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Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Adam’s Sequential Treatment (Phase Three – Varicella and Pneumo Conjugate Vaccinations)

on December 22, 2010

It’s been a week since I sat down to reflect on Adam’s progress so give me a minute to collect my thoughts.  (Enter Jeopardy theme music here).  OK, thoughts officially collected 🙂 . 

Adam had another great week.  His gesturing is continuing fantastically and he is vocalising ALL THE TIME.  Still no words but he’s starting to catch on that we’ve raised the bar and if he really wants that cookie/game/DVD/etc. that’s out of reach then mom and dad want to hear a sound.  Nodding yes, simply won’t cut it anymore ;).  Adam is also playing with Emersyn a lot.  The two of them load up his crib with stuffed toys then hop in and play or they steal our car keys and use them to “start up” their play Firetruck.  Adam also loves it when his sister chases him around the coffee table and he’ll invite her to play this game by holding both her hands and saying “oooooh?”  It’s pretty adorable actually.  In terms of playing with other kids, I watched Adam play with a group of three boys at our chuch Christmas dinner.  All the boys (around the same age) had piled into the trolleys that the chairs get stacked in and they were climbing around, swinging on the cart handles having a good time.  The mere fact that Adam stuck around amidst the chaos of “boys being boys” was remarkable but I actually saw him watching the other boys and smiling at their silliness.  Bit by bit, his playful nature is emerging.

The one thing I really want to document is how Adam is becoming more of a person and less of a robot.  It’s a little hard to describe but I’ll try my best.  When Adam was younger, friends and family could make every given attempt to make him laugh and usually they were unsuccessful.  To spare their feelings I would say something like “Oh don’t worry, he’s Mr. Grumpypants today.”  It’s not like he never laughed but it was usually over the same things, and usually physical in nature (i.e. rough and tumble games, chase games, etc.).  He was also never really interested in looking at himself in the mirror.  Whenever he woke up in the morning I would go down and get him and pause at the mirror on the landing to see if “today was the day” he’d be interested in his own reflection.  He would typically “look” in the mirror but usually at me, and with zero response.  It’s like he had no interest in himself as a person.  This was also evident when he finally learned to point at people on request, he could point to me, Jon, Emersyn, grandma, auntie Sharon but pointing to himself came last.  I remember when he finally started pointing to himself and I was elated that he finally “found himself” and recognized that he is indeed a PERSON.

During my research of ASD (autism spectrum disorder), I remember one doctor writing that she is often asked if autistic kids are more beautiful than other kids.  She wrote that while there are no distinct physical markers of autism, she thinks that these children possess serene faces, devoid of expression (much like a sleeping child).  This is her theory why they are regarded as physically beautiful.  I mean who isn’t captivated by the beauty of a sleeping child?    

Anyhow, hopefully all that digressing will help you understand that Adam’s true personality is emerging.  It started when Emersyn was drawing stick figures (Adam’s favourite!) on the Magnadoodle while her brother watched.  She completed the head, body, arms and legs and then kept going with a circle drawn around the body.  “This is his diaper!” Emersyn proclaimed jokingly and Adam started giggling like it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen or heard.  The next day, Adam drew his own stick figure boy complete with diaper and he even grinned and grunted a “yarrrrrr” sound (= yucky in Adam speak).  To us, it’s an obvious breakthrough that he can recognize something silly and laugh at it!

Later in the week, Adam burst into a sad cry while watching Disney Cars.  I immediately ran to the living room to see what was making him sad and noticed it was the sad scene where Sally is telling Lightning McQueen how her town (Radiator Springs) is suffering because the new interstate bypasses the town and nobody drives through there anymore.  The whole scene is accompanied by a sad song and there are lots of sad faces on the town members.  I wondered if this is what made him sad but I couldn’t say for sure.  A couple days later the same thing happend.  Adam bawled his little eyes out and he even tried to fight it while the corners of his mouth turned downwards.  I would have never thought it would be a good thing to see him cry!  Most definitely I would think empathy is a social response.

