over small mishaps. On a shopping trip he seemed almost spacey – staring off at nothing in particular as if he were hallucinating.  His red cheeks also reappeared and I saw worms in his wet diapers after not seeing anything for a month.  He also seemed to have more hyperactive spells at night whereas for several weeks prior he was putting himself to bed around 8 PM.  While he was taking the veratrum, we also started the timeline powders for the “dresser incident.”  He contined to take both sets of powders concurrently.

This time, most of his healing reaction was behavioural in nature (cranky, moody, impatient).  However, we did notice some cheek rash (with small pimple-like eruptions) and a return of diarrhea after a couple of weeks of more formed stools.

Positive developments:

  • The daycare program has started up again and Adam is going willingly.  No more dragging him through the door in tears.  Yay!  In comparison to the spring, Adam has made great progress at the daycare.  He follows the other kids, transitions well between activities and (saving the best for last) his resource worker Kathy said “I feel like I don’t even need to be here!’  🙂
  • Adam seems to have discovered his musical side and he’s started singing songs.  In the past, he seemed to not enjoy music AT ALL.  He would “tolerate” some music but other songs (like Happy Birthday) would visibily upset him.  Now he seems to actually enjoy them!  We even discovered he’s learned the alphabet.  One day, he just started singing it!
  • Counting EVERYTHING.  He seems to love numbers and letters.
  • He seems less visually sensitive.  There’s not as much squinting or “hand binoculars.”
  • Starting to speak in small sentences:  “Mom go for a walk”, “I found it!” (after looking for a missing toy), “I did it!” (twirling spaghetti on his fork)
  • The veratrum seems to have reduced the behaviours we were noticing prior to this round of treatment.  I’m actually able to sit down and get some rest without having to circumvent his michievous plans every 5 minutes.  It’s been WEEKS since I’ve had to clean up broken eggs on the floor or wipe vaseline off his hands and THAT makes for one happy mamma!

5 responses to “Whoops! One Last Trauma…

  1. Janice says:

    It’s so fascinating to read about another’s journey with Heilkunst. I find the worms that you found in his wet diapers so interesting…

    And, such great positive developments. Yay!!!!!!! Pretty amazing that he is starting to speak in small sentences and that he has started singing songs. Wow!

    We are just starting the sycosis miasm and I’m nervous about it, but there’s no way out but through it, so here we go…

    • livelymom says:

      Yes, the worms are a little gross but our homeopath thinks it’s a good sign that we’re seeing them. It’s like his body is healing and he is now ready to express them. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your next phase of treatment. It’s usually inevitable that you’ll hit a rough patch but the gains are SO WORTH IT. 🙂

  2. Janice says:

    Hi Lively Mom: Thanks for your support on my blog. As you probably know, the abscess was likely due to the fact that we just started clearing the sycosis miasm. Obviously a big one for Moses to clear. I think it was made so much worst b/c of the suppression. I’ll likely eventually discuss it on my blog, but for now, I’m waiting for this to pass, and also to see what gifts it will bring. Unfortunately, we still have two more levels of sycosis to clear (we stopped after two powders), but I’ll discuss with my Heilkunstler and wait until the new year until we try again…

    It helps to talk to someone who can understand the Heilkunst process.

    Blessings to you and Adam!

    • livelymom says:

      Hi Janice,
      It’s Hanna by the way 🙂 I agree that it has been a HUGE blessing to connect with another mom taking the Heilkunst leap of faith. It appears that we are still a pretty small community so it’s nice that we stick together, especially since a lot of family or friends may not understand our decision to pursue homeopathic healing. Yes, I’ve heard that sycosis can be a big miasm to clear (especially for kids with autism) but we haven’t embarked on that path yet. Adam just finished his Malaria powders and once again, his healing reactions sound so trivial and slight compared to your experiences with Moses. I’m guessing Adam is not quite as sensitive as Moses.

      Looking forward to reading your post about sycosis. I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers.
      God bless. 🙂

  3. Janice says:

    Hi Hanna: That’s great that Adam’s healing reactions to Malaria were minor. I’m so glad that we have each other for support. And, I thank God for Heilkunst because despite the (sometimes) difficult healing reactions, I feel / have seen that it heals on a deep level. Take good care.

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