Adam's Journey

Homeopathic Healing of Autism

Adam’s Sequential Treatment (Phase One – Head Injury)

on December 2, 2010

(this log is written in the past tense since I didn’t get a chance to record it until a few weeks later)

So, the first item on Adam’s trauma timeline (working backwards in time from the present) was a small fall he experienced in the bathroom.  He hit his head on the ceramic tile but didn’t really seem to have a concussion or anything.  After a few tears and “love rubs” on his head he seemed good as new.  However, I had mentioned it to Adam’s homeopath, and she felt it was serious enough to treat as a trauma (especially since it was a head injury).  The remedies were given as a set of powders that Adam did not necessarily LOVE but he didn’t fight them off too hard.  I mean, c’mon.  This is a kid who eats sand for goodness sakes!   And the waiting begins…

Within a couple of hours of taking his first powder, Adam ran up to me while I was sitting on the couch, made eye contact with me and held it for at least 10 seconds.  Weird.  Then immediately after, he ran up to Jon and did the same thing.  Now, it’s not like Adam NEVER made eye contact with us but this just seemed so deliberate and he held the eye contact long enough that if it had been anyone else but Adam, I would have felt uncomfortable.  I remember saying “I feel like he actually LOOKED at me for the first time!”  We were both greatly encouraged by this.

Three days later it was Halloween.  Adam had just completed three of the four powders, and we were over at Jon’s parents eating our Sunday lunch.  We were just about to leave and Jon’s dad was holding Adam by the fireplace looking at some family pictures.  Adam pointed to a picture of Jon and said “Dadda.”  Or maybe it was “Da-da-da.”  But it was definitely intentional, not to mention perfectly timed as I had spent most of the lunch informing my in-laws about the new homeopathic treatment I had started Adam on and how optimistic I was feeling about it.  Jon’s mom started crying.  Of course I missed hearing it so I didn’t get too caught up in the overwhelming emotions of it all.  I tend to be a “see it to believe it” (or rather, “hear it to believe it”) kind of girl.  Amazingly enough, I got to hear it for myself later in the day while Adam and Jon played a chase&hide game.  Much to my delight, Adam used the word “Dadda” several times!   He would use the word a few more times over the next couple of days and then it disappeared again; probably around the time that his first healing reaction started. 

Oh boy.  Let the healing begin.  Let me tell you, it was quite the bizarre experience.  I remember summing it up that Adam seemed both “better AND worse” at the same time.  Family members who saw Adam during this time described him as calmer and more relaxed.  I observed this during a visit with my sister-in-law and 1 year old nephew.  Adam seemed less agitated by his cousin.  Definitely NOT INTERESTED in him by any means, but he didn’t seem to get anxious and panic when Rowan toddled up beside him.  It was also during this visit that I noticed Adam’s cheek rash had flared up and when I touched him he felt HOT.  A few minutes later, I touched him and he was cool again.  I observed this at least a couple of times over the course of the next few days.  He would also go through periods where he seemed himself and then he would slip into rage and throw things and head bang on whatever hard surface was nearby.  His OCD behaviours had gotten worse too.  He would create a jumping game (i.e. hop off Jon’s guitar case, then onto a pillow then in between Jon and I) but he would do the same thing over and over.  He would also have to press play on the DVD player before the menu’s autoplay countdown would count backwards from 10 and play automatically.  If he was confined in his highchair eating during this moment he would pitch a fit to make sure someone else pressed play for him.  However, none of these behaviours were intolerable because they were all interspersed between moments where he seemed himself, if not more playful and social than before.  Adam’s homeopath opted to hold off on giving him some additional remedies because we were tolerating his “healing behaviours” well.  I believe her actual words were “If you’ve reached the point of wanting to strangle him, that’s a whole different story.”  I love her already.   🙂


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