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They Didn’t Really Belong There, Yet There They Were

on March 10, 2011

I stole this title from a line in a movie I watched this weekend with Jon.  The movie is called “Adam”  (can you see why it peeked my interest? 😉  ).  It’s about a young man with Asperger’s Sydrome (a form of high-functioning autism) who is learning to live life alone after his father dies.  It also focuses on a relationship he forms with a woman (Beth) who moves into the same NYC apartment building.

At one point in the movie, Adam drags Beth to Central Park to watch two raccoons emerge from the bushes.  Adam says to Beth “They don’t really belong here, yet here they are.”  In all of his logical common sense, Adam is referring that these raccons are wild animals and shouldn’t be living in the city. 

Eventually, Beth falls in love with Adam.  Throughout their courtship, Beth teaches Adam a lot about “fitting in” with the regular people, or NTs – neurotypicals – as Adam calls them.  There is also an interesting parallel in the story between Adam and Beth’s father who has been an obvious role model to Beth and is revealed to be deceitful and dishonest; something Adam is incapable of due to his Asperger’s.  However, as the relationship get more serious and Adam is about to embark on a move to California for a job opportunity, Beth (being a neurotypical of course) needs to hear Adam say that he loves her before she’ll agree to go with him.  Of course, Adam can’t or doesn’t know how to express love so he moves to California without Beth.  I know right?!?  So sad!! *sniff, sniff*

At the end of the movie, Adam opens a package from Beth.  It’s a children’s book she wrote about the raccoons in Central Park and it’s called Adam.  He sits down on a bench to read it and the first page is narrated in Beth’s voice: 

Adam, his mother and his father…

were a family of talking raccoons…

who lived in Central Park
in the middle of New York City.

They didn’t really belong there,
but there they were.

The look on Adam’s face after reading this page seems to initially reflect that he remembers saying these words.  Then he seems to recognize the significance about the statement:  He didn’t really belong there yet there he was.

Why are these kids here?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately trying to make sense of the fact that the autism rate has increased to 1 in 50 boys.  These children are here; in this world, yet they don’t belong.  Regular things, like conversation and social interaction is a constant struggle for these kids yet here they come at a rapid rate; forced to live in a world that isn’t ready for them and is struggling to accomodate them.  Someone told me that the autism rate in Timmins might be as high as 1 in 10.  I don’t know if that’s true but off the top of my head I could name 5 other kids on the spectrum. 

THIS IS AN EPIDEMIC PEOPLE!!  What is happening to our children??  

Time and time again I’ve heard that these children are here to form an army of change.  Changes to the medical system, changes to the educational system, changes to the human race to be more compassionate and less-judgemental, etc.  It’s like a silent revolution is taking place (maybe not-so-silent for the parents who must constantly advocate for services and rights and for their precious children); after all, there’s a reason why they say “there is power in numbers.”  I was thinking about this other day when I was looking into government funding and tax credits.  Adam is now labelled as “disabled” so we are eligible to receive government money to help with all the extra expenses.  Then I realized that the government is probably being inundated with handouts and I wonder if they can keep up with the demand.  Then again, maybe the “financial burden” is exactly what we need to put the spotlight on the issue.

All I know is that the revolutionary wheels are turning.  At least, they are in my head.  These children are here to change the world, just as Adam is here to change mine.  I am certain of this.


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