Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Adam’s Sequential Treatment (Phase Two – Antibiotics)

on December 6, 2010

There was a week delay after Adam’s first healing reaction and starting the next course of powders.  During this week we saw Adam start to use head nodding and hand waving gestures though it was awkward for him to get the hang of.  The funny little man would put his hand on top of his head to push it down to start the nodding process just like Jon and I would do while teaching him.  As we had anticipated, all of his head banging and OCD behaviours from the week before had disappeared.  He’s also spending a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror trying on some different facial expressions.

We started the powders the week after and observed the following improvements.  Adam’s use of head nodding and waving was almost perfected.  He can also discriminate between nodding yes and shaking no and he seems to enjoy his newfound ability to communicate with his parents.  He also wanted to be around me and play with me ALL THE TIME whether it’s to look at Christmas toys on the Internet or draw pictures for him on his Magnadoodle.  I actually said to Jon “I know this is a GOOD thing but the kid never gives me any peace!!”      

November 22

So this catches us up to real time.  I’ll try to speak in the present tense from now on and make sure to record my updates as timely as possible.  It’s presently the seventh day after starting his powders and “they say” to expect a healing reaction anywhere between 7 – 10 days.  Watching and waiting…

So today, besides sporting some flaming red cheeks I caught Adam spinning in circles a couple of times.  Only about 5 – 10 rotations each time so it could have been for the mere fun of it or part of the onset of his healing reaction.  His gesturing and social communication was good and he even cried when we left him with grandma to attend the parenting speech pathology class.  A little detachment crisis is a good thing since we’ve never really experienced that with him before.  Ever since he started this set of powders, he’s been having way more loose stools (sometimes multiple times a day and today he had TWO) which could be related to the treatment or just a symptom of a stomach virus that’s tearing its way through the community (both Jon and I were sick last week).

November 23

Today Adam seemed pretty normal.  We brought him to Em’s gymnastics class and then took both kids out to supper afterwards.  Both Jon and I commented on his behaviour being really good;  there was no running away, no tantrum over not getting his own way and he actually watched some of the other kids playing around him (he did not get anxious or nervous around the other kids at all).  In the evening, he made SEVERAL vocalisation attempts “cuh, cuh, cuh” for cookies and Candyland and “guh, guh, guh” for girl.  He woke up around 5:30AM a little congested though.  He fell back asleep after being cozied up in a blanket wrap.

November 25

The day started off with two failed attempts to feed Adam breakfast and lunch.  Huh??  Then, it was a little bizarre when Adam put himself to bed in his crib around 11:30AM.  He used to do this in the past but he hasn’t done it in a looooong time.  I went to check on him almost half an hour later and he was just lying there peacefully with his head on the pillow – AWAKE!  You have to know Adam to realize how bizarre this is.  Adam is a “can’t sit still” kind of kid and even when he’s trying to fall asleep he’s rocking himself back and forth.  Anyhow, the poor kid must not have been feeling well because he vomited around supper time (just juice thankfully) and then resumed the couch potato position for an hour or so.  He even passed out and napped for awhile.  Poor little guy. 

November 26

Adam slept in until 11:00 today (definitely not his usual routine but given that he vomited the day before maybe he’s just feeling under the weather).  Even though he slept in late he still went down for a nap around 2:00PM.  The rest of the day seemed pretty uneventful but after one failed attempt to put him to bed around 10:30 PM, he flew into tantrum mode and persisted until about 1:30AM!!  His emotions seemed a little “all over the map” – mad, sad, scared, etc.  He even broke a dining room chair by pulling it down to the floor.  *Sigh* this is third one he’s damaged and they were only purchased a couple of months ago.  Jon was NOT a happy camper .

November 29

Got a lot of good vocalizations from Adam today.  Still only one sound at a time but I heard a good variety of sounds today “Buh, Guh, Duh, Tuh, Cuh.”  Most if these were upon request (i.e. when he wanted a cookie, “Say Cookie!”  “CUH.”)  All progress in the right direction.

November 30

Today was a pretty normal morning.  I took Adam to the Early Year’s centre with Chantal and Rowan and he had a great time playing with all the toys and ignoring all the kids (hah!).  While he didn’t participate in the music, he seemed to stay close to the group during circle time and he even picked up a cotton ball and held it to the song leader’s nose during a song about snow.  Apparently, she thought he could speak French because she sang “le nez” in the song around the same time he held the cotton ball to her nose.  Maybe that’s our problem!  Maybe Adam speaks French and all our English is just confusing him  🙂  . 

