Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Phase Six – (DPPT, Hib and Pneumo Conjugate Vaccinations)

on March 11, 2011

At the end of February, Adam started his remedies for his 2 month, 4 month and 6 month vaccinations.  Because all the vaccinations were identical and there were no traumas inbetween we are able to treat him for all three at the same time.  Bonus!

Before we start getting into healing reactions and all that rigamarole, I should let you know the progress he’s made since phase 5 of his sequential treatment.  Adam’s language gains are continuing and we’re hearing him make new sounds all the time.  It started with “ba, ba, ba, ba” and in the past few days I’ve also heard “ma, ma, ma” and “da, da, da.”  Of course, it’s not ALL the time but it’s still progress to hear sounds that don’t seem to emanate from the back of his throat.  I’ve actually been woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of him “ba-ba-ba”-ing in his crib.  🙂 

To date, Adam’s word list includes the following:  “uh-oh,” “yarrrr” (yucky), “dare” (there), “cuhhhhr” (car) and his latest development “go.”  Initally, I had heard the rudimentary beginnings of the word “go” and then heard him say it perfectly to his speech pathologist during his speech assessment.  We also observed Adam take about six turns saying “go” and the end of a “1-2-3” countdown (after which Jon would propel him up the air).  Sometimes it was a stretch to hear the word “go” from his verbalization and sometimes it was an obvious “GO.”  We were all enthusiastically cheering him since you could see the concentration on his face and that he was trying SO HARD to change the sounds coming out of his mouth.  I don’t think I’ve EVER seen him try that hard to vocalise a word before.  Dr. Mahoney told us that Adam’s language development will continue to be slow until his vocabulary reaches 10 words.  At that point, lanuguage gains “should” happen more quickly.  Adam is starting an eight week block of speech therapy in March so we are happy that he will finally be receiving some outside help in this area.

Most of his gains since phase five have been verbal.  There was one other momentous observation when Jon took Adam for a quick trip to the grocery store.  While at the checkout, Adam stood up in the cart and locked his eyes on a little girl standing up in an adjacent cart.  The girl was about Adam’s age and he literally stood face to face with her and smiled and made some verbalizations.  Considering this was a complete stranger, Jon was stunned.  Once again, PROGRESS.  🙂

After two or three doses into the remedy, Adam’s verbalization had increased and he seemed much more alert and aware.  It’s like that light was on and somebody was home (some days, I don’t get this impression).  At nighttime he started crying though.  The first night, he didn’t want Jon to leave his side.  He cried continually and Jon noted that it was more of a sad cry (I was out for the evening so I didn’t observe anything).  The following night, he went to bed but woke up a few hours later crying in his crib.  He kept putting his fingers in his mouth as though something was bothering him (a canker?  a sore throat?).  We brought him out of his crib for awhile but there wasn’t anything we could do to calm him.  It reminded me of this documentary I saw which stated autistic tantrums are hard to appease because they’re neurological in nature; you just have to ride out the storm.  Of course eventually he calmed down and went back to bed in good spirits so I don’t think he’s developed any fear of the dark or being alone (our homeopath warned us that this might happen).

Adam’s also started spinning.  Yep, spinning.  It’s not like he does it for hours on end but at least every day you can find him spinning for a minute or two.  We don’t try to discourage the behaviour; I figure he’s doing it because the sensation is soothing to him.

March 7, 2011:

So here we are a week later and I still haven’t noticed any extreme reaction yet.  Perhaps the trauma was buried deeper and it’s taking awhile to come out or maybe it’s affecting him on levels I can’t really detect (i.e. headaches?).  We did notice that he had a really good weekend.  He seemed more alert (recall how I said before that sometimes it’s more apparent that his “light’s on and somebody is home”) and generally calm and easy going.  

On Saturday morning, Adam came to get our attention and led us over to a castle he had built out of blocks.  He seemed very proud and excited of his creation and wanted us to praise his efforts.  It isn’t until Adam does something like this that I realize it’s NEW behaviour.  Generally, Adam builds the same structure out of blocks.  Two tall towers which he connects at the top with a bridge.  Usually, we see him building this and we interject with our cheers and praises without him having to seek them.  This castle structure was something completely new and creative and the mere fact that he was proud enough to bring us over to have a look is progress in my eyes.

I also noticed that Adam’s skill at putting puzzles together is quite amazing.  Adam has been able to tackle a block puzzle with ease for some time now but he seems to be more interested in jigsaw puzzles now (30 – 50 pieces).  Usually, I put two connecting pieces close to each other and he puts them together.  Last night however, we were doing a puzzle and he picked up a random piece and found the correct spot all by himself.  I decided to hold off on lining the pieces up for him and just handed him pieces instead.  I noticed that he looks at the piece then looks at the picture on the puzzle board and he can find where it goes all by himself!!  Not even Emersyn could do puzzles like that at age three.  It’s really quite remarkable!  We’re been doing puzzles ever since and he still amazes me with his skill.

I’m going to go ahead and post this update and if there are obvious signs of healing reactions going on I’ll just edit my post.


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