Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Phase Seven – Circumcision

on April 8, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe how fast we’re “turning back the clock.”  It’s only been six months since we started this sequential healing journey and we’re almost back to Adam’s birth already.  Just to remind all of you who aren’t as familiar with Helikunst healing, we’ve been treating Adam homeopathically to repair any damage caused by the traumas he’s experienced in his three years of life (i.e. antibiotics, vaccinations, physical injuries, etc.).  We had to start with the most recent traumas and then work backwards in time towards his birth.  After the birthing remedies and prebirth remedies (ultrasounds), our homeopath will start miasmic treatment (treatment of any chronic inherited diseases). 

So far, our journey has been very rewarding.  Each phase I’m looking forward to new developments and healing, and week by week we watch Adam become increasingly present in this world.   Hmmmmm.  What do I mean by that?  

It’s difficult to explain but if I had to I’d say it’s the sum total of all the little things.  It’s in the way he jumps up and down with excitement in the driveway when Auntie Sharon drops him off and he sees us waiting at the window; or waving bye to Jon when he leaves for work unprompted (you can tell from the joint attention – looking to me for acknowledgement of his wave – that he is proud of himself).  It’s in the way he sits on the potty in the bathroom and wants us to notice; all the while seeming to realize that he will have to conquer it at some point.  It’s the way he makes a poopy diaper and then “tells me” by pointing to his bum and saying “yarrrrrr.”  All these little things demonstrate that he is emerging slowly from his autistic condition and wanting to communicate with the people he loves and trusts.  It’s a slow progression and while most people are banished to the outside the perimeters of Adam’s world, he’s decided to let his family in.  However, every time I bring him to speech or daycare I see the opposite side of Adam.  I don’t know if it’s the different environment, the unfamiliar resource workers or ??? but he totally goes into “stranger danger” mode.  Even when I’m right beside him, something signals him to withdraw his boundaries and immediately he becomes more selfish with the toys, angry with the rules and melts down at the slightest upset.  It’s frustrating for me to watch since I KNOW this isn’t Adam.  For the moment, he’s gone somewhere else.    

During March break it was a real treat to watch Adam play with Emersyn during the day.  At one point they were making tents under the bed sheets and another time they were hiding behind the door to the bedroom sneaking peeks and trying not be seen by me.  Adam’s play with Emersyn seems to be progressing from more selfish games like chase where he was only interested in having Emersyn be the chaser while he got to run and have all the fun.  Now, he seems to be following her lead and imitating her actions as though he’s finally discovered she’s a lot of fun.  Of course, Emersyn isn’t always thrilled when Adam wants to intrude on her play.  She’s never really been “bugged” by her little brother before.

In terms of verbal gains, Adam’s use of “geh” and “go” has become quite frequent; daily for sure.  And in the past week, he’s developed this silly little laugh where he draws in a breath and then exhales with a “heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh…” (reminiscent of Beavis and Butthead for those of you who remember, only more adorable and less annoying).  He’s actually verbal ALL THE TIME.  Not necessarily actual words but every time he has a request he is combining his gestures (pointing, shoulder shrugging, hand leading, arm raising) with some type of sound.  I think I’ve been taking it for granted and it’s been the development workers who have pointed it out as a positive development.  

Phase six of Adam’s treatment did not really produce too extreme of a healing reaction.  We had a few nights of crying at nightime and one evening of difficult behaviour when the in-laws came over for supper but other than that it was easy peasy.  This time, it was a little more dramatic, both in terms of positive gains and healing reaction.  On the day Adam took his first powder we observed some amazing verbal gains.  While working on a barnyard puzzle I randomly asked him what sounds the animals made.  Much to my amazement I got a “meow,” “woof,”  “snort” (for pig), and “moo.”  Several months back I had heard some rudimentary meows and woofs but I had not heard them in a long time and I had most certainly NEVER heard him “snort” for a pig or say “moo” before.  In fact, this is the first time that Adam has ever answered a question verbally!  I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped like one of those overly dramatized cartoon charaters where the jaw literally hits and floor and the tongue rolls out.  The same day Adam stunned me again by saying “up” while playing a game where he would sit on my lap and I would lower him backwards towards the floor and then yank him up again.  While he was lowered, I waited and prompted Adam to say “UP” and he did!  Perfectly and wonderfully.  Luckily, Jon was there to bear witness to this one as well.  🙂

Almost daily, we’ve been doing the farm puzzle and Adam will make verbal attempts for every animal.  The best ones are a “buh, buh” (buck buck for a chicken) and a “hooo” for owl.  He’ll also makes sounds for a sheep, horse, duck, elephant, monkey, and lion.  We practice them daily since I’m fearful he’ll forget but he’ll pretty much say them whenever he’s asked now (at the beginning, he would only produce the animal sounds when we were working on the puzzle).

Another wonderful development is this yell he’s adopted to convey his frustration/anger.  I first noticed it when he was frustrated with some leggo blocks and he scrunched up his face angrily, kicked his legs and yelled.  He uses the same face and yell to voice his frustration with Jon and I if we aren’t dealing with his requests in a “timely fashion.”  Once again, it’s a NEW behaviour so I welcome it with open arms.  

In terms of a physical healing reaction, this was a big one.  Immediately, he developed a croupy sounding cough and about a week later he developed a fever and vomiting which left him bedridden for an entire day.  Even now, a week later, he is STILL experiencing a wet cough and a runny nose and nasal congestion.  He also developed a red rash around his anus which was a little surprising to see since he hasn’t had a diaper rash in probably over a year.  Another major physical development would be the dramatic increase in solid stools.  Before they were spaced months apart but now we’ve observed at least 10 or so in the past couple of weeks.  WOOOOT for solid poops!!  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much but it would be amazing if his chronic diarrhea was healed because to me it was always a red flag that something was awry internally.  Bring on the healing!!  And phase number eight!!

Time to consult with the homeopath again…


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