So those were the developmental highlights from the week.  Now, let’s discuss the healing reaction.  Normally we see Adam start his healing reaction almost a week after taking his powders but this time, after only the second dose (he takes four on consecutive days), he got a stuffy nose and mild cough.  He’s also been sporting bright red cheeks and he’s been feeling hot to touch.  If he actually has a fever I’d say it’s low grade but he’s definitely warmer than usual.

December 14:

This morning I took Adam to the Early Year’s Centre and he was in such a good mood that I thought I’d attempt taking him to the grocery store.  On the way there, Adam started getting upset in his carseat and I finally realized that he was having an OCD epidsode over his new mittens falling off.  The night before, I had bought him a pair with the string attached so they would dangle from his sleeves if they fell off.  I don’t know if he was upset that they kept falling off or maybe he didn’t like them dangling from his sleeves but I tried to walk him into the store and as soon as he walked in, he threw himself down on the dirty slushy floor in a crying fit.  Back to the car we went and he SCREAMED the whole way home.  When we got inside I said “I know bud, your mitts are bothering you” and he reached up to be held.  A minute later his crying ceased and the tantrum was over.  I’m pretty certain the mitts set him off.  *Sigh*  These things are impossible to predict.   

Today I also saw fluorescent yellow snot dripping out of Adam’s nose.  No joke.  I actually called Jon to come see it before I wiped it away.  He also had an odd cheek rash.  Usually, both cheeks will be bright red but today only the left one was red and it was only about the size of a quarter instead of the whole cheek.  He’s in bed now; has been since 5:00PM and it’s now past 11:00PM.  Maybe he’s feeling a little under the weather?

December 15:

Adam slept all night.  From 5:00 PM to 8:30AM.  His pants are looking a little shorter this morning 😉 .

December 16:

Adam was a little demanding today.  Nothing too bad but he was definitely making his point when he was upset.  During one moment of frustration he threw everything off the vanity counter in the bathroom.  *Sigh*  He also seems to know EXACTLY what we wouldn’t want him to do and then proceeds to do it.  Afterwards, he even comes to get you to show you what he’s done.  He shows ZERO remorse.  Even when he’s doing something that can physically hurt him, you give him a stern “noooooo!” and he laughs in your face.  Not a nervous laughter either.  This is his common response to discipline but it doesn’t seem normal to have such a total lack of remorse. 

He was also spinning a lot today but he laughs while he’s getting dizzier and dizzier.  He could be doing it for fun?  Another new behaviour is that he’s dropping backwards from standing to sitting flat on his bum.  He looks at me when he does it and I usually comment “Uh oh!” or “Adam fell down!”  Maybe he’s just doing it to be silly.  Or maybe he’s succussing himself (that’s a little homeopathic humour since you’re supposed the succuss, i.e. bang, the vials against your hands prior to dosing).  Rimshot?  Where’s my rimshot?

December 21:

So with the Christmas season upon us, I don’t have the time to update as much as I’d like.  However, here’s a quick synopsis of the past few days:

Adam is still spinning quite a bit, but he still seems to be doing it for the thrills.  He’s also still dropping to his bum from standing.  Saturday, Adam had FIVE diarrheas though I should mention that his sister is suffering from some type of stomach bug at the same time.  On Sunday, Adam sat in the church nursery stacking blocks in the same pattern for a good half and hour.  When it was time to leave, he LOST it.  I had to bribe him to leave the blocks with the promise of candy waiting for him at home.  Out in the crowded lobby, he interchanged periods of crying with kissing his aunty Sharon (who was holding him).  “Wah!”  Kiss.  “Wah!”  Kiss.  Totally bizarre.  He’s also very hyperactive; bouncing off the couch cushions, jumping between the coffee table and the couch, jumping off the couch arms onto the cushions, etc.  It is very exhausting to  watch, though he goes to bed well.  Lies awake in his crib for almost an hour though.

I just heard him on the monitor.  He sounds like he has developed a croupy cough 😦

December 22:

So I really want to post this before we get into the full swing of Christmas.  Adam’s couch persisted through the night (not so bad that he couldn’t sleep though) and he’s still a little barky this morning.  I’m not sure if he’s feeling well.  He’s downstairs lying in his crib and doesn’t really feel like coming upstairs just yet.


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