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Custom Body Work by Adam

on May 7, 2011

Just another “quickie blog” to highlight one of Adam’s adorable little quirks.  🙂 

Adam is a “thinker.” He is always looking at things carefully and from all angles as though he’s trying to figure out how they work.  For example, we have these holes in our walls left from our baby gate and Adam likes to stick my knitting needles in them.  It’s like he figured out “I know EXACTLY what will fit in there.” 

For the past several weeks, Adam has been using circular objects to “replace” the wheels of his toy cars.  He seems to always pick an appropriately sized car to fit the size the wheel and he’s been VERY creative. 😉

Here is some of his work:

Suped up McQueen

For this one, he used the biggest car he could find but based on the next two pics I’m convinced he would have used a bigger car if one was available.

Suped up Mater

Suped up Mater

This one is sporting Ring-o-lo wheels.  Genius!

Suped up Ramone

Suped up Ramone

For this one, Adam cleverly scraped off the chocolate from inside his sandwich cookie and rolled them into tires.  After I cheerfully praised his creativity he brought me the camera.  He even took it out of the case and popped off the lens cap.  Point taken Adam, point taken (he’s seen pictures of his other cars on the camera LCD).  I know it’s likely a ritual but I prefer to think he’s just building up his portfolio.

Honestly, this kid is so smart and funny and every day we are left in awe of his creative abilities.  Whoever said this kid was DIS-abled anyway?  🙂


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