I’ve been getting frustrated and exhausted by Adam’s late nights (he’s been going to bed after 10PM lately) so I decided to skip his naptime and hope for an early bedtime.  However, this doesn’t mean that mamma (aka ME) doesn’t need to have a rest after lunch so I lay down with a book, desperate for a few stolen moments of peace.  *Sigh* Adam decided he didn’t particularly LIKE this idea so he proceeded to wage the following protests:  empty two laundry baskets of folded clothing (he left the dirty basket untouched), dump my knitting basket full of yarn, pull out ALL the DVDs from the cupboard, throw all the shoes off the shoe rack, pull Jon’s edging tape off the window, take apart the TV remote and maybe a couple of other things that I’m forgetting right now.  I’m pretty sure this persistence will take him far in life but for now, it just tests my patience and gives me something good to blog about 🙂  .      

For the record, the little bum bum still managed to stay up until almost 9:00PM.  Sometimes, he shows ZERO signs of slowing down.  *Sigh*  

December 2

Adam’s tantrums are disappearing and he’s been going to bed earlier.  Hurray!!!  Today he was actually playing and cuddling with his teddy bears.  This is definitely new behaviour.  This morning his speech pathologist came over for a “home visit” and she recorded a sweet little video of Adam and me drawing a picture on his Magnadoodle.  I asked him which picture he wanted to me draw and he replied with a “cuh” which means “the one with the car.”  I drew the majority of the picture and then Adam filled in all the circles with his circle shaped magnet:  wheels on the car, heads on the boy/girl stick figures, sun, ball, etc.  It was a great example about how far he’s come in the past few months. 

Also note-worthy:  Adam produced three sour-smelling diarrheas today.  He almost always has the runs, but three in one day is A LOT!  Maybe his body is eliminating some toxic garbage as a result of the healing process?

December 5:  

Today Adam walked calmly into church to the nursery.  Usually, we have to drag him kicking and screaming through the basement so Jon and I exchanged our “veeeeery impressive” glances as we tip-toed through the foyer.  While Adam was in the nursery, I got called in to come change a poopy diaper which was loose and quite yellow.  I still have no idea what this is all about. 

After the first service, I brought Adam into the preschool Sunday School class I co-teach and he had a couple of tantrums.  The tantrums were sparked by wanting a toy that another child had brought in the classroom.  It was a Lightning McQueen car (’nuff said).  I usually handle his tantrums well but today I noticed all the other children staring at him with dropped jaws and it made me realize how different Adam is.  One even said “Maybe he wants his mamma.  Can you go find his mamma?”  Heartbreaking.  I looked at my teenage helper sarcastically and said “Yes, can you PLEASE go find his mother?”

Our morning at church was a good example of how Adam can seem better and worse at the same time.  These days Adam’s behaviour is totally unpredictable and all over the map.  On a positive note, we ended the day with some pretty significant events.  The first of which is (are you sitting down for this?) ADAM PLAYED WITH HIS COUSIN JOSHUA!!  We were eating lunch at Jon’s parent’s house and the two boys engaged in a game of catch with each other.  It didn’t last long (only three turns or so) but I’m pretty sure like those kids in my Sunday school class, my jaw dropped.  Of course, I didn’t mind so much this time around 🙂 .  

Then, tonight after supper, I had just given Adam a cup of milk and he seemed like he was getting tired.  He walked into the kitchen crying and when Jon asked “What’s wrong?” Adam took him by the the hand and walked him back to the couch where he cuddled up on Jon’s lap to drink his milk.  For a kid who was never big on affection both Jon and I were a little blown away that he initiated this cuddle time.

Then (it just keeps coming folks) when it was time for bed, Adam put himself to bed.  Not in his crib mind you, but in Emersyn’s pink toddler bed!!  He snuggled in, pulled up the covers and fell asleep.  What???  Jon even attempted to move him over a little while later and Adam fussed so much that he put him right back in Emersyn’s bed.  What??  Did he just decide he’s done with his crib?  Stay tuned for more on this development…

Needless to say, it was a good day.  Tantums and all.  

Goodnight m’boy.  Mamma loves you thiiiiiiiiiisssssss much.


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