Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Phase Five (Head Injury, January 2009)

on February 6, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about these blogs lately and I think I’d like to make them shorter and hence, more reader friendly.  I’d also like to post them a lot sooner so that people who might be worrying or wondering don’t have to stew in their worry pot as long.  Just be patient with me as I tinker with the best way to divide things up.

This next phase of treatment involved treating Adam for the trauma of falling down the stairs on his first birthday.  In the midst of all the party planning I remember than Jon and I were constantly up and down the stairs and at one point, our swinging gate was not properly latched and poor little Adam took a tumble.  His nose immediately started bleeding and he cried himself to exhaustion.  As a result, Adam slept through his own first birthday party.  Don’t worry, he got his cake and ate it too; just a little later than expected 🙂 . 

Again, Adam is processing the trauma immediately and his healing reaction started after his third powder.  This one appears to be more behavioural.  Adam is impatient, fussy and VERY sensitive to my tone of voice.  He is quick to cry and sometimes I am convinced that even he doesn’t know why he’s upset (or he can’t remember what set him off by the time he leads me by the hand to the “scene of the crime.”).  He also gets angry and he’s started taking swings at us.  He actually draws back a fist and pauses as though he knows he shouldn’t and then swings through the open air to let us know who’s boss. 

His behaviour seems very OCD or ritualistic at times (i.e. runs to the stairs, stops, and turns around twice before climbing them).  Other times he zones out and appears to laugh at nothing.  It’s like he “goes somewhere else” for a couple of minutes.  

While lately he’s started putting his hand inside his diaper, during this healing reaction he’s actually taken his pants and diaper off.  It’s a little surprising to walk into a room and see Adam standing there half naked.  By “surprising” I mean “totally funny.”  🙂 

Adam also drew on both couches with a green marker.  As I mentioned above, his emotions are all over the map and when he becomes angry he looks for “naughty” things to do.  The little He-Man even threw a folding chair down the stairs in a fit of rage.  Pretty ironic considering we’re treating him for the trauma of falling down that same set of stairs.  Our homeopath might actually suggest that this behaviour is VERY representative of Adam’s trauma.  I have read case studies about a child being treated for circumcision trauma and he complained of pain in his penis as well as a child who drew a menacing picture of being stuck needle when being treated with a vaccination shock.  Of course, I kind of “eye-rolled” all this at the time but maybe, just maybe, there’s some truth to it.  I’m not 100% sold yet, but I must admit it’s a fascinating theory that our body keeps a “memory” of the shocks and traumas it’s subjected too.  (As I sit here writing this, Adam just threw a toy car down the stairs).  

In terms of physical symptoms, I haven’t noticed too much except his red cheeks.  They are sometimes warm to the touch.  He is also squinting A LOT with facial grimaces and his hyperactive (and compulsive) jumping from the coffee table to the couch has returned.

In an nutshell, Adam is displaying classic autistic behaviour.  Luckily, I’m not worried by it at all since I’m able to recognize it as atypical behaviour for Adam.  I look forward to his “return to self” in the next few days.  Hopefully with a few positive gains (fingers crossed)!!


One response to “Phase Five (Head Injury, January 2009)

  1. Taina Walsh says:

    Thankyou for the update. Always thinking of Adam and all of you!

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